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  • Played Bill Snibson in the musical "Me and My Girl" - Adelphi Theatre, London (1985)/ NYC (1986).
  • Won the 1997 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical for "Fagin" in "Oliver!" (directed by Sam Mendes) - London Palladium (1996).
  • Played Archie Rice in "The Entertainer" by John Osborne - Old Vic Theatre, London (2007).
  • Played Fouquet in "Power", a new play by Nick Dear - National Theatre, London (2003).
  • Played the title role in William Shakespeare's "Richard II" - Royal Shakespeare Company (1998).
  • Played the title role in Edmond Rostand's "Cyrano de Bergerac" - Theatre Royal Haymarket, London (1992).
  • Played Henry II in "Becket" - Theatre Royal, Haymarket (1991).
  • Appeared in "How I Got That Story" - Hampstead Theatre (1991).
  • (1980) Played "Tom" in Arthur Wing Pinero's "Trelawny of the Wells" - Old Vic Theatre, London (1980).
  • Played "Antonio" in Thomas Middleton's "The Changeling" - Riverside Studios, London (1978).
  • (2000) His credit's at Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre include: "Ginger" in the musical, "Leaping Ginger", George Farquhar's "The Beaux Strategem", "D'Artagnan" in "The Three Musketeers", based on Alexandre Dumas's novel (all 1978), "Trofimov" in Anton Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard", "Vassilly Pepil" in Maxim Gorky's "The Lower Depths" (1980), "Neoptolemus" in Sophocles "Philoctetes" (1982) and the title role in William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" (1983, also UK tour).
  • Played Jesus in the musical "Godspell" - Wyndham's Theatre, London (1972).
  • (1971) He starred in Bertolt Brecht's play, "The Caucasian Chalk Circle", at the Northcott Theatre in Exeter, England with Bob Hoskins, Janet Dale, Roy Marsden, Rhys McConnochie, Nick Brimble, Brian Protheroe, Janette Legge, Diana Rayworth in the cast. Directed by Jane Howell.
  • (1971) He starred in Edward Bond's play, "Narrow Road to the Deep North", at the Northcott Theatre in Exeter, England with Rhys McConnochie, Roy Marsden, Brian Protheroe and Janette Legge in the cast.
  • (1978) He acted in Thomas Middleton and William Rowley's play, "The Changeling", at the Riverside Studios Theatre in London, England with Brian Cox, Emma Piper, Polly Hemingway, David Ryall, David Troughton, David Rintoul and Sharon Duce in the cast. Peter Gill was the director.
  • (December 16, 1980) He acted in Sir Arthur Wing Pinero's play, "Trelawney of the Wells," at the Old Vic Theatre in an Old Vic Company production with Bill Fraser, Belinda Sinclair, Lynne Miller, June Ritchie, Neil McCaul, Ken Wynne and David Shaughnessy in the cast. Timothy West was the director. This Royal Gala performance was attended by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.
  • (1992) He acted in Edmond Rostand's play, "Cyrano De Bergerac", at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London, England with Richard O'Callaghan, Julian Curry, Rebecca Charles, James Staddon, Dilys Hamlett, Rob Jarvis, Gary Cady, Guy Masterson and David Shaw Parker in the cast. Elijah Moshinsky was the director.
  • (1991) He acted in Jean Anouilh's play, "Becket", at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London, England with Derek Jacobi, Ken Bones, Dilys Hamlett and Ronnie Stevens in the cast.
  • (February 1985) He acted in Noel Gay's musical, "Me and My Girl", at the Adelphi Theatre in London, England with Emma Thompson, Frank Thornton, Richard Caldicot, Susannah Fellows, Robert Longden, Ursula Smith and Denise Hurst in the cast.
  • (1986) Stage Play: Me and My Girl. Musical comedy. Book by L. Arthur Rose and Douglas Furber [posthumous credit]. Lyrics by L. Arthur Rose and Douglas Furber. Music by Noel Gay. Book revised by Stephen Fry. Contributions to the revisions by Mike Ockrent. Musical Director: Stanley Lebowsky [final Broadway credit]. Music orchestrated by Chris Walker. Dance arrangements by Chris Walker. Choreographed by Gillian Gregory. Scenic Design by Martin Johns. Costume Design by Ann Curtis. Directed by Mike Ockrent. Marquis Theatre: 10 Aug 1986- 31 Dec 1989 (1420 performances + 11 previews that began on 1 Aug 1986). Cast: George S. Irving (as "Sir John Tremayne"), Robert Lindsay (as "Bill Snibson"), Maryann Plunkett (as "Sally Smith"), Jane Connell (as "Maria, Duchess of Dene"), Eric Hutson (as "Lord Battersby"), Timothy Jerome (as "Herbert Parchester"), Justine Johnston (as "Lady Battersby"), Elizabeth Larner (as "Lady Diss/Mrs. Brown"), Leo Leyden (as "Sir Jasper Tring"), Jane Summerhays (as "Lady Jaqueline Carstone"), Tom Toner (as "Charles Heathersett, The Butler"), Nick Ullett (as "The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke"), Cleve Asbury (as "Ensemble"), Bill Brassea (as "Telegraph Boy/Ensemble"), Jonathan Brody (as "Ensemble"), Frankie Cassady (as "Ensemble"), Susan Cella (as "Lady Brighton/Ensemble"), Sheri Cowart (as "Ensemble"), Bob Freschi (as "Ensemble"), Ann-Marie Gerard (as "Ensemble"), Larry Hansen (as "Footman/Ensemble"), Michael Hayward-Jones (as "Ensemble"), Ann Heinricher (as "Lambeth Girl"), Ida Henry (as "Ensemble"), Randy Hills (as "Stockbroker/Ensemble"), Gloria Hodes (as "Mrs. Worthington-Worthington/Ensemble"), K. Craig Innes (as "Ensemble"), Eric Johnson (as "Constable/Ensemble"), Bobby Longbottom (as "Stockbroker/Ensemble"), Barry McNabb (as "Stockbroker/Ensemble"), Donna Monroe (as "Ensemble"), Barbara Moroz (as "Ensemble"), Cindy Oakes (as "Ensemble"), William Ryall (as "Ensemble"), John Spalla (as "Pub Pianist/Ensemble"), Cynthia Thole (as "Ensemble"), Mike Turner (as "Ensemble"), Kenneth H. Waller (as "Bob Barking/Ensemble"). Swings: Corinne Melançon, Tony Parise. Understudies: James Brennan (as "Bill Snibson/The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke"), Jonathan Brody (as "Bob Barking"), Susan Cella (as "Lady Jaqueline Carstone"), Sheri Cowart (as "Sally Smith"), Larry Hansen (as "The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke"), Michael Hayward-Jones (as "Constable"), Eric Hutson (as "Sir John Tremayne"), Justine Johnston (as "Maria"), Elizabeth Larner (as "Lady Battersby"), Donna Monroe (as "Mrs. Brown"), Barbara Moroz (as "Lady Brighton/Lady Diss"), John Spalla (as "Herbert Parchester"), Kenneth Waller [credited as Kenneth H. Waller] (as "Charles Heathersett/Lord Battersby/Sir Jasper Tring"). Replacement actors: J.B. Adams (as "Bob Barking/Ensemble/Sir Jasper Tring/Telegraph Boy"), Mark Agnes (as "Ensemble") [Broadway debut], Janet Aldrich (as "Lady Jaqueline Carstone") [from 21 Nov 1989- 31 Dec 1989], Gail Benedict (as "Ensemble"), Judy Blazer (as "Sally Smith"), Jane Bodle (as "Ensemble") [from 20 Sep 1988- ?], Stanley Bojarski (as "Ensemble"), James Brennan (as "Bill Snibson"), Jonathan Brody (as "Pub Pianist/Bob Barking"), Walter Charles (as "Herbert Parchester"), Michael Turner Cline (as "Ensemble"), William Alan Coats (as "Ensemble"), David Cromwell (as "The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke"), Karen Curlee (as "Ensemble"), Jim Dale (as "Bill Snibson"), Michael Duran (as "Ensemble"), Ellen Foley (as "Sally Smith"), Herb Foster (as "Lord Battersby"), Jay Garner (as "Sir John Tremayne"), Gregory Garrison (as "Man in Armor"), Eleanor Glockner (as "Lady Diss/Mrs. Brown"), Merwin Goldsmith (as "Lord Battersby"), Ann Heinricher (as "Ensemble/Lady Brighton"), Nancy Hess (as "Ensemble/Lady Jaqueline Carstone"), Edward Hibbert (as "The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke"), Dee Hoty (as "Lady Jaqueline Carstone"), John Jellison (as "Constable"), Kenneth Kantor (as "Ensemble"), Kristine Kepright (as "Ensemble"), Wiley Kidd (as "Ensemble"), John MacInnis (as "Ensemble/Stockbroker"), Lauren Mitchell (as "Lady Jaqueline Carstone"), Donna Monroe (as "Lady Diss/Mrs. Brown"), Ann Nieman (as "Ensemble"), Bill Nolte (as "Ensemble") [circa Sep 1988- circa Sep 1989], Sylvia O'Brien (as "Maria/Duchess of Dene"), Roger Preston Smith (as "Stockbroker"), Cheryl Spencer (as "Ensemble"), Roger Spivy (as "Ensemble"), Mary Stout (as "Lady Diss/Mrs. Brown"), Peggy Taphorn (as "Ensemble"), Jamie Torcellini (as "Telegraph Boy"), Martin Van Treuren (as "Ensemble"), Dana Walker (as "Ensemble"), John M. Wiltberger (as "Ensemble/Telegraph Boy"). Swings: Gregory Garrison, Michael Graham, Kimberly Kalember. Standby: Gail Benedict (as "Lady Jaqueline Carstone"). Understudies: J.B. Adams (as "Sir Jasper Tring/Pub Pianist"), Gail Benedict (as "Lady Jaqueline Carstone"), Jane Bodle (as "Sally Smith"), Stanley Bojarski (as "Lord Battersby"), Jonathan Brody (as "Pub Pianist"), Herb Foster (as "Sir John Tremayne"), Eleanor Glockner (as "Lady Battersby/Maria"), Merwin Goldsmith (as "Sir John Tremayne"), Nancy Hess (as "Lady Jaqueline Carstone"), Gloria Hodes (as "Lady Battersby"), John Jellison (as "Herbert Parchester"), Eric Johnson (as "Charles Heathersett"), Kimberly Kalember (as "Lady Brighton"), Kenneth Kantor (as "Lord Battersby"), Donna Monroe (as "Lady Diss"), Bill Nolte (as "Lord Battersby"), Mary Stout (as "Maria"), Peggy Taphorn (as "Sally Smith"). Produced by Richard Armitage, Terry Allen Kramer, James M. Nederlander and Stage Promotions Ltd. & Co.
  • (2007) He acted in John Osborne's play, "The Entertainer," at the Old Vic Theatre in London, England with Emma Cunniffe, Pam Ferris, John Normingotn, David Dawson, and Jim Creighton in the cast. Sean Homes was director.

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