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  • Richard Lewis, Live from Hell Live Archive expands its definition of live performance beyond music with this release of comedic genius, Richard Lewis. Lewis, star of the hit TV series, ABC's Anything But Love, and comic contributor to five movies, has made a career out of turning his personal woes into a triumph of hilarity. His full length stand up routine is captured on an exclusive CD by Live Archive. Lewis' affliction with reality has established him as one of the top comedians of this decade and his self-deprecating rants have made him a favored guest of David Letterman, appearing more than any other guest. "From hell" seems to have been coined by Lewis as his virtual hell is delivered to the audience in hilarious scenes from his real life hellish experiences. Lewis' imprint on the American psyche has been meticulously developed over his 23 years of stand up. Live Archive is honored to be the home of Richard Lewis' first CD release.
  • (1990-93) TV commercials: BoKu Fruit Juices
  • CD: Read poem "America's New Trinity Of Love: Dean, Brando, Presley: on "Jack Kerouac" (Rykodisc).
  • Kerouac-kicks joy darkness (A spoken word tribute with music)
  • Various
  • (RCD10329)
  • Not yet at least, and not the way a few rock stars, two movie stars, a comedian, four Beat poets, a few folkies, and more pay tribute to the writings of Jack Kerouac with both voice and music in the VOICES/Rykodisc release, Kerouac ^x kicks joy darkness. Kerouac's writing style broke through the doldrums of the post-war period. A literal overnight success following the 1957 review of On The Road by the New York Times, he was heralded by critics as The Next Big Thing. The incredible attention bestowed on him by the worldwide press made him a superstar, but to devastating effect: the world wanted him to be the spokesperson for the Beat generation, he wanted to write. In the end, his fame overshadowed his writings and his talent, and dogged him to his death. While his poetry, essays, and other works have been published in approximately 20 different books, few of his fans have ventured beyond the world of Dean Moriarty and Sal Paradise in On The Road
  • Article: "My Roman Holiday", "Playboy" (USA), February 1992, p.86-88+140-144.
  • Article: "Phone Sex", Playboy (USA) December 200, Vol 47 No 12, pg. 120-121+196
  • (2011) TV commercial: Snickers candy bar.
  • (October 2011) (voice) Commentator for Turner Classic Movies' "Star of the Month" featurette on Buster Keaton.

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