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Geoffrey Lewis, Frequent Eastwood Co-Star, Passes Away at 79

Geoffrey Lewis, Frequent Eastwood Co-Star, Passes Away at 79
Geoffrey Lewis, who frequently appeared in director Clint Eastwood's movies, passed away at the age of 79 last night, due to natural causes. The actor, who was Juliette Lewis' father, passed in Woodland Hills, California, according to a friend of the family. Juliette Lewis posted the following tribute to her father on her Instagram page last night.

"My dad. My dad my dad my dad my dad. My love my dad. My dad. My hero. My dad. My dad my love my loving father. My strength my might. My friend. My hugs. My laughter. My love. My dad. Oh my heart. My heart. He loved us so. He loved us so. So so much. I am forever my father's daughter and he will never been gone."

Geoffrey Lewis was born in San Diego, California but grew up in Rhode Island before moving back to California at the age of
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Episode Recap: CSI: NY - 7.08: "Scared Stiff"

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Sid (Robert Joy) conducts an autopsy on a Jane Doe. In an opening where the CSIs are not called to the scene, which makes a change. He has to pry her apart so to speak, as rigour has set in, freezing her body in an upright position. There are constant flashbacks to her running and how she came to be in that position. There's bark in her hair, as Mac (Gary Sinise) clarifies she was found in Central Park. He comments at her being "frozen stiff." Sid states that off the record, she appears to have been 'scared to death'. He gets the last word before the opening credits too, in another change. several of those for Sid in this episode. Flack (Eddie Cahill), Jo (Sela Ward) and Hawkes (Hill Harper) search where she was found. Jo takes photos of the footprints, which are sporadic, indicating she was lost or confused.
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Juliette Lewis Interview: From "Cape Fear" to "Conviction"

In her music video "Uh Huh" Juliette Lewis sashays around with a bouquet of colorful balloons, smiling radiantly. Her mood seems lighter than air. It's an incongruous musical moment in her rock grrrl career -- in the newest video "Terra Incognito" she's back to her old in-your-face provocations -- but the softer side was lovely to see.

And why shouldn't Juliette's mood be lighter these days? After years of touring to build a music career while doing thankless cameos in mainstream comedies, could it be that filmmakers are finally on the verge of rediscovering her unique gift?

Juliette Lewis has taken up more than her share of my actressy headspace ever since I first heard her inimitable voice in the opening frames of Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear (1991). I don't even like narration -- in anything -- and I was instantly enamored.

I met with Juliette Lewis in October at
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