Viewers In Tears As BBC Release Heart-Wrenching Christmas Advert

  • ET Canada
BBC viewers were left in tears on Monday as the broadcasting channel unveiled their brand new Christmas advert. UK stores such as John Lewis and Sainsbury’s usually get everybody talking with their tear-jerking ads, but the BBC have definitely managed to give them a run for their money this year. The animated clip titled “Chrismas […]
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The Star review – a nativity film to put the kids to sleep

This pious digimation of the Christmas story contains nothing to frighten the donkeys with its rote wisecracks and slavish devotion to the Pixar formula

Some films are fated to be no more than the sum of their production companies. This seasonal digimation is almost exactly what you might imagine from a collaboration between Sony’s evangelical offshoot, Affirm Films, and Narnia deliverers Walden Media: it takes an idea with the potential for irreverent fun – retelling the Nativity from the animals’ perspective – then plays everything straighter than the average Sunday-school sermon.

Little donkey Boaz’s quest to escape his yoke and serve some higher purpose meets the religious brief; accompanying him through the usual series of helter-skelter set pieces, the rotely wisecracking Dave the dove swiftly puts paid to hopes of divine inspiration, while kooky sheep Abby hews so close to Ellen DeGeneres’ Dory in personality that you can hear the Pixar lawyers’ phones vibrating.
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Black Friday Lego deals: Get 20% off Star Wars, Ninjago, Marvel and more in the Brick Friday event

Alphr Nov 23, 2017

The deals have been divided into days, with the first deals going live today

If you’ve got kids, or even adults who are young at heart, there is no better gift than Lego.

From Star Wars to DC Comics, Marvel and even Frozen, there’s likely to be a set to suit anyones tastes and hobbies, and for five days, starting today, many of these sets are available directly from Lego with at least 20% off in what is being called Lego's Brick Friday and Cyber Monday event.

The deals have been divided into days, with the first deals going live today. As a result, the 20% won’t show on the Rrp until the day that particular deal goes live - and the deals run for that day only where listed. Some sets will then be available for the full five days, and others will have more than 20% off.
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Best Black Friday Star Wars deals

Alphr Nov 22, 2017

More deals than you can shake an ewok at

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away there was no such thing as Black Friday. I mean, the Rebel Alliance had their hands full trying to overthrow the Galactic Empire and weren’t ideally placed to assess whether saving 30% on toothbrushes was a good deal or if they’d just got deal blindness in a fit of bargain-induced madness. Not even considering that toothbrushes have yet to be introduced into the full Star Wars universe, given only certain aliens seem to have teeth.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Star Wars deals. Black Friday may not exist on Tatooine or Dagobah, but it is here on Earth. Here are the best Star Wars Black Friday bargains:

Assorted Propel Battle Drones (was £199.99, now £119.99)

Jon loved Propel’s Star Wars drones when he reviewed them back in September, but there was one little problem.
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Sony Black Friday deals: huge PS4 Pro and Psvr discounts

Alphr Nov 20, 2017

Sony officially drops PS4 Pro bundles to below £300 as Black Friday deals start

Sony has officially dropped the price of the PS4 Pro below £300 with two official Black Friday bundles both coming in £50 under the console’s launch price with two games.

For just £299.99, you can pick up either a PS4 Pro with Call of Duty: WWII and FIFA 18 or snap up a Glacier White PS4 Pro with Gt Sport and Call of Duty: WWII. The deal can be found at participating retailers. Expect Argos, John Lewis and Game to offer up both console bundles in due time – as of right now, Amazon is the only retailer selling one of these bundles.

Alongside the PS4 Pro discounts, Sony is also bringing down the price of PlayStation Plus from £50 to £37.49. As Ps Plus subscriptions stack, it’s a great time to stock up on your subscription if you want
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Michael Gondry Goes ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ With John Lewis Christmas Ad

It hasn’t been the most enjoyable week for news from Hollywood, so if you need to head into the weekend with a smile, this Michel Gondry directed ad for U.K. retailer John Lewis will do the trick.

Riffing pretty hard on “Where The Wild Things Are” (to the point where I think the Maurice Sendak estate might have a case), the charming promo follows a young boy, who befriends the monster under his bed, playing with him all night long.

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Hollywood vending: the best and worst adverts by big-name directors

With Michel Gondry helming John Lewis’s latest lampshade-peddling showpiece, we look at movie-makers’ mixed attempts at marketing

If you want to turn the story of a little boy and an oversized Flump with windypops into a heartstring-tugging phenomenon, you probably need to maximise the sense of whimsy and childish wonder. So John Lewis hiring Michel Gondry, the visually inventive Frenchman behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, to direct their Christmas advert makes a lot of sense. But is it always a great idea to attach a big-name director to your latest zeitgeist-chasing marketing push? The results, as these examples show, can be … mixed.

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A shrugging note that says: 'Will this do?' – John Lewis Christmas ad review

Moz the Monster – who lurks under a child’s bed and deprives him of sleep – could be a metaphor for the horrors of 2017. But even Michel Gondry can’t save the store’s festive ad from formulaic nothingness

One of the following is definitely true: John Lewis is catastrophically unlucky, or John Lewis possesses the gift of second sight and has chosen to use its powers for evil. After last year’s John Lewis Christmas advert – in which a qualified female was beaten to a lusted-after reward by a drooling animal – became an inadvertent allegory for the Us election, this year’s one somehow manages to be even more horribly prescient.

Because, well, it’s about a monster. It’s about a monster that hides under your bed and ruins your life. Sure, he seems like fun, but that doesn’t stop him from turning your every moment into a waking nightmare.
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L.A. Zoo's Oldest Indian Rhino in Captivity, Randa, Dies at 48

The old girl had a good run and an impressive résumé.

On Monday, the L.A. Zoo announced the passing of its 48-year-old Indian rhinoceros, Randa, due to age-related illness.

“Randa has been iconic throughout L.A. Zoo’s history, and so many visitors have been touched by an encounter with her or her fantastic story,” said John Lewis, Zoo Director at the Los Angeles Zoo, in a press statement. “It is a true testament of the work zoos do and the expertise of our staff that she was able to beat cancer and live a full life here at the Zoo.
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Goodbye Christopher Robin review – Winnie the Pooh's hunny pot joylessly stirred

The story of AA Milne’s difficult relationship with his son is a bizarrely clenched and twee heritage drama that wallows in misery

The John Lewis Christmas TV ad has come early and it’s a nightmare. Domhnall Gleeson and Margot Robbie put on fraightfully upmarket English accents and stand around like tailor’s dummies in this bizarrely clenched and infantilised tragedy-twee heritage drama about AA Milne’s fraught relationship with his son Christopher Robin.

The poor, bewildered little moppet got roped into the Winnie the Pooh publicity machine as the books’ popularity exploded in the 1920s. Will Tilston plays the eight-year-old Cr, while Alex Lawther – on the verge of typecasting, I fear – plays the unhappier older teen version, bullied at his boarding school. Famed author Milne had served in the trenches during the first world war, and had suffered from Ptsd, or shell shock as it was then known
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See Prince George’s New School Uniform, and Yes, It Includes Knee Socks!

See Prince George’s New School Uniform, and Yes, It Includes Knee Socks!
Prince George is heading to school in style.

The 4-year-old royal’s first day at Thomas’s Battersea School in London is set for Sept. 7, and when he arrives (with mom Princess Kate and dad Prince William in tow), he’ll be wearing the co-ed school‘s uniform.

George has three different uniforms he’ll wear during his time at Thomas’s Battersea. The first is his “summer uniform,” which is likely what he’ll be wearing on his first day. It consists of a blue button-down shirt, shorts and a navy sweater with the school’s logo. To keep cool in the summer months,
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New York Man Wins $5 Million Lottery While Buying Mushrooms for His Pasta

A case of missing mushrooms led one man to walk away with $5 million in winnings from the New York Lottery.

John Lewis, 56, of Saranac Lake, New York, stopped by a local market in June to gather some last-minute ingredients for dinner before starting his bartending shift.

“I ran to the store before work to get mushrooms for my spaghetti sauce,” Lewis told New York Lottery officials. “It’s a two-day sauce my dad used to make.”

After making his purchase, Lewis was given $10 in change, so, on a whim, he decided to buy a Set For Life scratch-off ticket from
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Chip Gaines’ Former Partner Says Once Fixer Upper Took Off ‘I Never Heard from Him Again’ After 10-Year Friendship

Chip Gaines’ Former Partner Says Once Fixer Upper Took Off ‘I Never Heard from Him Again’ After 10-Year Friendship
One former partner in Chip Gaines‘ Magnolia Real Estate Company says the Fixer Upper star ended their years-long friendship after the Hgtv show became successful.

“There was a sense of betrayal and frustration,” John Lewis tells People. “Once I had sold him my interest in the company and his show began to flourish, I never heard from him again.”

The comments come nearly a week after Lewis and Richard Clark filed a $1 million lawsuit against Gaines, 42, and others in Waco, Texas, claiming that the TV star bought them out of the real estate company without telling them that he had
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Where to Buy Princess Charlotte’s Adorable Birthday Top — for Just $6!

As Princess Charlotte turns 2 on Tuesday, the royal toddler has cemented her role as an international trendsetter!

The sweet yellow cardigan she wore in her adorable birthday portrait (taken by mom Princess Kate!) has sold out in record time, but the peter pan top she’s wearing underneath is still available — and it has been reduced to just $6!

The Peter Pan Long Sleeved Tee in Denim Ditsy Floral by JoJo Maman Bébé is a wardrobe staple and designed to be paired with skirts and paints or layered under overalls and sweaters — just as Charlotte did.

“We were so pleased to
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‘Fixer Upper’s Chip Gaines Tweets After Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against Him

Chip Gaines, the Fixer Upper star, complained about the lawsuit filed against him on Twitter. The lawsuit accuses Gaines of fraud and was filed by by his former partners from the Magnolia Real Estate Company. John Lewis and Richard Clark say Gaines convinced them to sell their pieces of Magnolia Realty for just $2,500 each in May of […]

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Can Chip Gaines Fix This? ‘Fixer Upper’ Host Sued by Former Business Partners

  • The Wrap
Can Chip Gaines Fix This? ‘Fixer Upper’ Host Sued by Former Business Partners
Hgtv “Fixer Upper” host Chip Gaines is being sued by his former business partners for allegedly cheating them out of profits they could have gained from show. Richard Clark and John Lewis are seeking over $1 million and non-monetary compensation in damages in a lawsuit that claims Gaines bought out their shares in a company, which is profiting off the show, just two days before the network picked up the now-popular series. The lawsuit filing, obtained by TheWrap, states that Gaines profited off of Magnolia Realty — a real estate company which Gaines now has full control of — in the wake of.
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John Lewis Goes Nuts Trying to Bring Down TrumpCare on House Floor

Yesterday I was saying “Jim Himes” for President. Remember? It was because Himes made a gutsy speech that effectively accused Donald Trump of malicious ties to Russia. But what went down today on the House Floor was legendary. My new “for president” guy has to be John Lewis. Rep. John Lewis (D-ga) delivered an impassioned speech from the House floor. While Lewis is known for his passionate delivery, he went absolutely bananas with this shout-filled address. Watch this John Lewis is shouting on the House floor: I'll “fight every day…I oppose this bill with every breath and every bone in

John Lewis Goes Nuts Trying to Bring Down TrumpCare on House Floor
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PBS Documentary ‘Get in the Way’ – First Filmed Biography of John Lewis – Now Available Online (Watch in Full)

The first documentary biography of Lewis, whose unwavering fight for justice spans the past 50 years, is part of Black History Month programming on PBS. Premiering last night, Friday, February 10, on PBS, was the very timely documentary, “John Lewis –… Continue Reading →
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Ves Awards are dominated by “The Jungle Book”

Last night, the Visual Effects Society handed out their awards at their annual gathering. It was mainly a good night for The Jungle Book, which took the top prize, known as Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature. It beat back Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, while at the Academy Awards, it’ll be up against Deepwater Horizon, Doctor Strange, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It was an expected win, but one that was eagerly awaited to try and figure out the Oscar category of Best Visual Effects. The Jungle Book ended up with five prizes in total, easily besting the rest of the bunch. As mentioned above, this top award ties directly into the Visual Effects category at the Oscars. Nine out of the
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