‘The Survivor’ Blu-ray Review (Severin)

Stars: Robert Powell, Jenny Agutter, Joseph Cotten, Angela Punch McGregor, Peter Sumner, Lorna Lesley, Ralph Cotterill, Adrian Wright, Tyler Coppin | Written by David Ambrose | Directed by David Hemmings

When I was younger I was a big James Herbert fan, so watching The Survivor was something I just had to do. Confusing and slow, I’ll admit I was not ready for what I found with the film, but now with its new release on Blu-ray, is it about time to give the film another chance?

When a 747 crash lands in a Sydney suburb the only other survivor is David Keller (Robert Powell). Unable to remember what happened to make the plane crash, he starts his own investigation into what happened. With the help of local psychic Hobbs (Jenny Agutter) he discovers not only why the plane crashed, but also why some of the dead refuse to be at peace.

The Survivor
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Op ed: Roy Billing on imported actors

For nearly 40 years I have had an enjoyable and successful career as an actor. While I hope this will continue, I worry that Actors. Equity seems to be impeding the growth and development of the Australian film and television sector, where most of my work comes from. I have been an Equity member for all my career.

Until my recent resignation, I was an elected member of the National Performers. Committee (Npc) of the Equity division of the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance trade union.

The Npc.s regular meetings, chaired by Equity President Simon Burke, are supposed to discuss .leading industrial and professional issues and the best course of action to take to ensure a strong and vibrant entertainment industry and a safe and fair workplace for performers.. As an ex-insider, I am not convinced that the Npc.s interpretation of .the best course of action. is necessarily in
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The curtain falls on International Casting Services

One of Australia.s longest-established talent agencies, International Casting Services (Ics), is closing its doors.

Other agents expressed sadness and surprise that the agency founded by the late Gloria Payten in 1961 is going out of business.

Ics represented dozens of Australian artists working in film, television, theatre, radio and commercial media platforms. Its creatives department looked after choreographers, cinematographers, designers, directors and writers while Ics Voices provided talent for TV and radio commercials, documentaries, corporate presentations, book readings and business events.

According to the agency.s website its roster included Jacki Weaver (who now works mostly in the Us, where she.s repped by ICM Partners, Elevate Entertainment and Felker Tocezk), Kris McQuade, John Waters, Martin Sacks, Rachel Blake, Helen Morse, Drew Forsythe, John Gaden, Tony Martin, Philip Quast, Debra Lawrance and Lorna Lesley.

Word of Ics.s demise spread on Monday after the Darlinghurst-based agency sent emails to its clients advising of the closure,
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