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Amy Poehler: How an SNL Mistake Led to a Powerful Friendship

Amy Poehler: How an SNL Mistake Led to a Powerful Friendship
Amy Poehler learned the hard way that it's easy to make a bad first impression when your job is making fun of people.

The former Saturday Night Live star emphasized her "shame" over inadvertently mocking Anastasia and Alba Somoza, twins born with cerebral palsy, in an SNL skit from 2008.

Delivering a speech at Wednesday's Somoza Palooza, which honored the Somoza sisters and their family, Poehler admitted that the gaffe occurred when, "Without me quite knowing the correct context of what I was doing and saying, I ended up making a joke about a project that was based on her life
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Photo Flash: Ellen and Dermot Mulroney Attend Cape Rep Theatre's Summer Starlight Gala

Cape Rep Theatre's Summer Starlight An Evening With Ellen and Dermot Mulroney benefitting Cape Rep Theatre on July 15 was a sold out success raising over 16,000 for the Brewster theatre. Guests included actors Chris Cooper and his wife Marianne Leone Cooper, gubernatorial candidate Dan Wolf, and many other prominent leaders from the arts and business communities from Cape Cod, Boston and the South Shore. Scroll down for a photo of Dermot and Ellen onstage
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Loosies Movie Review

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Loosies Movie Review
Title: Loosies Directed By: Michael Corrente Starring: Peter Facinelli, Jaimie Alexander, Vincent Gallo, Michael Madsen, Joe Pantoliano, William Forsythe, Marianne Leone Having never watched Nurse Jackie, for the past few years, Peter Facinelli has been Carlisle Cullen and Carlisle Cullen alone. However, thanks to Facinelli’s itch to write, we get Loosies and even though Facinelli’s writing is average, it really shows he’s an incredibly talented actor. He seems to have some ability in the writing department, but now I’m more excited for The Twilight Saga to come to a close so Facinelli can sink his teeth into some meatier roles. Bobby (Facinelli) may look like a stockbroker, but the suit...
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Cooper Challenges U.S. Doctors And Educators With Hard-hitting New Film

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Oscar winner Chris Cooper hopes his new movie Hurricane Mary gives belief to all parents of disabled kids - because it shows that doctors don't always know best.

Written by the Adaptation star's wife Marianne Leone and based on the real-life battle of a mother who refused to listen to doctors, Cooper feels the film could be the feel-good movie of the year.

And it's a personal triumph for the actor and his wife.

Their son, Jesse, died of causes related to his cerebral palsy battle in 2005. The twins in Leone's movie battle the disease.

Cooper says, "We met Mary (Somosa) through our mutual paediatrician and her twin daughters had varying degrees of cerebral palsy, as did my son (Jesse).

"The film deals with the medical system, who we had to prove wrong. Early on we were told, 'Your son's cortically blind. Are you thinking about having another child?' That suggested, 'Get one that works' to me.

"It also deals with an educational system which doesn't want to deal with children with disabilities... There are all sorts of tricks and I want to expose what the state of New York did to Mary Somosa and her family."

The story has a very happy ending - Somosa's disabled daughters are set to graduate from Georgetown University.

Cooper beams, "One of them is going to be a disabilities lawyer now. They are bilingual, with IQs of 130.

"If Mary Somosa and my wife had taken to heart what the medical establishment thought was gonna be the outturn of these children then their potential would've been destroyed.

"How many children live in a very aware mind trapped in a body, and are just dying to express themselves and they've been given this prediction that this child is of virtually no worth so why invest anything in it."

Cooper Grieves Dead Son

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Actor Chris Cooper was in mourning yesterday following the death of his 17-year-old son Jesse from causes relating to cerebral palsy. Cooper and his offspring's actress mother Marianne Leone have been tireless advocates for special needs kids in the Boston area of Massachusetts since moving there in 1994, believing the state had more progressive educational opportunities for children with cerebral palsy. Jesse's condition was so severe, his parents had to prepare him special meals, employ tutors and therapists, and attend to him several times during the course of a night. In response to the tragic news, family spokeswoman Cara Tripicchio says, "They are fantastic people and our hearts go out to them. It's very, very unfortunate." At the time of Jesse's death, the couple were in pre-production on Conquistadora, a film written by Leone about the brain disorder.

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