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Recap – Fringe 2.09 – Snakehead

A soaken wet Chinese man stumbles into a warehouse, clutching his stomach. Another Chinese man – a doctor or scientist, who is obviously waiting for either Man#1 or someone else, puts on a pair of rubber gloves. Man#1 collapses on a cot and little wormies come out of his nose. Something is alive and moving inside his stomach. A bunch of what looks to be little snake heads erupt from his mouth. Ew.

Dorchester Bay Inlet. Olivia waits for Peter and Walter to arrive. Peter gets there first and informs her that Walter is exerting his independence and will be arriving separately. Walter pulls up in a cab and berates Peter for following him because Peter doesn't trust him. Peter's argument that they took the same route because they had the same destination holds no water with Walter.

Broyles tells them that they have over two dozens dead bodies that came off a Chinese freighter.
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