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  • (1915) Stage: Co-wrote lyrics (earliest Broaway credit) for "The Girl from Utah", produced on Broadway. Musical comedy. Book by James T. Tanner. Music by Paul Rubens and Sidney Jones. Lyrics by Percy Greenbank and Adrian Ross. Additional numbers by Jerome Kern. Featuring songs with lyrics by Harry B. Smith, Arthur Wimperis, Herbert Reynolds. Featuring songs by Herman Finck, Harry Castling, C.W. Murphy, Worton David and Chris Smith. Musical Director: Gustave Salzer and Theodore Stearns. Costume Design by Schneider-Anderson Company. Directed by J.A.E. Malone. Knickerbocker Theatre: 9 Aug 1915-28 Aug 1915 (24 performances). Cast: Edith Allen (as "Chorus"), Veronique Banner (as "Mrs. Ponsonby"), Edith Barr (as "Chorus"), George Bishop (as "Lord Amersham"), Donald Brian (as "Sandy Blair, leading man at the Gaiety Theatre"), Frances Burress (as "Chorus"), Joseph Cawthorn (as "Trimpel, of Brixton Rest"), Jessie Crane (as "A Flapper"), Edgar Dickson (as "Policeman PR 38"), Louise Donovan (as "Miss Rosie Jocelyn, Actress at the Gaiety Theatre"), Radford D'Orsay (as "Chorus"), Clara Eckstrom (as "Lady Muriel Chepstone"), Dickson Elliott (as "Bobbie Longshot"), Irene Enright (as "Chorus"), Dorothy Erhard (as "Chorus"), Kathleen Erroll (as "Chorus"), Willie Fink (as "Chorus"), Venita Fitzhugh (as "Dora Manners, leading lady of the Gaiety Theatre"), F.S. Foley (as "Chorus"), Marie Francis (as "Chorus"), William Francis Jr. (as "Comissionaire"), Mabel Gibson (as "Miss Lydia Saville, Actress at the Gaiety Theatre"), Walter Gilbert (as "Chorus"), Russell Griswold (as "Douglas Noel"), George Grundy (as "Col. Oldham-Pryce"), Edith Hardlow (as "Chorus"), Alma Harrison (as "Miss Violet Vesey, Actress at the Gaiety Theatre"), Fannie Hasbroek (as "Chorus"), Jacque Hastings (as "Chorus"), Kathleen Hitchens (as "Chorus"), William L. Hobart (as "Chorus"), Catherine Hurst (as "Chorus"), Margaret Langdon (as "Chorus"), Harry Law (as "Lord Orpington"), Eunice MacKay (as "A Waitress" / "Chorus"), Olga Markusson (as "Chorus"), Violet Marsden (as "Chorus"), Michael Mathews (as "Page "), Marie McCullough (as "Chorus"), Caroline Oden (as "Chorus"), James O'Neill (as "Chorus"), Diane Oste (as "Miss Mona West, Actress at the Gaiety Theatre"), Lester Ostrander (as "Chorus"), Alice Palmer (as "Honorable Miss St. Auburn"), Irene Palmer (as "Lady Mary Nowell/Chorus"), Zamora Pierce (as "Chorus"), Jack Potter (as "Chorus"), Renee Reel (as "Clancy"), Miss Manners' maid"), Julia Sanderson (as "Una Trance, The Girl from Utah"), Gladys Siddons (as "Chorus"), Frank Snyder (as "Chorus"), Charles Vandivere (as "Chorus"), Queenie Vassar (as "Lady Amersham, Lord Amersham's mother"), A. von Bereghy (as "Chorus"), Lorraine Waters (as "Chorus"), George Wharton (as "Archie Tooth"), Dorothy Wilcock (as "Miss Sylvia Paget, Actress at the Gaiety Theatre"), Walter S. Wills (as "Detective Shooter, of Scotland Yard"), Louise Worthington (as "Chorus"), Edward C. Yeager (as "Chorus"). Produced by Charles Frohman. NOTE: Mr. Frohman had died in the sinking of the Lusitania on 7 May 1915 and this production was one of two that were ultimately produced in the U.S. as planned before the creation of Charles Frohman Inc. which remained active until 1930 (the firm would remain nominally in the theatre business through 1937).
  • (1924) Stage: Co-wrote music for "Andre Charlot's Revue of 1924", produced on Broadway. Musical revue. Conceived by André Charlot. Book by Dion Titheradge and Jack Hulbert. Music by Philip Braham, Ivor Novello, Noël Coward, Eubie Blake. Lyrics by Noël Coward, Douglas Furber, Eric Blore, Ronald Jeans, Noble Sissle, R.P. Weston, Collie Knox and Norah Blaney. Musical Director: Philip Braham. Additional lyrics by Dion Titheradge, Clifford Seyler and Bob Alden. Additional music by Bob Alden. Choreographed by David Bennett. Scenic Design by Marc Henri and Laverdet. Costume Design by G.K. Benda, Lenief, Louise Boulanger and Guy deGerald. Directed by Andre Charlot and Douglas Furber. Times Square Theatre (moved to the Selwyn Theatre 21 Apr 1924-cir. Aug 1924, then returned The Times Square Theatre from 1 Sep 1924-close): 9 Jan 1924-20 Sep 1924 (298 performances). Cast: Ethel Barbour, Marjorie Brooks, Jack Buchanan, Constance Carpenter, Wyn Clare, Marjorie Cogle, Lalla Collins, Dorothy Dolman, Gwen Egdell, Douglas Furber, Dore Hanbury, Elvira Henderson, Robert Hobbs, June Kennedy, 'Gertrude Lawrence (I)', Fred Leslie, Beatrice Lillie, Olive Lindfield, June Mackay, Jessie Matthews, Ida Mowbray, Herbert Mundin, Guido Orlando, Ida Parkinson, Edith Price, Ruth Raymonde, Barbara Roberts, Queenie Robertson, Bobbie Storey, Milton Thomas, Ronald Ward, John Webster, Jill Williams, Peggy Willoughby, Sybil Wilson, Eve Wynne. Produced by The Selwyns.
  • (1926) Stage: Wrote additional lyrics for "Naughty Riquette" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Book / lyrics by Harry B. Smith. Adapted from the German of Rudolph Schanzer and Ernst Welisch. Additional music by Kendall Burgess, R.P. Weston, Alfred Goodman and Maurice Ruebens. Directed by J.J. Shubert. Cosmopolitan Theatre: 13 Sep 1926-27 Nov 1926 (88 performances). Cast: Walter Armin (as "Faverolle" / "Prof. DuBose"), Edward Basse (as "Abri-Dabri"), Connie Emerald (as "Simone"), Alexander Gray (as "Gaston Riviere "), Oliver Hagan (as "Dupont" / "Lord Dillington" / "Col. Latour"), Mitzi Hajos (as "Riquette Duval"), Peter Hawley (as "Maurel" / "Capt. Duroc"), Sylvan Lee (as "Dean"), Stanley Lupino (as "Theophile Michu"), Audrey Maple (as "Clarisse La Fleur"), Mary Marlowe (as "Liane de Soucy"), Jane Moore (as "Julie"), George A. Schiller (as "Alphonse La Fleur"), Lenoria Spiro (as "Yvette"), Joseph Spree (as "Bardou" / "Maitre d'Hotel"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1932) Stage: Wrote (w/R.P. Weston) book / lyrics for "Tell Her the Truth" on Broadway. Music by Jack Waller and Joseph Tunbridge. Based on "Nothing But the Truth" by Frederic S. Isham. from "Nothing But the Truth" by James Montgomery. Musical Director: Gene Salzer. Directed by Morris Green and Henry Thomas. Cort Theatre: 28 Oct 1932-5 Nov 1932 (11 performances). Cast: Cast: Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Maclean"), Edith Davis, Bertha Donn, Margaret Dumont, Lillian Emerson, Dorothy Essig, William Frawley, Louise Kirkland, May Muth, Muriel Muth, Lou Parker, John Sheehan, Andrew Tombes, Raymond Walburn, Thelma White. Produced by Tillie Leblang and Morris Green.
  • Playwright: Wrote (w/R.P. Weston) "O-Kay for Sound" (filmed as O-Kay for Sound (1937)).
  • Playwright: Wrote (w/R.P. Weston) "Black Hand George". NOTE: Filmed as The Black Hand Gang (1930).

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