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Flickering Myth’s WrestleMania Retrospective: WrestleMania Xiv

In the build-up to WrestleMania 32, the Flickering Myth writers look back at previous installments of the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’..

The Card:

Savio & Miguel vs. Jose & Jesus, Recon & Sniper vs. Bradshaw & Chainz vs. Mark Henry & D’Lo Brown vs. The Quebecers vs. The Rock N Roll Express vs. The Headbangers vs. Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor vs. Skull & 8-Ball, Steve Blackman & Flash Funk vs. The New Midnight Express vs. The Godwinns vs.The Legion of Doom (15-Team Battle Royal)

Light Heavyweight Title Match: Aguila vs. Taka Michinoku

European Title Match: Triple H w/Chyna vs. Owen Hart

The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust & Luna vs. “Marvelous” Marc Mero & Sable

Ic Title Match: The Rock w/The Nation vs. Ken Shamrock

WWF Tag Title Match: Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs. The New Age Outlaws (Dumpster Match)

Kane w/Paul Bearer vs. Undertaker

WWF Title Match: ‘Stone ColdSteve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels
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Full Content Listing For Upcoming Owen Hart DVD And Blu-ray

The full content listing for the upcoming WWE DVD and Blu-ray set on the life and death of Owen Hart has been revealed, courtesy of the Wrestling DVD Network. The list includes all chapter titles for the documentary feature on disc one, as well as all extras, including the full list of matches selected for the package.

Bret Hart recently commented on the documentary portion of the set, sounding very pessimistic about the chances that the documentary will do a good job telling the full story of his brother’s life. Bret believes that WWE is having to walk on egg shells to cater to Owen’s widow, Martha, who is not supporting the DVD release.

Bret told the Fight Network:

“I’m looking forward to it but I’m not really optimistic that it’s going to be a great job. Martha handcuffed them so much. I
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10 Next Generation Wrestlers You Didn’t Know About

Back in 1997 to 1998, Brian Christopher debuted with the World Wrestling Federation, competing in the light heavyweight division. He wasn’t all that – the only time Christopher was ever over with the WWF fanbase was when he teamed with Scotty 2 Hotty as part of Too Cool – but for some reason Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler couldn’t get enough of him, constantly putting him over as a talent to watch.

The running gag the announcers kept up was the insinuation that Lawler and Christopher were related: that Brian Christopher was Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler’s son. It was true, of course… it was an open secret backstage, but the fans were excluded from the circle of people in the know. Vince McMahon and the WWF simply didn’t want anyone knowing of the familial relationship.

Fast forward two decades, and you can’t move on WWF programming without tripping over
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WWE: 7 Things You Won’t Believe Wrestlers Actually Wrestled

Some people happen to take Professional Wrestling a bit too seriously at times, forgetting that the business is based on a foundation of fun and creativity. After all, wrestling did take place at a lot of circuses and carnival grounds, proving that everyone in the business are really just carnies at heart!

However, sometimes there comes a match that really throws a wrench in the gears of the business, doing something so outlandish and out-of-the-ordinary that it makes everyone, even non-wrestling fans, stop and take notice. From wrestling inanimate objects in the Far East to challenging God himself, to tangling with wild animals to battling opponents that haven’t even hit puberty yet.

These are seven things you will not believe wrestlers actually competed against in the ring.

7. Head

Did you know that Head actually wrestled for WWE once? At King of the Ring ’98, in a Tag Team
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WWE: 16 Other Wrestlers Who Are Undefeated At Wrestlemania

The Undertaker’s 21-0 Wrestlemania undefeated streak is the last great record in professional wrestling. No male superstar will ever again match Bruno Sammartino’s combined 4,040 days as Wwwf champion. No wrestler regardless of gender will ever touch the Fabulous Moolah’s legendary 27-year reign as Women’s Champion. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever see the “Honky-Meter” again during an Intercontinental Championship reign. And no other wrestler it seems will be able to come close to the Phenom’s streak of wins at the “grandest stage of all.”

But he isn’t the only undefeated superstar at Wrestlemania. Sure, he’s undefeated with the most matches, but 16 other superstars have at least a 2-0 record (one victory does not a streak make) or better (not counting pre-show losses or Battle Royal eliminations.) Who are the others who can claim to
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'WWE Raw' Jan. 6 live blog: 'Raw' goes old school with returning legends

It's a very special episode of "WWE Raw," as WWE turns back the clock to take things old school. That means a retro arena design, an old ring and several returning legends to delight the fans.

Scheduled to appear on the show are "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase, Bob Backlund, Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, The New Age Outlaws, IRS, Ron Simmons, Scotty 2 Hotty and Diamond Dallas Page. Of course, WWE always trots out quite a few surprises on these special episodes as well, so there's no telling what they have in store.

There's also the ongoing story lines, leading up to the "Royal Rumble." Daniel Bryan will debut as part of the Wyatt Family, Brock Lesnar is back, Cm Punk continues to make The Shield look like fools, and John Cena and Randy Orton return after missing last week's show.

Related: WWE's Road Dogg talks old school 'Raw', '
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WWE: 10 Greatest Cruiserwieghts Of All Time

One of the best things to come out of the Monday Night Wars was the cruiserweight division. The competition between the WWE and WCW forced each company to come up with new ways to retrain their viewership and gain new followers. WCW completely one-upped the WWE with its cruiserweight division. Even as the WWE tried to compete with its own Light Heavyweight Division, their roster paled in comparison to WCW’s. Whereas WCW at the time had Rey Mysterio Jr, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, and Ultimo Dragon tearing down the house on the undercard, the WWE had its poster boy for the division Taka Michinoku, who was just as exciting as his WCW counterparts, but they also had wrestlers like Brian Christopher, Scott Putski, and a handful of leftover luchadores they did very little with.

During the Invasion storyline the WWE made the Cruiserweight Title its go-to title
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Michael Cole Talks Jerry Lawler’s Heart Attack During WWE Raw

Michael Cole has spoken to Fox News’ ‘Fox and Friends’ about exactly what happened this past Monday on the WWE Raw 3-hour live broadcast when Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler suffered a heart attack during a tag team match mid commentary.

Cole, who plays a heel for the most part on camera, was visibly shaken when he addressed the audience after Lawler was taken away from the ringside area within moments of collapsing mid sentence. Cole revealed in the interview that it was Vince McMahon’s idea to continue Raw without any commentary as a show of respect for Lawler and that no one knew whether he would live until positive word reached them just before the show went off the air.

The Q&A session went as follows:

Fox News: I heard that his heart had stopped beating and he had to be revived. Correct?

Cole: I’m not quite
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