‘Dawning of the Dead’ VOD Review

Stars: Ruth Galliers, Leo Gregory, Andrew McHale, Fabien Buller, Kristofer Dayne, Ian Saynor, Tim Heath, Paul Lavers, Kimberly Jaraj, Linny Bushey, Honey Holmes | Written by Stuart Bedford, Andy Davie, Tony Jopia, Stu Jopia | Directed by Tony Jopia

When a deadly virus which reanimates the recently deceased is deliberately exposed across the world causing an epidemic on a phenomenal scale, the scientist responsible for creating the virus entrusts the details of his experiments to the only person he feels he can trust; a troubled ex-war correspondent turned anchor woman Katya (Ruth Galliers). Powerless to act and trapped in a building, Katya and her crew can only watch the world collapse through video feeds from around the globe. Unbeknown to them an agent now ascends through the building with the intent of keeping the secrets help by the scientist and now Katya lost for good. As the zombies continue to flood into
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Doctor Who complete reviews: The Androids Of Tara

Good news. At the time of writing this, Who Head Honcho Steven Moffat has decided to begin the campaign to move the series to an autumn slot. Hopefully, in 2012, all the stories will go out in September or October time, so long as the BBC bosses don’t start wetting their pants over doing battle with Simon The Bland Robot and his entourage of vacant karaoke wannabes.

This is great news, since A) It makes the autumn season more bearable, especially since my favourite season, summer, is dead and gone; B) It’s a refreshing antidote to rubbish like The X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing; and C) It makes more sense to have scares on dark autumn nights rather than in the bright sunshine. Really, the Silence In The Library and Satan Pit two-parters aren’t suited to being viewed on a hot summer’s night.

There are one
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