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Next Stop Murder and Crazed Bus Mates: Trailer and Release Date?

Next Stop Murder is a film from Opus Distribution whose course to DVD or other release is uncertain. This film now has a trailer below and the story involves two women: one homicidal and the other struggling to get by. As well, both women have people in their lives who they could do without.

Apparently, this title released on television at some point, but those details e.g. network, and time are unavailable. The story is intriguing and this thriller fan would like to see a home entertainment release soon. Everyone needs a little more murder in their life, right? Have a look at the trailer for Next Stop Murder below.

Directors: John Murlowski.

Producer: Johnson Chan.

Cast: Brian Krause, Brigid Brannagh, Gary Weeks, Lin Shaye, and Allison Lange.

The trailer for Next Stop Murder is here:


Next Stop Murder at Opus Distributors

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'Supernatural' fans rally for Jared Padalecki's favorite charity and more

Here at Zap2it, we interact with tons of TV fans, and it's always refreshing to see when fans turn their mutual admiration for a show or actor into a way to give back to the community. "Supernatural" fans are a passionate bunch, and they've always been highly active in using their power for good.

One great example of that is, which has raised over $50,000 in two years for actor Jared Padalecki's favorite cause, A Dog's Life Rescue animal shelter in Los Angeles, a volunteer-run organization. The fundraiser, run by "Supernatural" fans Lindsay Warren and Heather Vitas, has set another lofty goal for 2011: they want to raise $30,000.

Over the course of ten months, the organization will be giving away 10 prize packs donated by Creation Entertainment -- they're the ones who run the highly successful "Supernatural" conventions. In order to be eligible to win a prize pack,
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Interview With Director Tammi Sutton of Sutures

Tammi Sutton is one of the busiest people working in horror today. Having covered what seems like every aspect of the filmmaking process from being a director, producer, production designer, art designer, costume designer, actress, heck she is even editing one of her upcoming films! Is there anything that this bright up and comer can't tackle?!? Judging by her resume, no! I recently had the chance to ask her a few questions about her latest genre film, Sutures. It is refreshing to have another female voice directing in the horror genre. What made you want to start making horror films?

I've loved watching horror films all my life. I watched a lot of Universal, Hammer and Amicus Horror films growing up and of course all the drive-in, exploitation stuff of the seventies as I got older, they've all had a lasting impression. Movies were where most kids connected to the
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Sutures and Surgical Scars: A Movie Review

Sutures DVD ArtworkDirector: Tammi Sutton.

Writers: Brian Moon, Carlos Laucha, and Jacqueline A. Kelly.

Sutures is a film produced by Sutures LLC and distributed on DVD July 20th by one of the largest independent film supporters, Mti Home Video. Sutures LLC was created exclusively for this film and this company was likely built as a stopping gap in case the film failed financially. This is an educated guess. However, filmmaker Tammi Sutton and her crew have displayed a knack for incorporating childhood trauma in to a story involving unanesthetized organ harvesting. The believability of the premise takes awhile to get used to, but once imagination overcomes this obstacle, Sutures turns out to be an enjoyable yet tragic tale of madness and unresolved Oedipal issues.

The film begins as many horror films do with several good looking twenty-somethings venturing out in to the wilderness for a well deserved rest. These med'
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Sutures for the Sick, the Healthy, and the Soon to be Dead

Mti Video will be releasing Tammi Sutton's (Hell Asylum) Sutures on DVD July 20th and a trailer for the feature is here. The story follows a group of "longtime friends" (IMDb) to a fatal convergence with a "mercenary surgeon," (IMDb) who needs body parts for unknown experiments. Steel yourself and then step inside Sutures with this clip past the break.

The synopsis for Sutures here:

"A group of longtime friends converge on a fatal course with destiny when they cross paths with Alexander Tatum, a mercenary surgeon. He is a hunter with the keen skill of one who has also been hunted. Prey turned predator. The victims quickly realize that Alexander is just the beginning of their problems, as they find themselves enmeshed in a fight for survival against a sociopath business man and his demonic staff, who will stop at nothing to prevail in the sale of Black
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Director unveils Penance trailer, talks new projects

Fango caught up with writer/director Jake (Days Of Darkness) Kennedy, who tipped us off to the new non-work-safe trailer (which you can seen below) for his horror flick Penance. Previously titled The Devil’S Dungeon, produced by Will (Automaton Transfusion) Clevinger and filmed last year in Los Angeles, Penance stars Jeepers Creepers 2’s Marieh Delfino (pictured) as a stripper who falls into the hands of sadistic surgeon (Graham McTavish) with genital mutilation on his mind.

“The title changed from The Devil’S Dungeon to Penance since we believe it has far exceeded our own quality standards in terms of cast, performance and look,” Kennedy tells Fango. “So we wanted to steer away from a B-movie-esque moniker and more toward a cooler, more representative name. Penance means ‘the repentance of one’s sins,’ and that’s exactly what our bad guy is trying to do—and what he’s
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Automaton Transfusion Producer Opens 'Dungeon'

Automaton Transfusion producer Will Clevinger dropped us a line this morning to inform us that production has now begun on his second project entitled The Devil's Dungeon, which is said to be based on actual evennts. The cast is out of this world. It stars as the lead: Marieh Delfino (Jeepers Creepers II) & Eve Mauro, It has genre greats in the movie such as: Tony Todd, Tracy Coogan (the lead in Zombie Honeymoon), and Garret Jones (lead in Automaton Transfusion). Plus it also stars: Michael Madsen, Jason London, Jason Connery, Graham McTavish (Rome, Lost and bad guy in latest Rambo movie) and Allison Lange (the psycho in: Single White Female II: The Psycho) with a special appearance by James Duval and a ton of other recognizable faces.
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