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Do 'Star Trek' Androids and Vulcans Dream of Sherlock Holmes?

As a long time fan of both Sherlock Holmes and Star Trek, it seems fitting to me that these two cultural icons have become intertwined. Prior to the original airing of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I had mused over the similarity in personalities between Spock and Holmes. I had no inkling that Tng would make a connection between the creations of Arthur Conan Doyle and Gene Roddenberry real on screen.

That connection came courtesy of the android Lt. Commander Data. He fancied himself as Sherlock Holmes and in the episode 'Elementary Dear Data', he created a facsimile of Victorian London so that he could 'play' Sherlock Holmes opposite Geordi La Forge's unconventional Doctor Watson.

'Elementary Dear Data' was one of the most entertaining episodes in Tng's second season but I was never entirely satisfied with it. The writers played fast and loose with Holmes canon and Brent Spiner's
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