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Audrey Landers is a multifaceted individual, always ready to explore her many talents. She is an accomplished actor, singer, writer, composer, and producer. Audrey was seen as Veronica, in the USA network TV series, BURN NOTICE. She is featured in the film, Bachelor Party, released in 2009 by 20th Century Fox. She plays Nadia in the comedy, In A Pickle, in post production. Perhaps she is best known for her portrayal of Afton Cooper in the world hit TV series, Dallas, in which she costarred for eight years. Audrey reprised her role as the sultry songstress in the Dallas reunion movie for TV. Playing the role of Val in the motion picture,A Chorus Line, was a challenge that Audrey met head on. Sir Richard Attenborough, the film's director, said, Audrey wore out two dance coaches... yet she never broke her concentration. She is an extremely focused young woman and was the highlight of the movie.

Music is my first love, says Audrey. At the age of twelve, she made her national television debut, performing a country song she wrote. That led to a recording contract in Nashville for Epic Records-and a yearlong stint on the daytime drama, The Secret Storm. Audrey spent her teen years working on the daytime drama, Somerset. She also studied music at the Julliard School in New York, while majoring in psychology at Columbia University. Then, Miss Landers moved to Los Angeles, and landed her role in Dallas -all before her 21st birthday!

Through the 1980's and 90's, Miss Landers enjoyed a successful recording career and concert tours throughout Europe. She earned 10 gold singles, 4 gold albums, and 2 platinum albums,having composed most of her hits. She has recorded for Ariola, BMG,Polydor, EMI, and WEA. Her recent hits have stayed on the top 20 Euro Regie charts since May 2010. Miss Landers has wowed audiences around the world. She has co-headlined in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

One of Audrey's most rewarding projects is her award-winning children's television series, The Huggabug Club. The show was created by my mother, and me, as a labor of love for all children. The musical, educational series was donated to PBS by Ruth Landers and ran for 5 years. Audrey and her sister, Judy, wrote 50 half-hour episodes, as well as the 250 original songs in the series. It was an enriching experience to write, produce, perform in, and even edit the series, says Audrey. It's so rewarding to be able to reach out to children and teach them valuable life lessons through music! I never run out of inspiration. I try to look at the world through a child's eyes.

Miss Landers' diverse talents have driven her career in many directions. Her successful partnership with producer-managermother, Ruth Landers, has churned out music videos, pilots, infomercials, and popular films and TV shows such as Ghost Writer, California Casanova, and Club Fed. CIRCUS CAMP is the most recent film of Landers ProductionZ. Completed in 2006, this family genre feature length film/pilot was co-written and co-directed by Audrey and her sister, Judy. Ruth Landers executive produced. Ruth and Audrey have just launched their multi generational fashion line, Landers STAR Collection, for Europe's Home Shopping Network, QVC UK, and in the U.S. on Shop NBC and the brand new Military Shopping Channel. email


In A Pickle Nadia Steve Moskovic


  • Crystal Reel Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, 2011
    FMPTA LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD HONOR BESTOWED UPON FLORIDA'S  AUDREY LANDERS- Orlando,  Florida;  Florida  Motion  Picture  &  Television  Association,  Inc.  voted  unanimously  to  bestow  its  Lifetime Achievement Award upon Audrey Landers at this year's 22nd  Annual  Crystal  Reel  Awards. The  Crystal  Reel  Awards  Gala  is  held  annually  to  honor  and  highlight  outstanding  achievements  in  motion  picture,   television,  audio  recording  and  digital  media  productions  created  in  Florida  over  the  past  year.    Judging  is  done  by   Emmy,  Grammy,  Oscar  nominated  and/or  awarded  professionals  across  the  country.    Scoring  forms  are  tallied  by  an   independent  CPA,  who  will  deliver  the  ballots  on  stage.    Attendees  will  have  an  opportunity  to  rub  elbows  with   celebrities,  attend  seminars,  parties,  a  studio  tour  and  a  special  screening  of  Crystal  Reel  winners.    This  year  the   Crystal  Reel  Awards  Gala  will  be  held  November  4th  and  5th.    Florida  Motion  Picture  &  Television  Association,  Inc.  is  the  oldest  trade  organization  in  Florida,  founded  in  1973.    Its   mission  is  to  promote  motion  picture,  television,  audio  recording  and  digital  media  production  in  Florida.    Active  in   the  legislative  process  affecting  our  industry,  FMPTA  also  strives  to  educate  its  membership  and  the  public  as  to   the  importance  of  entertainment  to  the  Florida  economy.    The  Crystal  Reel  Awards  was  created  to  celebrate  the   outstanding  achievement  in  the  named  types  of  productions,  created  in  Florida.     FMPTA  members  include  producers,  directors,  music  producers,  animators,  studios,  casting  agents,  cameramen,   actors,  digital  arts,  stuntmen,  electricians,  heavy  equipment  operators,  truck  and  fleet  services,  bus  companies,   make-­‐up  artists,  set  designers,  equipment  rental  companies,  recording  studios  and  trade/craft  services.
  • Parents Choice Award, Huggabug Club Television Series, as writer, producer and star, 2000
    The Huggabug Club is 47 half hours of a musical educational childrens TV series, produced by Ruth Landers, Audrey Landers, and cowritten by Audrey Landers
  • Kids First! Award, Huggabug Club, for Quality in Children's Media, 1999
    The Huggabug Club is 47 half hours of a musical educational childrens TV series, produced by Ruth Landers, Audrey Landers, and cowritten by Audrey Landers
  • Media Access Award, Huggabug Club episode "Willie Has Wheels", 1998
    Awarded to the episode "Wille Has Wheels" for the representation of a physically challenged "Buggster," a member of the Huggabug Club.

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