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‘Bigger’ Bodybuilding Pic Gains Victoria Justice & Colton Haynes

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‘Bigger’ Bodybuilding Pic Gains Victoria Justice & Colton Haynes
Exclusive: Victoria Justice and Colton Haynes have boarded George Gallo’s Bigger about fitness forefathers the Weider Brothers. Actress-singer Justice who has made her mark in in Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show, Nickelodeon’s Victorious and Blumhouse/MTV’s Eye Candy, will portray Kathy, Joe Weider's (Tyler Hoechlin) first wife. Haynes will play the role of iconic fitness guru Jack Lalanne, who during the 1950s and ’60s was known for his incredible feats of strength, like…
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Why FX's 'X-Men' spin-off 'Legion' won't be tied to the movies

  • Hitfix
Why FX's 'X-Men' spin-off 'Legion' won't be tied to the movies
Yesterday was a big day for Noah Hawley. Before the Fall, his fifth book — and his first since becoming the award-winning creator and showrunner of FX's Fargo — debuted to rave reviews(*) and a spot at the top of Amazon's bestseller list. And FX chose Hawley's publication date to officially order Legion — an X-Men spin-off of sorts (in the comics, the character is Professor X's son, but the show won't be connected to the films at all) starring Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, and Rachel Keller — to series. (*) I raced through my copy of the book — which cuts back and forth between the story of a man who survived a plane crash and the backstories of the passengers who died — then went back and reread large chunks of it again and again. It's fantastic. Part of Hawley's day involved an appearance at Word Bookstore in Jersey City, where we talked
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J.K. Simmons: The friendly face behind this year's scariest movie villain

J.K. Simmons: The friendly face behind this year's scariest movie villain
"I remember when I first met J.K. Simmons, I just sort of told him, 'Remember how you were in Oz? I want to make that guy look like the teacher in Mr. Holland’s Opus." —Whiplash director Damien Chazelle Terence Fletcher, the intimidating music teacher in Whiplash, isn't a sadistic member of the Aryan Brotherhood, like Oz's Vern Schillinger. But for Miles Teller's high-school drum prodigy, Fletcher is practically evil incarnate, a bully whose primary methods of motivation are tossing chairs and playing cruel psychological mind games. He wants his school's jazz ensemble to be the best in the country,
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Exclusive: Jeremy Lamberton Talks “Biker Fox”

  • ShockYa
Exclusive: Jeremy Lamberton Talks “Biker Fox”
Biker Fox” is a documentary that is more of an experience than it is a film. It’s an intriguing peek into the life of Frank P. DeLarzelere, aka Biker Fox, a Tulsa, Ok person of interest who preaches health and fitness as well as the owner of an expansive muscle car parts business. ShockYa had the pleasure to interview the director of “Biker Fox,” Jeremy Lamberton, who described Biker Fox as “Jack Lalanne on Ritalin and cough syrup.” How did you come to meet Biker Fox? Jeremy Lamberton: Basically, he’s sort-of a well-known figure here in town and on the internet. I know he’s big in Sweden through is website. [ Read More ]

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Exclusive: Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo Talk Machete Kills

From Desperado to the Spy Kids franchise and beyond, Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo have largely become household names due mostly to the work they’ve done together.

With the sequel to Machete about to hit theaters, Machete Kills expands on their body of work and might remind audiences just why they fell in love with the indie spirit of Rodriguez and the stoic badassery of Trejo in the first place. Shortly before the premiere of Machete Kills at this year’s Fantastic Fest down in Austin, TX, Rodriguez and Trejo sat down with Dread Central for a few minutes before they were rushed out to meet the fans on the red carpet.

Read our Machete Kills review!

DC: So, I actually remember being on the set of Predators at Troublemaker a few years ago. Danny, I didn’t get to interview you; I got to interview everybody else. And
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Glee Scoop: Jane Lynch on Sue's Job Change, 'New Lease on Life' and Killer Fantasy Sequence

  • TVLine.com
Glee Scoop: Jane Lynch on Sue's Job Change, 'New Lease on Life' and Killer Fantasy Sequence
Sue Sylvester’s stint on the unemployment line will be short-lived.

As teased in the promo for this Thursday’s Glee (9/8c, Fox), the former McKinley High villainess — who tendered her resignation earlier this month in the wake of the school shooting — has rebranded herself as a female Jack Lalane.

“I retreat to 23 Hour Fitness [to] teach aerobics,” Jane Lynch tells TVLine. “I’ve got a new lease on life, baby!”

But as the old adage goes, you
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The Frantic Fight to Save Davy Jones: the 911 Call

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The Frantic Fight to Save Davy Jones: the 911 Call
A frantic 911 call was placed after Monkees singer Davy Jones suffered a massive heart on Wednesday in Florida.

The distressed woman who dialed the emergency number pleaded for an ambulance to "hurry," before suggesting it might be faster to put Jones in a car and drive to the nearest hospital -- which was 27 miles away.

Jones had complained of breathing trouble early in the morning, and was later taken to a hospital in the town of Stuart,
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Aziz Ansari Tries Out New Stand-Up Material At Intimate La Gig

By Zachary Swickey

Los Angeles – I felt pretty lucky to catch Aziz Ansari Saturday night as he performed a new, “in-progress” set at the intimate Largo, which only holds 280 people and has a strict no cell phones policy. Ansari is most famously known as Tom Haverford on NBC’s hit comedy “Parks Recreation,” and he boasts a whopping 1.6 million followers on Twitter (yet, I recall the old days when he only had 25k).

The special guest for the night was Ansari’s real-life chum Nick Kroll, who co-stars on FX’s “The League” and voices the character “Stu” on one of TV’s most underappreciated gems, “The Life & Times of Tim” from HBO. Kroll bragged about “being down with hip-hop,” saying he even owned a copy of Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV, which he probably got from Ansari (a huge rap enthusiast in real life).

Kroll then did a
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Singer Etta James Dead at 73

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Singer Etta James Dead at 73
R&B great Etta James, best known for her classic song "At Last," has died from chronic leukemia. She was 73.

James had been struggling with the disease for several years. She died at a hospital in Riverside, Calif. with her husband of 41 years, Artis Mills, and her sons by her side.

Etta's longtime friend and manager, Lupe De Leon, said, "This is a tremendous loss for the family, her friends and fans around the world.
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Stars We Lost in 2011

  • Extra
Stars We Lost in 2011
"Extra" takes a look back at Hollywood's beloved stars who passed away this year.

In Memoriam 2011Harry Morgan

"M*A*S*H" star Harry Morgan died [http://extratv.warnerbros.com/2011/12/mash_star_harry_morgan_dead_at_96.php] at the age of 96 on December 7, after suffering from pneumonia.

Patrice O'Neal

Comedian Patrice O'Neal died at the age of 41 [http://extratv.warnerbros.com/2011/11/charlie_sheen_others_pay_tribute_to_comedian_patrice_oneal.php] on November 29, from complications of a previous stroke.

Ken Russell

British director Ken Russell died [http://extratv.warnerbros.com/2011/11/director_ken_russell_dead_at_84.php] at the age of 84 on November 27, from a stroke.

Theodore Forstmann

"Top Chef" host
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In Rememberence: A Look Back at Those Who Have Passed This Year

As the 2011 year comes to a close, I’d like to take a look back at the actors, actresses. musicians and others who have passed on this year. There is no doubt that these celebrities have left their mark on our society and in their respective fields and I’d like to say thank you to them for their contributions. Pete Postlethwaite- Actor (The Town, Clash of the Titans, Inception) Gerry Rafferty- Singer/Songwriter ('Stuck in the Middle With You,' 'Baker Street') Peter Yates- Director (Bullitt, Breaking Away) John Dye- Actor (Best of the Best, Touched by an Angel) Jack Lalanne- Fitness Guru (Juice Tiger) Dwaye McDuffie- Comic Book Writer/Co-Founder Milestone Media (Damage Control) Mike Starr- Musician (Alice in Chains) Nate Dogg- Musician (Collaborated with Warren G, Eminem, Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre, among others) Michael Gough- Actor (Alfred in Batman,
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Fonda To Receive Lifetime Award From Shape Magazine

  • WENN
Fonda To Receive Lifetime Award From Shape Magazine
Fitness fanatic Jane Fonda is set to be honoured for her dedication to good health by editors at Shape magazine.

The veteran actress, who has released more than 20 exercise videos since 1982, will be presented with the Shape Your Life Award later this month and the Barbarella star has credited fitness gurus Jack Lalanne, Richard Simmons, Leni Cazden and Stuart Karl with her home video success.

In a post on her blog, she writes, "At Shape magazine's 30th birthday celebration in New York on October 26th, I am being presented with the the magazine's Shape Your Life Award. I feel very honoured by this. But I am also very cognisant of the people who made this possible for me...

"I didn't realise that timing was on my side. The home video industry was poised, just waiting for a product that would be so popular that people would fork over the money to buy the hardware to 'do Jane' as people came to call working out with me - over and over. It helped that I was already a film star...

"It blows my mind how many millions of people have embraced fitness as an overall lifestyle choice. If only we can come up with more ways to involve the millions of others who have yet to discover the benefits and, yes, the joys of working out (or even going for a regular fast walk, or climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or biking instead of driving...)

"So when I receive my Shape award, I will have to thank all of the above people and the millions who first embraced the J.F. Workout and, as a result, helped launch the whole industry."

How To Live Forever Movie Review

  • ShockYa
How To Live Forever Movie Review
Title: How to Live Forever Director: Mark Wexler Featuring: Suzanne Somers, Jack Lalanne, Ray Bradbury, Phyllis Diller and more Aging, if we’re lucky, is something that happens to all us. And yet, despite the many billions of industry and consumer dollars devoted annually to anti-wrinkle creams and everything else under the sun to stop the inexorable march of time, it’s a topic we’d at all costs rather avoid than have a honest societal discussion about — witness Sarah Palin’s willfully gross distortion of end-of-life counseling services during the national health care debate, turning them into “death panels” coming to snatch your grandparents out of their homes and euthanize them in the...
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New Trailer Teaches You ‘How To Live Forever’

Just from the trailer itself, I’ve learned that living forever involves smoking, running, drinking beer, lifting your hands up to the sky, not knowing that you’re the oldest person alive, taking pills, using calipers, and being funny. The forthcoming documentary How To Live Forever is an exploration of old age both from those who have it and those who want to avoid it. It looks sharp and funny, as if Morgan Spurlock suddenly became obsessed with dying (and not dying). Director Mark Wexler looks to have created something truly touching here. Check it out for yourself: // It’s a little bittersweet to see Jack Lalanne on screen after his recent death, but over all this film looks to be playful while plumbing the rusty pipes of an age-old question. How long do you want to live? Source: Apple
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‘How to Live Forever’ Trailer Scoffs at Death

Documentarian Max Wexler has had a growing presence in his films. His first feature Me & My Matchmaker focuses on a dedicated matchmaker, but turns to include Wexler as she attempts to find his match. Next came Tell Them Who You Are, a portrait of Wexler’s cinematographer father that also explored Wexler’s wish to step out of his father’s shadow. In his latest, How to Live Forever, Wexler boldly steps into the spotlight, training the lens on himself, his fear of death, and his new found desire to live forever.

While living forever was once a thing of sci-fi fantasy, with ever-evolving science and nutrition regimes, eternity may be closer than we think. With it’s first trailer, you can get a taste of Wexler’s wild ride to immortality. Check it out below via Apple and the poster via Gatw.

Filmmaker Mark Wexler is not going down without a fight.
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Variance Films Announces Theatrical Release of How To Live Forever

Variance Films to release the new documentary from Mark Wexler in May 2011 (Photo Above: Fitness expert, Jack Lalanne teaches Mark Wexler about fitness during the filming of Mark Wexler’s How To Live Forever)

Variance Films has acquired all Us theatrical rights for How To Live Forever, the new feature film from acclaimed writer-director Mark Wexler (Tell Them Who You Are). Variance founder Dylan Marchetti announced the acquisition today and stated that his firm will release the film in conjunction with Wexler.s World on May 13, 2011 in New York, followed by a national expansion.

In How To Live Forever, director Mark Wexler embarks on a worldwide trek to investigate just what it means to grow old and what it could mean to really live forever. But whose advice should he take? Does 94-year-old exercise guru Jack Lalanne have all the answers, or does Buster, a 103-year-old chain-smoking, beer-drinking marathoner? What about futurist Ray Kurzweil,
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Schwarzenegger Leads Lalanne's Memorial Service

  • WENN
Schwarzenegger Leads Lalanne's Memorial Service
Arnold Schwarzenegger paid tribute to fitness guru Jack Lalanne in a moving eulogy at the late star's funeral in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Lalanne, who was a keen bodybuilder and owned a chain of gyms, passed away on 23 January after suffering respiratory failure due to pneumonia.

Friends, family and a number of famous faces turned out to pay their last respects to the late star in a service at Forest Lawn memorial park in L.A., and among the speakers was Schwarzenegger, who trained with Lalanne when he first moved to America from his native Austria.

The bodybuilder-turned-movie star told the congregation, "Right now he's telling St. Peter, 'Get up at 6am, get a juicer, take some vitamins, do some stretching'... Can you imagine the number of lives Jack saved? He was a true saint."

Lou Ferrigno also spoke at the service and called Lalanne "the godfather of fitness", while fellow fitness star Richard Simmons paid a poignant tribute to his late pal by ordering the crowd to put their arms in the air and stretch, adding: "That's how we honour Jack, with a big stretch".

A Lalanne Change Was Always the Best Kind

  • The Wrap
Decades before Jane Fonda, Kathy Smith or Richard Simmons would hawk aerobic exercise to lazy television viewers, there was Jack Lalanne. Whether he was towing boats with his teeth, breaking world records doing push-ups or scolding an audience for being sugar addicts, the jump-suited Lalanne was diligently instructing home viewers of “The Jack Lalanne Show” to eat raw food, do face exercises and squeeze their own juice. Sometimes he shared the spotlight with his dog, Happy, who stole the show with every appearance. This oft-dubbed “Godfather of Exercise,” whose television fitness programs spanned
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The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper Pays Tribute to Jack LaLanne

The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper Pays Tribute to Jack LaLanne
The world of fitness lost an icon on January 23 when Jack LaLanne, a pioneer in the health and fitness industry, passed away at age 96.

"It's a sad day in my business," Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper told TV Guide Magazine. "I was aware of Jack Lalanne over 20 years ago when I started in the business, and I remember always being very receptive to him because he was such a man. He made working out macho and he made his workouts so relevant."

Lalanne, who died of complications from pneumonia, had spent 70 years teaching the power of strength training and healthy eating...

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