‘The Proud Valley’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Paul Robeson, Edward Chapman, Simon Lack, Rachel Thomas, Edward Rigby, Dilys Thomas, Janet Johnson, Charles Williams, Jack Jones, Dilys Davies, Clifford Evans | Written by Pen Tennyson, Jack Jones, Louis Golding | Directed by Pen Tennyson

In the past, Wales has been synonymous with mining and choirs, and while times have changed the Welsh are still known for their vocal prowess, even if the mines have all but gone. The Proud Valley is a classic that has now been released on Blu-ray, that not only shows off the best of Welsh, but also the very talented Paul Robeson.

When David Goliath (Paul Robeson), an African-American seaman turns up in a small mining village, they are soon charmed by his powerful singing voice. Working down the mines to earn his rent, it looks like he and the choir are all set to win the national choir contest, until disaster strikes. With the
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To mark the release of The Proud Valley on 27th March, we’ve been given 3 copies to give away on Blu-ray.

David Goliath (Paul Robeson), a charismatic African-American stoker, washes up in a small Welsh village where he finds work alongside the miners down the pit. A competent singer, Goliath’s roaring voice soon draws the attention of the local choir master Dick Parry (Simon Lack: The Silver Darlings, Enemy at the Door) and his son Emlyn (Edward Chapman: Convoy, It Always Rains on Sunday), who have ambitions of winning the national choir contest.

Following a deadly explosion, the pits are closed, leaving the villagers out of work and struggling to make ends meet. Wanting to help the community that welcomed him so generously, David rouses a group of activists to march to London in the hope of reopening the mine in time to serve the
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Doctor Who complete reviews: The Androids Of Tara

Good news. At the time of writing this, Who Head Honcho Steven Moffat has decided to begin the campaign to move the series to an autumn slot. Hopefully, in 2012, all the stories will go out in September or October time, so long as the BBC bosses don’t start wetting their pants over doing battle with Simon The Bland Robot and his entourage of vacant karaoke wannabes.

This is great news, since A) It makes the autumn season more bearable, especially since my favourite season, summer, is dead and gone; B) It’s a refreshing antidote to rubbish like The X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing; and C) It makes more sense to have scares on dark autumn nights rather than in the bright sunshine. Really, the Silence In The Library and Satan Pit two-parters aren’t suited to being viewed on a hot summer’s night.

There are one
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