Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012 - Rentaneko (2012)

Rentaneko is showing at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012, which is being covered by Samantha Morrison...

Rentaneko, 2012.

Written and Directed by Naoko Ogigami.

Starring Mikako Ichikawa, Reiko Kusamura and Ken Mitsuishi.


Set in Japan, a woman rents out cats to lonely people.

It’s a fairly bizarre premise, something that I don’t think would fly anywhere but Japan. The film is set up as a series of encounters between Sayoko, our main character, and new customers. Each customer, while having entirely different situations, still echoes the loneliness of the customer before them, and the scenes even repeat lines from previous sections. This repetitive structure builds loneliness upon loneliness, until we can see it reflected in Sayoko herself.

There are recurring scenes in which Sayoko talks to the photo of her late grandmother, and where she draws out her life goals, and hangs them on the wall to remind her.
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Sappy Little Teaser Trailer for the Upcoming Japanese Drama Rent-a-Cat

Okay, I’m a cat guy. And that’s what initially drew me to writer/director Naoko Ogigami’s upcoming drama “Rent-a-Cat”. Because, you see, it has cat in the title. I know it sounds pathetic, and, deep down, I kind of understand that. But had I not been driven by my peculiar feline fascination, I wouldn’t have stumbled across what could be a snazzy little Japanese drama. If I’d attended this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, I probably would have watched it. That’s right. Because of the cats. Don’t judge me. If you’re still reading this, here’s a synopsis: An odd woman named Sayoko (Mikako Ichikawa) rents cats to lonely people. Some of the renters include an old woman who lost her husband and her cat, a middle-aged man who moved away from his family for work, a woman at a reception
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Berlinale 2012. Panorama Program Complete

  • MUBI
Adding just over a dozen features and four shorts to the lists of previously announced titles (first round and Dokumente), the Berlinale announces that the Panorama program for this year's edition (February 9 through 19) is now complete. The breakdown: "53 feature films: 18 in the main program, 15 in Panorama Special and 20 in Panorama Dokumente.... 34 productions from 37 countries are screening as world premieres. Seven fictional films are directorial debuts. There are 12 German productions, and 24 women filmmakers presenting 16 films."

New narrative features:

Bugis Street Redux by Yonfan, Hong Kong. With Hiep Thi Le, Michael Lam, Greg-O and Ernest Seah.

Cherry by Stephen Elliott, USA. With Ashley Hinshaw, James Franco, Heather Graham, Dev Patel and Lili Taylor. World Premiere. The site.

Chocó by Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza, Columbia. With Karent Hinestroza, Esteban Copete, Fabio García, Daniela Mosquera, Jesús Benavides. Wp.

Glaube, Liebe, Tod (Belief, Love, Death) by Peter Kern, Austria. With Traute Furthner, Peter Kern, Joao Moreira Pedrosa.
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