Jude Kuring returns to the screen for short film Little Lamb

Jude Kuring of Prisoner fame is set to appear in a new Australian short film. Tasmanian production Little Lamb is a gothic thriller set in convict era Van Dieman.s land. The short film was supported by the Raw Nerve Initiative, which was run through WideAngle Tasmania and funded by Screen Australia. The script for Little Lamb comes from first time drama director Heidi Lee Douglas, who originally wrote it for the Stranger with my Face Film Festival women in horror Script Challenge in February 2012. After winning Best Script, Douglas teamed up with mentor, producer and veteran director Roger Scholes to make the film. .The film is ambitious because I wrote a great story not a low budget film. So when we decided to make it we had to figure out how to work with a lamb and a horse, build a barn, set fire to it and burn it,
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