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Film Review: ‘Stratton’

Film Review: ‘Stratton’
No intended franchise can recover from a dud launch, and “Stratton” is that kind of stillbirth: an action movie that feels as though collaborators lost heart before the cameras started rolling, perhaps in part because “SupermanHenry Cavill jumped ship just five days before shooting was scheduled to begin.

The resulting misfire certainly can’t be blamed on Dominic Cooper, who replaced him in the title role. Still, there’s definitely something dispirited and clock-punching about this flat actioner, adapted from the first in a series of eight espionage novels written by Duncan Falconer, an ex-operator for the Special Boats Services sector of Britain’s MI6. Adequately directed by “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” helmer Simon West, the U.K. production is limping into U.S. theaters during the post-holiday doldrums, having already opened last year in most territories.

The whole enterprise feels desultory from the jump, with dialogue that flatlines whether aiming for banter or urgent import
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Review: ‘Stratton’ is a Soapy Actioner Built Solely on Tropes

It must have been a tough blow to see the newly minted Man of Steel bow out of a project that potentially had franchise capabilities five days before shooting was to commence, but that’s exactly what happened when Henry Cavill left Stratton over “creative differences.” I have to give him credit for doing so, though, since interviews circa late 2014 have him sounding pretty excited about the prospects of bringing to life a book series (written by former Special Boat Service commando and current pseudonym Duncan Falconer) of which he seemed a genuine fan. You have to then wonder if Falconer’s own adaptation was the issue or that from Warren Davis II. Whoever’s to blame, the final result confirms Cavill’s decision. There’s little here to conjure any excitement.

Director Simon West opens the film with a frame of text equating the UK Sbs with Navy SEALs,
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‘Stratton’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Dominic Cooper, Gemma Chan, Connie Nielsen, Tom Felton, Tyler Hoechlin, Derek Jacobi, Austin Stowell, Thomas Kretschmann | Written by Warren Davis II, Duncan Falconer | Directed by Simon West

Directed by Simon West (Con Air), this British spy thriller clearly fancies itself as the basis of a lucrative action franchise in the Bond or Bourne mould. Unfortunately, the action is decidedly sub-par and the central character is as dull as dishwater, which doesn’t bode well for its chances of future instalments.

Based on a series of novels by former Special Boat Service commando Duncan Falconer (who co-wrote the screenplay), Stratton centres on pint-sized Sbs commando John Stratton (Dominic Cooper), who’s tasked with capturing evil Russian agent Grigori Barovsky (Thomas Kretschmann), before he unleashes a deadly terror attack on central London. The mission has a personal edge for Stratton, as Barovsky is the man responsible for the death of his former partner,
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Win Jungle on Blu-ray

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To mark the release of Jungle on 1st January, we’ve been given 3 copies to give away on Blu-ray.

Young Israeli Yossi Ghinsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) leaves a safe future behind to chase an improbable dream in the mysterious depths of the Amazon rainforest. When he and two fellow adventurers, Kevin Gale (Alex Russell; Chronicle, Unbroken) and Marcus Stamm (Joel Jackson; TV’s The Wrong Girl), meet the charismatic Karl Ruchprecter (Thomas Kretschmann (The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Central Intelligence) and follow him into the jungle, what begins as the realisation of a dream soon turns into a harrowing psychological fight for survival.

Please note: This competition is open to UK residents only

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Open to UK residents only The competition will close 8th January 2018 at 23.59 GMT The winner will be picked at random from entries received No cash alternative is available

The usual
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Exclusive: Dominic Cooper is ready to fire on the new Stratton poster

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James Bond shouldn’t be the only English spy out there worthy of an awesome action flick. There’s plenty of room for charming, icy-cool spies out there, and latest in the genre, Stratton, gives star Dominic Cooper time to shine as a MI6 agent who will stop at nothing to stop a thought-to-be-dead agent (Thomas Kretschmann) from unleashing hell with nuclear weapons. A trailer came... Read More...
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New Us Trailer for British Action Movie 'Stratton' with Dominic Cooper

"So what's the deal with Stratton? What's he like?" Momentum Pictures has debuted an official Us trailer for the British action movie titled Stratton, starring Dominic Cooper as a British Special Boat Service commando named Stratton who tracks down an international terrorist cell. From the director of Con Air and The Mechanic, this movie is also known as Stratton: First Into Action and opened in the UK back in September. The name "First Into Action" comes directly from the book that this is based on, a "Dramatic Personal Account of Life in the Sbs." The film's full cast includes Connie Nielsen, Tom Felton, Tyler Hoechlin, Gemma Chan, Thomas Kretschmann, Derek Jacobi, and Austin Stowell. It seems like Momentum is dumping this in January, and it doesn't look like it's really that good, mostly heavy on action. Here's the new official Us trailer (+ old UK poster) for Simon West's Stratton,
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Asia Sends Serious Contingent to Oscar Foreign-Language Race

Asia Sends Serious Contingent to Oscar Foreign-Language Race
While the early frontrunners in Oscar’s foreign-language category appear to be from Europe, with the likes of Ruben Ostlund’s “The Square” (Sweden), Agnieszka Holland’s “Spoor” (Poland), Michael Haneke’s “Happy End” (Austria), Jonas Carpignano’s “A Ciambra” (Italy), Joachim Trier’s “Thelma” (Norway) and Carla Simon’s “Summer 1993” (Spain) dominating conversations and awards, Asia has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Leading the Asian charge is Cambodia’s submission “First They Killed My Father,” directed by the very visible Angelina Jolie. Based on the memoirs of human-rights activist Loung Ung, the film is an unflinching look at the horrors wrought by the Khmer Rouge after the Cambodian civil war in the 1970s.

Told through the eyes of the 5-year-old Ung, played with wide-eyed winsome charm by Sareum Srey Moch, the film dispassionately looks at how she is separated from her parents and siblings and is thrust into the thick of the conflict. As with his
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Exclusive clip: Watch Hector and Lena’s tense exchange on this week’s Berlin Station

On tonight’s white-knuckler episode of Berlin Station on Epix, Otto Ganz (Thomas Kretschmann) puts heavy demands on Daniel (Richard Armitage) to see if the explosives he plans to use in a terrorist strike are viable. But before that goes down, in our exclusive clip, we see Hector DeJean (Rhys Ifans, wearing quite possibly the coolest sunglasses ever) meet with Lena Ganz (Emilia Schüle) in a public restaurant to oversee the money transfer to her father Otto. It’s a testy exchange. Lena does not like Hector and makes it known immediately. “You don’t have to make small talk with me,” more
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Berlin Station exclusive clip: Bb Yates tested and Esther wants answers from Daniel

On Berlin Station tonight, our exclusive clip reveals a clandestine meeting with Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) called by an irate Esther Krug (Mina Tander) inside a dimly lit grocery store warehouse. She wants answers on her missing operative and Daniel’s plans on how, exactly, he will keep tabs on Otto Ganz (Thomas Kretschmann) and his crew, who are planning a secret terrorist act to coincide with Katerina Gerhardt’s (Natalia Wörner) election. This move by Ganz is designed to cause confusion and garner sympathy to Gerhardt’s fascist protectionist rhetoric with the electorate. It comes on the heels of Robert Kirsch (Leland Orser) more
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Korea’s Showbox to Co-produce Neil Jordan’s ‘Widow’

Leading South Korean investor-distributor, Showbox is co-producing “The Widow,” Neil Jordan’s thriller film starring Chloe Moretz and Isabelle Huppert, alongside Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and Ivanhoe Pictures.

“This co-production and investment [in “The Widow”] is a step beyond the partnership deal that Showbox signed with Ivanhoe Pictures in 2015,” said the Korean company in a statement. “This deal will help (Showbox’s) future expansion into production and investment in Hollywood.”

Set for a 2018 release, “The Widow” sees the story of a young woman who has a chance meeting with a mysterious widow who approaches her with malicious intentions. Jordan has credits including: “The Crying Game,” “The End of the Affair,” and “Interview With the Vampire.”

Showbox is also co-producing a romantic comedy, “Forever Holiday in Bali.” The film will be its first in Indonesia. Starring K-pop boy band Mblaq’s Thunder, “Holiday” will be directed by Ody C. Harahap, who previously directed “Sweet 20,” Cj Entertainment’s Indonesian
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Daniel Radcliffe on the Survival Thriller ‘Jungle’ and Making His First American TV Show

Based on the international best-selling memoir by Yossi Ghinsberg, Jungle tells the story of an enthusiastic young adventurer (Daniel Radcliffe) who heads into the Amazon jungle with two friends (played by Joel Jackson and Alex Russell) and a guide (Thomas Kretschmann) with a mysterious past who promises a thrilling look at the uncharted territory. But that journey quickly turns into a terrifying and harrowing ordeal when the men are separated, and Yossi must fight for his own survival. During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, actor Daniel Radcliffe talked about why he wanted to play this real-…
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Second Opinion – Jungle (2017)

Jungle, 2017.

Directed by Greg McLean.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russell, Joel Jackson, Lily Sullivan, and Yasmin Kassim.


Three travellers meet up in Bolivia and can’t resist the temptation of a trip into the rainforest to find a lost tribe. When things don’t go according to plan, two of them give up and the others carry on, but are soon separated. The local villagers find one of them, but the other is stranded in the jungle.

Remember that TV show, Walk on the Wild Side, the one where the animals had human voiceovers? There was a marmot which seemed to be yelling “Alan! Alan! Alan!” Given the way that a lost Daniel Radcliffe wanders around the Bolivian rainforest in Jungle yelling “Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!” at the top of his voice, I can only assume he saw it as well.

Which is to make light of a
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‘Jungle’ Review: Harry Potter Meets Werner Herzog in a Feverish Survival Story

‘Jungle’ Review: Harry Potter Meets Werner Herzog in a Feverish Survival Story
In the years since hanging up his quidditch broom, Daniel Radcliffe has blazed a surprisingly adventurous trail, devoting himself to risky projects that stray far from the beaten path, some of them quite literally. For the second time in the last 18 months, the former “Harry Potter” star has wandered off into the wilderness, following the miraculously inventive “Swiss Army Man” with a true-life survival story about a restless Israeli kid who wound up stranded by himself in an uncharted stretch of the Amazon. And while “Jungle” glaringly lacks the flair and depth of feeling that defined Radcliffe’s previous stroll through the great outdoors, it’s somehow even more disgusting than “Swiss Army Man,” a movie in which the actor plays a corpse whose farts are so explosive that they propel his body across the surface of the ocean like a jet ski.

“I was desperate to escape the well-worn path,
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Jungle Review

Once an actor lands that iconic role that catapults him or her to mainstream stardom, few are ever able to truly escape its shadow. Yet, despite playing The Boy Who Lived in eight films over the course of a decade, former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has all but left Hogwart’s behind. In just a few short years, Radcliffe’s work in offbeat — to put it mildly — releases like Swiss Army Man and Horns has proven his willingness to take on challenging projects and provides sufficient evidence that he’s much more than the bespectacled child who won the world’s heart way back in 2001. Now, his latest film, Jungle, continues that string of intriguing and divisive choices.

Based on a true story, the movie follows Yossi Ghinsberg (Radcliffe) and a pair of globe-trotting friends (Joel Jackson and Alex Russell) as they embark on a journey through the Bolivian jungle.
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Jungle review

Daniel Radcliffe stars in Jungle, a true story of survival. But is it any good?

Daniel Radcliffe is doing an accent. That’s the first thing that grabs your attention in Jungle, which opens with the brave British actor intoning an opening narration over a blank screen. He introduces the themes of adventure and exploration, explaining why his character will venture into the Amazon rainforest a bit later on.

It’s not the most remarkable opening, but it’ll do. And that same sentiment could sum up the film that follows. Jungle is another survival film about a young man who’s way out of his depth. Straight of the gate, it’s got a fair bit to prove if it wants to stand out from the pack.

The film’s ‘based on a true story’ tag is its Usp. Radcliffe plays the real-life Israeli explorer Yossi Ghinsberg, who, at
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Movie Review – Jungle (2017)

Jungle, 2017.

Directed by Greg McLean.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russel, Joel Jackson, Lily Sullivan, and Yasmin Kassim.


A group of friends join a guide for a trek into the Bolivian jungle, searching for an Indian village. The men soon realize that the jungle is a difficult place to be.

Seeing as Daniel Radcliffe (Aka the boy wizard Harry Potter) hit a grand slam with his similarly themed but far less reality grounded performance in Swiss Army Man (a severely overlooked and underrated film, easily the best of 2016), it’s a no-brainer that he was attracted to the script for director Greg McLean’s (Wolf Creek and his first 2017 film, The Belko Experiment) survivalist biopic Jungle, a genre feature about a tightknit band of close friends and a shady travel guide exploring uncharted Bolivian territory for pleasure, treasure, and a hidden Indian tribe. However, heading back to the
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‘The Saint’ VOD Review

Stars: Adam Rayner, Eliza Dushku, Roger Moore, James Remar, Thomas Kretschmann, Enrique Murciano, Sammi Hanratty, Kirsty Mitchell, Yani Gellman, Greg Grunberg, Beatrice Rosen, Ian Ogilvy, Alec Secareanu, Sonalii Castillo, Christopher Villiers | Written by Jesse Alexander, Tony Giglio | Directed by Ernie Barbarash

An expanded version of a failed TV pilot, whose first trailer debuted waaay back in 2013, this iteration of The Saint is already on the backfoot before it begins. You have a rejected pilot, “fixed” with reshoots, Twice(!) – which is why Ernie Barbarash is now the credited director and not Simon West (Con Air, Tomb Raider) who is now credited as Executive Producer instead – and featuring not one but Two previous Saints in the cast, Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy, just to remind you of how good both actors were in the role… Oh, and then there’s memories of the Val Kilmer movie to sour the audiences view
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Jungle Starring Daniel Radcliffe | In cinemas & on Demand 20th October

Daniel Radcliffe | Thomas Kretschmann Jungle In cinemas and on demand from 20th October 2017 The terrifying true story of one man’s 17-day fight for survival in the Amazon rainforest becomes a gripping cinematic event as Jungle arrives in cinemas and on demand from 20th October, 2017, courtesy of Signature Entertainment. Young Israeli Yossi Ghinsberg

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Daniel Radcliffe Goes Through Hell And High Water In First Jungle Clip

Post-Potter life has been fairly kind to Daniel Radcliffe.

From battling The Woman in Black to infiltrating a neo-Nazi sect in Imperium, not to mention the wholly irreverent Swiss Army Man, the former Boy Who Lived has consistently strayed outside his comfort zone in order to approach weird, wonderful, and often compelling roles. And Jungle is yet another quirky feather in Radcliffe’s hat.

Coming by way of horror veteran Greg McLean, who is perhaps best known for directing Wolf Creek, Rogue, and this year’s Battle Royale clone, The Belko Experiment, Jungle is the story of 22-year-old Israeli backpacker Yossi Ghinsberg. Flanked by his two best friends, Yossi embarks on what he believes will be the adventure of a lifetime, but the truth is much, much more. What follows is an intense fight for survival, and today’s newly-released clip documents a scene on the Jungle rapids.

Also starring Alex Russell,
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‘Jungle’ Rapids Kick the Crap Out of Daniel Radcliffe [Clip]

‘Jungle’ Rapids Kick the Crap Out of Daniel Radcliffe [Clip]
In this first clip from Jungle, star Daniel Radcliffe battles rapids as they beat the living shit out of him and his friends. The film was directed by horror veteran Greg McLean, best known for Wolf Creek, Rogue, and even The Belko Experiment. Alex Russell, Joel Jackson and Thomas Kretschmann also star. “In the early 1980s, 22-year-old Israeli backpacker Yossi Ghinsberg (Daniel […]
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