Movie Review: ‘Dorfman in Love’

In reviewing romantic comedies, one of the best descriptions of a movie is to call it as “cute.” It basically means that the movie is definitely not great, but one is trying really, really hard not to classify it as abysmal.

And with many people, the word “cute” is probably the best description for “Dorfman in Love.”

Dorfman in Love” follows a young woman named Deb Dorfman (played by Sara Rue), who has a crush on a handsome international news reporter Jay (played by Johann Urb). Jay gets an assignment to cover events in Afghanistan and Deb volunteers to babysit his cat and house sit his loft in Downtown Los Angeles.

As a girl from San Fernando Valley, she must adjust to the hustling fast lifestyle of Downtown Los Angeles with bars, night clubs and life in studio apartments. She eventually befriends a neighbor named Cookie (played by Haaz Slieman), who loves the promiscuous lifestyle.
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Dorfman in Love Movie Review

Dorfman in Love Movie Review
Title: Dorfman in Love Director: Bradley Leong Starring: Sara Rue, Elliott Gould, Jonathan Chase, Johann Urb, Haaz Sleiman, Keri Lynn Pratt, Sophie Monk, Hayley Marie Norman, Kelen Coleman, Scott Wilson Saddled with a terrible, clunky title and a programmatic narrative that represents a fairly unpersuasive blend of the familiar and contrived, Los Angeles-set indie romantic comedy “Dorfman in Love” connects most fitfully as a vehicle for the charms of star Sara Rue. Penned by Wendy Kout and directed by Bradley Leong, the big-hearted movie is a sort of “Bridget Jones’s Diary” by way of “(500) Days of Summer,” though without the apexes of cleverness and flair found in those films. It’s charming enough [ Read More ]

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Tjff 2012: ‘We Need to Talk About ‘Dorfman’


Directed by Bradley Leong

Written by Wendy Kout

USA, 2011

After her mother dies, Deb Dorfman (Sara Rue), a timid accountant, has to live with her perpetually grumpy father (Elliot Gould) in the San Fernando Valley. A hopeless romantic, Deb is irreparably enraptured with Jay (Johann Urb), her brother’s war-zone reporter friend.

When Jay needs someone to cat-sit while he’s doing a piece in Afghanistan, Deb jumps at the chance, moving into his flat in downtown Los Angeles where the city, and some of its inhabitants, become a catalyst for her metamorphosis.

Justin and Taegan discuss.

Taegan: Dorfman is really lighthearted, well intentioned and inoffensive. It has a lot of Jewish jokes, which is sometimes excluding. At the screening, people were laughing at jokes and words that completely went over my head. I can see why it’s featured at Tjff.

Justin: I felt pretty lukewarm about it.
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‘Dorfman’: World Premiere at 15th Annual Hollywood Film Festival – Oct. 21 Join us at the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Festival. The festival will kick off with the world premiere of ‘Dorfman’at the ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood.

Dorfman’ will premiere on Friday, October 21st at 7:00 p.m.

About ‘Dorfman’: In the vein of Bridget Jones’s Diary, this is an antic, romantic comedy about twenty-seven-year-old Deb Dorfman, a lovable doormat, who is uprooted from the beige comfort of the suburban San Fernando Valley and caught up in the kaleidoscopic whirlwind of a newly revitalized downtown La. In the course of one week, while hoping to win the heart of her unrequited love interest, Deb changes in ways she never thought possible. In discovering the renaissance downtown, Deb ignites a renaissance of her own and profoundly transforms both herself and those around her.

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