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Zarra’s Law DVD Review

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Zarra’s Law DVD Review
Title: Zarra’s Law Arc Entertainment Director: Juha Wuolijoki Writers: Joseph Scarpinito and Charles Kipps Cast: Brendan Fehr, Erin Cummings, Nick Sandow, Tony Sirico, Burt Young Running Time: 79 min, Rated R (language and violence) Special Features: Trailer Available January 13, 2015 Based on a True Story boasts the theatrical trailer. It’s the story of Tony Zarra(Tony Sirico), a retired cop who is mourning the death of his brother two years later. His lawyer nephew Gaetano (Brendan Fehr) comes to town to visit is uncle and grandma (Renee Taylor) and is shocked by Tony to hear that his father’s alleged killer is getting out of prison after only two years. He [ Read More ]

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Exclusive: Zarra’s Law Clip Tells the Story of Family Guns

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Exclusive: Zarra’s Law Clip Tells the Story of Family Guns
“Zarra’s Law,” a crime drama that stars “The Sopranos” and “Goodfellas” star Tony Sirico, will come to DVD and VOD Tuesday and for all of our crime drama fans, we have an exclusive clip from the film. The film features one of the pivotal family moments in the film; a discussion about how the danger of a gun depends on the gun’s owner. Check it out below the post. Along with Sirico, “Zarra’s law” stars Brendan Fehr (“The Night Shift,” “Roswell”), Erin Cummings (“The Iceman”), Nick Sandow (“Orange is the New Black”) and Burt Young (“Rocky” franchise). The film is written by Jospeh Scarpinito and Charles Kipps and directed by [ Read More ]

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Real Housewife of New Jersey's Real Book, Real Crimes

If you're looking to get your hands on that book made famous by The Real Housewives of New Jersey's vixen Danielle Staub, you'd better be willing to shell out some serious dough. The out-of-print tome, Cop Without a Badge: The Extraordinary Undercover Life of Kevin Maher, is now selling for upwards of $760! "Danielle's become a star," author Charles Kipps tells E! News exclusively. "People seem not to be able to get enough. It's really been a real frenzy." The Bravo series' star is included in the book under her former name, Beverly Ann Merrill. The story is about police informant Kevin Maher, Staub's ex-husband, and details her involvement in a kidnapping and...
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Fat Albert

A fondly remembered staple of '70s Saturday morning TV viewing, "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids" moves on up to the big screen after years of resistance from its creator and provider of many of the character voices, Bill Cosby.

Perhaps Mr. Cosby should have stuck to those initial instincts.

An awkward blend of live action and animation, "Fat Albert", with "Saturday Night Live" regular Kenan Thompson fat-suiting up for the title role, gets crushed under lumbering direction by "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" director Joel Zwick and message-heavy (even more than the original) dialogue that effectively suffocates any bits of fun trying to poke through.

The out-of-balance results will be felt at the boxoffice -- there's so little incentive for repeat viewing -- but with so many other kid-appropriate movies already essentially played out prior to the holidays, parents of younger ones might prefer "Albert"'s candy-colored allure to the darker recesses of a "Lemony Snicket".

Sharing the screenwriting with Charles Kipps, Bill -- or William H. Cosby Jr. as he's credited here -- brings his characters into the real world through a tear-stained portal that takes them from their animated North Philly neighborhood directly through a TV screen and into the live-action North Philly neighborhood inhabited by Doris (Kyla Pratt), a morose, lonely teen that Fat Albert and his posse are determined to help.

Realizing that hanging around with oddly dressed guys with names like Mushmouth (Jermaine Williams), Old Weird Harold (Aaron A. Frazier) and Dumb Donald (Marques B. Houston) aren't exactly going to help her high school social life, Doris is anxious to send them back into TV Land, but the portal won't be reopening until their show airs again the next day.

So the old school characters are introduced to cell phones and laptops in addition to flesh-and-blood babes, like Doris' foster sister Lauri (Dania Ramirez), with whom Fat Albert is instantly smitten.

And time is quickly running out as Albert and the gang find themselves literally fading away in their new surroundings, and they still haven't been able to help Doris with her self-esteem issues.

They're not the only ones fading fast.

Squandering comic opportunities at every turn, the film is content to adhere to a mantra of "when in doubt, dance" rather than finding any clever entertaining ways to punctuate the prolonged moralizing.

But there are only so many times Al Can shake his stuff like a big old bowl of Jell-O before the audience begins to get restless.

While Thompson and the young cast are amiable enough, there just isn't all that much for them to do other than walk up and down the Paramount and Culver Studios backlots, stopping on more than one occasion in front of a video store with a poster in the window advertising the arrival of the original Fat Albert cartoons on DVD.

That would be your better deal.

Fat Albert

20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox presents a Davis Entertainment Co./SAH Enterprises, Inc. production

Director: Joel Zwick

Producer: John Davis

Screenwriters: William H. Cosby Jr. & Charles Kipps

Executive producers: William H. Cosby Jr., Camille O. Cosby

Director of photography: Paul Elliott

Production designer: Nina Ruscio

Editor: Tony Lombardo

Costume designer: Francine Jamison-Tanchuck

Music: Richard Gibbs


Fat Albert: Kenan Thompson

Doris: Kyla Pratt

Reggie: Omari Grandberrry

Voice of Danielle: Raven-Symone

Mushmouth: Jermaine Williams

Old Weird Harold: Aaron A. Frazier

Voice of Russell: Jeremy Suarez

Bill: Keith D. Robinson

Lauri: Dania Ramirez

Dumb Donald: Marques B. Houston

Rudy: Shedrack Anderson III

Bucky: Alphonso McAuley

Arthur: J. Mack Slaughter.

MPAA rating: PG

Running time: 93 minutes

Zwick adding 'Fat' to his diet

Zwick adding 'Fat' to his diet
My Big Fat Greek Wedding helmer Joel Zwick is in talks to direct Fat Albert, a live-action feature based on the famed '70s cartoon for 20th Century Fox. Bill Cosby and studio-based John Davis are producing the project, which follows Fat Albert and his posse of friends, who come to life when they walk out of the cartoon and into the real world. Cosby and Charles Kipps wrote the original draft of the screenplay, which is inspired by Cosby's long-running CBS cartoon Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. Zwick's arrival to the project comes just more than a year after preproduction on Albert began, originally with Forest Whitaker directing and Omar Benson Miller starring in the title role. However, the project came to an abrupt halt over a conflict of visions between Cosby and Whitaker (HR 4/5/02). At this point, no actors are on board. Zwick is repped by Irv Schechter Co.

Nick at Nite joins Cosby to deliver ani 'Fatherhood'

After 17 years of showcasing TV classics, Nickelodeon's Nick at Nite primetime program block will serve up its first original series production this year with an animated family friendly vehicle based on Bill Cosby's best-selling 1986 book Fatherhood. Nick at Nite has ordered seven half-hour episodes of Fatherhood, which is expected to premiere in December. The series will feature the voice of actor David Alan Grier as the central character, Dr. Bindlebeep, a high school teacher and father of three. Cosby, who will executive produce the series along with Charles Kipps and David Brokaw, said the project marks the completion of a trilogy of animated Cosby creations that started in the mid-1970s with CBS' Saturday-morning hit Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and continued in the late 1990s with Little Bill, a semiautobiographical series that currently airs on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. preschooler block.

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