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  • (1920 - 1933) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • Florodora (1920). Musical comedy. Music by Leslie Stuart. Book by Owen Hall. Lyrics by Ernest Boyd-Jones and Paul Rubens. Revised by Harry B. Smith. Featuring songs with lyrics by Frank A. Clement and George Arthurs. Musical Director: Charles Drury. Musical Staging by Allan K. Foster and Lewis Hooper. Directed by Lewis Morton. Century Theatre: 5 Apr 1920- 14 Aug 1920 (150 performances). Cast: Margaret Adair (as "Chorus"), Helen Adams (as "Chorus"), Billie Andrews (as "Chorus"), Anna Berg (as "Chorus"), Nace Bonville (as "Leandro"), Olive Channing (as "Chorus"), Lewis Christy (as "Allen"), Blue Cloud (as "Chorus"), Betty Dair (as "Chorus"), Beatrice Darling (as "Chorus"), Elizabeth Darling (as "Chorus"), Muriel De Forest (as "Valeda"), Bernice Dewey (as "Chorus"), Frances Dunlap (as "Chorus"), George Ellison (as "Langdale"), Ellen Este (as "Chorus"), Fay Evelyn (as "Mabel"), Harry Fender (as "Captain Arthur Donegal"), Perle Germonde (as "Paquita"), Vera Gibson (as "Chorus"), Margaret Grace (as "Chorus"), Natalie Graves (as "Chorus"), Eleanora Grover (as "Chorus"), Elaine Hall (as "Chorus"), George Hassell (as "Anthony Tweedlepunch"), Ruth Hervey (as "Chorus"), Peggy Holmes (as "Chorus"), Allen C. Jenkins (as "Scott"), Dorothy Johnson (as "Chorus"), June Kellard (as "Chorus"), Margot Kelly (as "Angela Gilfain"), Hannah Krum (as "Chorus"), Imelda LaMorte (as "Chorus"), Estelle Langner (as "Chorus"), Madeline Laurell (as "Chorus"), Dorothy Leeds (as "Bernice"), William Lillite (as "Grogan"), Muriel Lodge (as "Daisy"), Jacqueline Logan (as "Chorus") [Broadway debut], Ethel Loris (as "Chorus"), Camilla Lyon (as "Chorus"), Christie MacDonald (as "Lady Hollyrood"), Minor McLain (as "Pym"), Lucius Metz (as "Symes"), Mona Mode (as "Chorus"), Gypsy Mooney (as "Chorus"), John T. Murray (as "Cyrus Gilfain"), Helen O'Day (as "Chorus"), Idamae Oderlin (as "Chorus"), Eleanor Painter (as "Dolores"), Betty Palmer (as "Chorus"), Madelene Richers (as "Chorus"), Edna Rodet (as "Chorus"), Isabelle Rodrigues (as "Juanita"), Helen Sovrani (as "Chorus"), Trixie Stegman (as "Chorus"), Rheba Stewart (as "Chorus"), Bunny Stuart (as "Chorus"), Beatrice Swanson (as "Lucille"), Marcella Swenson (as "Alice"), Dama Sykes (as "Claire"), Adelina Thomason (as "Chorus"), Leila Von Holk (as "Chorus"), Elizabeth Walsh (as "Chorus"), Helen Weber (as "Chorus"), Marie Wells (as "Marquita"), Walter Woolf King [credited as Walter Woolf] (as "Frank Abercoed") [Broadway debut], Hilda Wright (as "Chorus"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • The Midnight Rounders of 1920 (1920). Musical revue.
  • The Last Waltz (1921). Musical/operetta.
  • The Lady in Ermine (1922). Musical. Book by Frederick Lonsdale and Cyrus Wood. Music by Jean Gilbert and Alfred Goodman. Lyrics by Harry Graham and Cyrus Wood. Based on the operette by Rudolph Schanzer and Ernest Welisch. Musical Director: Oscar Bradley. Choreographed by Jack Mason and Allan K. Foster. Production Supervised by J.J. Shubert. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by Mme. Routon. Directed by Charles Sinclair. Ambassador Theatre (moved to The Century Theatre from 29 Jan 1923- close): 2 Oct 1922- 21 Apr 1923 (238 performances). Cast: Wilma Ansell (as "Ballet Girl"), Leon Bartels (as "Ensemble"), Wilda Bennett (as "Mariana"), William Birdie (as "Ensemble"), Gladys Bryant (as "Ballet Girl"), Arthur C. Budd (as "Ensemble"), Marie Burke (as "Sophia Lavalle"), Robert Calley (as "Count Isolani"), Virginia Calmer (as "Ensemble"), Irene Comer (as "Ballet Girl"), Timothy Daley (as "Major Stogan"), Lenora D'Arcy (as "Ensemble"), Frank DeNoble (as "Ensemble"), George Elliott (as "Ensemble"), Neil Evans (as "Count Busoni"), Donald Failes (as "Ensemble"), Lola Fellegi (as "Ballet Girl"), Tara Fellegi (as "Ensemble"), Henry Fender (as "Count Adrian Beltrami"), Viola Ford (as "Show Girl"), Jean Gibson (as "Ensemble"), Anna Gordon (as "Ballet Girl"), Clair Hart (as "Ensemble"), Charles Hartvary (as "Ensemble"), Virginia Ice (as "Ballet Girl"), Marty Jacobs (as "Ensemble"), Marie Joyce (as "Ballet Girl"), Jeanne Jurad (as "Ballet Girl"), Richard Kimball (as "Ensemble"), Louise Lancaster (as "Ensemble"), Elmira Lane (as "Ensemble"), Marjorie Lane (as "Ballet Girl"), Zella Lenney (as "Show Girl"), Sabina Loeb (as "Ballet Girl"), Dorothy Lubow (as "Ballet Girl"), Alice Mack (as "Ballet Girl"), Larry Mack (as "Ensemble"), Ignacio Martinetti (as "Baron Sprotti-Sprotti"), Estelle Mason (as "Ballet Girl"), Wayne Mattson (as "Ensemble"), Margaret McKay (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Mills (as "Ensemble"), Murray Minehart (as "Mirko/Ensemble"), Anita Miramar (as "Ensemble"), Gladys Montgomery (as "Show Girl"), John Myrtle (as "Ensemble"), George O'Donnell (as "Ensemble"), William O'Neal (as "Ensemble"), Teddy Piper (as "Ensemble"), Ruby Poe (as "Ballet Girl"), Detmar Poppen (as "Dostal"), Peggy Radford (as "Show Girl"), Nan Rainsford Show Girl"), Helen Shipman (as "Rosina"), Emily Slater (as "Ballet Girl"), June Stone (as "Ballet Girl"), Paula Tully (as "Show Girl"), Irene Vernon (as "Ensemble"), Barbara Walton (as "Ensemble"), Gladys Walton (as "Angelina"), Walter Woolf King [credited as Walter Woolf' (as "Colonel Belovar"), Robert Woolsey (as "Suitangi"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • The Passing Show of 1923 (1923). Musical revue. Music by Sigmund Romberg and Jean Schwartz. Book by Harold Atteridge. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director: Alfred Goodman. Additional lyrics by Cyrus Wood. Additional music by Jay Gorney [earliest Broadway credit]. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by Paul Arlington. Directed by J.C. Huffman, under the supervision of Jacob J. Shubert. Choreographed by Allan K. Foster. Winter Garden Theatre: 14 Jun 1923- 15 Sep 1923 (118 performances). Cast: Martha Albert, Olive Ann Alcorn, Phil Baker, Betty Benton, Frank Bernard, William Birdie, Dorothy Bruce, Lloyd Byron, Nancy Carroll, Theresa Carroll, Neil Courtney, Roy Cummings, Roy Cunningham, Louise Dose, Doris Downes, Josephine Drake, Loretta Duffy, Christine Ecklund, Dolores Edwards, Flanagan & Morrison, George Ford, Elsie Frank, Perle Germonde, Bob Gilbert, Jeannette Gilmore, Cassie Godfrey, Paula Greenlee, Harriet Gustin, Jack Hall, James Hamilton, Ruth Hamilton, George Hassell, Joan Hay, Helen Herendeen, George Jessel, Andy Jochim, Ethel Kenyon, Olive King, Vera King, Rose Lee, Bobby Lester, Libby & Sparrow, Peggy Lockwood, Ann Lowenworth, Francis X. Mahoney, Gladys Marston, Rose Mary Marston, Elsie May, Ladas May, Bobbie McCree, Belle McLaughlin, Nat Nazarro Jr., Bob Nelson, Sidney Nelson, Tom Nip, Barnett Parker, Edith Pierce, William Pringle, Fay Reed, Jack E. Rice, Vera Ross, Norma Rossiter, Rose Sarro, Muriel Seely, Billie Shaw, Helen Shipman, Orilla Smith, Mildred Soper, Jean Steele, Virginia Sullivan, Marja Talwyn, The Trado Twins, Hal Van Renssalaer, Dorothy Vance, Alice Velour, Viola Votrouba, Billy Wagner, Joseph Wagstaff, James Watts, Dolly Wegman, Alice Wheeler, James White, Florence Wilde, Walter Woolf King [credited as Walter Woolf]. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1924) Stage Play: The Dream Girl. Musical.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Artists and Models. Musical revue. Music by Alfred Goodman, J. Fred Coots, Maurice Ruebens [credited as Maurice Rubens] and Sigmund Romberg. Book by Harold Atteridge and Harry Wagstaff Gribble. Lyrics by Clifford Grey. Music orchestrated by Emil Gerstenberger. Musical Director: Oscar Bradley. Choreographed by Jack Haskell and Gertrude Hoffman [credited as Gertrude Hoffmann]. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by Erté and George Barbier. Directed by J.J. Shubert and Alexander Leftwich. Winter Garden Theatre: 24 Jun 1925- 7 May 1926 (416 performances). Cast: May Alexander, Al Allison, Herbert Ashton, Yvonne Bacon, Phil Baker, Leon Barte, Leon Bartels, Louise Blackburn, Jay Brennan, Murray Browne, Dorothy Burnell, Joseph Caits, Louis Caits, Grace Cantrell, Thelma Carlton, Jane Carroll, Marion Case, Gloria Christy, Teddy Claire, Morine Clarke, Herbert Corthell, Arthur Craig, Eileen Culshaw, Marguerite Dalby, Claire de Figaniere, Patricia DeLong, Ferral Dewees, Billy DeWolf, Jane Dobbin, Mildred Douglas, Dorothy Drum, Pudgie Duker, Dottie Ellis, Jean English, Mildred Espy, Alberta Faust, Miriam Fine, Harriet Fowler, Helene Frederic, Catherine Gallimore, Janice Glenn, Gladys Granzow, Sarah Granzow, Toots Gregory, Florence Gunther, Joe Higgins, Shari Hockman, Llora Hoffman, Margie Hoffman, Gertrude Hoffman Girls, Dorothy Hordern, Sunshine Jarrman, Andrew Joachim, May Judels, Kathleen Karr, Thelma Kay, John Kenny, Mary Kissell, Emma Kleigge, Florence Kolinsky, Ada Landis, Betty Lawrence, Alice MacDonald, Aline MacMahon, Carol Maybury, Lulu McConnell, Billy McKay, Margaret McKay, Margaret Merle, Margie Minor, Maxine Morton, Helen Murray, Evelyn Nelson, Jack Oakie [final Broadway role], Gene Owens, Agatha Phillips, Frank Phillips, Florence Quinn, Stanley Rogers, George Rosener, Marion Ross, Agnes Schroeder, Sid Silvers, Margaret Sloan, Charlotte Suddath, Jacquelin Surprise, Beatrice Swanson, Penn Thornton, Peggy Timmons, Eric Titus, Katrina Trask, Billy B. Van, Dorothy Van Heft, Lew Walker, June Wall, Gene Wallin, Dorothy Weber, Eleanor Willems, Frances Willems, Minerva Wilson, Walter Woolf King [credited as Walter Woolf], Ruth Zackey. Replacement actor: Al Jolson [from 21 Mar 1926- ?]. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1926) Stage Play: Countess Maritza. Musical/operetta. Music by Emmerich Kálmán. Book by Julius Brammer and Alfred Grünwald. Lyrics by Julius Brammer and Alfred Grunwald. Lyrics adapted by Harry B. Smith. Directed by J.J. Shubert. Shubert Theatre: 18 Sep 1926- 25 Jun 1927 (321 performances). Cast: Hugh Chilvers (as "Tscheko"), Yvonne D'Arle (as "Countess Maritza"), Florence Edney (as "Princess Bozena Klopensheim"), Arthur Geary (as "Lazlo"), Vivian Hart (as "Lisa"), George Hassell (as "Prince Populescu"), Louis E. Miller (as "Bela Torek"), Harry K. Morton (as "Zingo"), Odette Myrtil (as "Manja"), Marjorie Peterson (as "Freda"), Carl Randall (as "Baron Koloman Szupan"), Arthur Rogers (as "Nepomuk"), Frank Sinnott (as "Servant"), C.H. Tolman (as "First Officer"), Nathaniel Wagner (as "Stefan"), Walter Woolf King (as "Count Tassilo Endrody"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1928) Stage Play: The Red Robe.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Ladies All. Comedy. Written by Prince Bibesco. Adapted by Elmer Harris. Morosco Theatre (moved to The Bijou Theatre on 20 Oct 1930 to close): 28 Jul 1930- 13 Dec 1930 (140 performances). Cast: May Collins (as "Ann"), William David (as "James"), Preston Foster (as "Chic"), Germaine Giroux (as "Julie"), Violet Heming (as "Nancy"), Walter Woolf King (as "Bob").

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