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Quentin Tarantino’s 9 Strangest and Most Surprising Movie Projects

Quentin Tarantino’s 9 Strangest and Most Surprising Movie Projects
When you think of Quentin Tarantino, classic films like “Reservoir Dogs,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “Django Unchained” certainly come to mind. But what about the critically reviled “Saturday Night Live” sketch adaptation “It’s Pat”? Or the Michael Bay Alcatraz action movie “The Rock”? Tarantino’s fingerprints have been all over the movies ever since his breakout debut in 1992, and some of his projects are way more bizarre than others.

Read More:Quentin Tarantino Wants Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence For New Movie, And They Shouldn’t Resist

The director is currently getting together his ninth feature, which will be his penultimate effort behind the camera if his retirement talks are to be believed. Sources say Tarantino is putting together a drama involving the Manson family murders and that he’s eyeing Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence to star. As the filmmakers looks to the future for his next project, we
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Sleep with Me: DVD review

Rory Kelly's feature debut, Sleep With Me, boasts an impressive cast and looks good on paper but there's a reason that this 1994 movie is only just coming to DVD. The idea of having six writers scribing different scenes is an interesting one and brave for a first-time feature director. The inclusion of a substantial Quentin Tarantino cameo theoretically raises the street-cred of this mid-90s flick, but unfortunately fails to make the film stand out.

A road-movie opening clearly indicates two friends are desperately competing for one girl's affections until Sarah marries Joseph, leaving Frank to dangerously reflect. Kelly then uses black-and-white video recordings of friends' best wishes on the eve of their wedding, black and white camcorded footage of a pool party and eight unequal titled sections to tell this tale of lust, rivalry and jealousy.
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In the Works: "The End of Something" Begins, No More Depression and "Karate Kid" with Swords

In the Works:
This week’s profiles of projects in various stages of production spotlights one of the films to be featured at Independent Film Project's (Ifp) Independent Film Week September 19-23, "The End of Something," from up-and-coming producer Mynette Louie and directed by Rory Kelly. Other projects include a documentary about a scientist trying to put an end to slash-and-burn farming in the tropics, a thriller about a peeping tom, an "Eternal Sunshine"-esque film ...
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Lucky 8 Added to Film Independent's 2009 Screenwriting Lab Edition

  • Apparently Sundance isn't the only kid on the block for Screenwriting Labs, Film Independent (the non-profit arts organization that produces the Spirit Awards and Los Angeles Film Festival) have announced eight lucky projects that get to take part in “an intensive five-week incubator designed to help writers improve their craft, and take their current scripts to the next level in a nurturing, yet challenging creative environment.”The eight participants (see after the jump) will be mentored by The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys' producer Meg LeFauveMeg LeFauve
[/link] will be joined by guest speakers: Allison Anders (pre-prod with Smile Now Cry Later) , Shauna Cross (wrote the novel and screenplay for Whip It!), Rodrigo Garcia (Mother and Child is having its world preem at Tiff), Dito Montiel (in pre-prod with The Brotherhood of the Rose), Kay Schaber-Wolf, Michael Sucsy (in pre-prod with The Goree Girls), and Ligiah Villalobos (scribe for La misma
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Film Independent selects 8 projects

Film Independent, the L.A.-based indie film organization, has selected eight projects for its 19th annual Screenwriters Lab, sponsored by the WGA West, which runs through Sept. 16.

The lab is a five-week incubator designed to help writers improve their craft, and take their current scripts to the next level. Screenwriter and producer Meg LeFauve returns as this year's Lab Instructor, and Lab Mentors and Guest Speakers include Allison Anders, Shauna Cross, Rodrigo Garcia, Dito Montiel, Kay Schaber-Wolf, Michael Sucsy, and Ligiah Villalobos.

The 2009 Screenwriters Lab participants and projects are:

"El Flaco," written by Jeff Seymann

"The End of Something," Rory Kelly and Tim McCarthy

"Grievous Angel," Jessica Hundley

"Gringita," Monica Bider

 Future Weather, Jenny Deller

"I Am Not Werner Ernhard ," Steven Schardt

"The Prettiest Girl," Sasha Isaac-Young

"Touchback," Philip Flores
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Film Independent Announces 2009 Screenwriter’s Lab Participants

If you’re an aspiring screenwriter which, let’s face it, you may be, one way to break into the “business” is through a lab where you work with established mentors and advisers on honing your work and getting it in the hands of the right people. One of the most prestigious and famous of these labs is the one sponsored by Film Independent, a non-profit group dedicated to fostering and nurturing creativity that also produces the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Spirit Awards.

Today, they’ve announced a new group of writers who will participate in this year’s lab. Here’s all the info about the lucky 9 participants from the official press release.

Film Independent, the non-profit arts organization that produces the Spirit Awards and Los Angeles Film Festival, has announced the screenwriters and film projects selected for its 10th annual Screenwriters Lab, sponsored by the Writers Guild of America,
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Film review: 'Some Girls'

Film review: 'Some Girls'
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Director Rory Kelly's ("Sleep With Me") second feature deals with young people in L.A. and their dysfunctional romantic relationships -- not exactly a fresh topic on the indie scene these days.

But some funny dialogue and appealing performances by a top-flight cast of up-and-comers make "Some Girls" a sporadically engaging experience. It was recently showcased at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

Marissa Ribisi, who also co-wrote the script, plays the central role of Claire, a vibrant redheaded poet looking for that most elusive of commodities, unconditional love. She thinks she may have found it with Chad Jeremy Sisto), a good-looking actor with a particularly seductive bedroom technique. Unfortunately, according to Claire's friend April (Juliette Lewis), "Chads are bad news".

April herself is particularly screwed up, engaging in a series of one-night stands despite having a steady boyfriend (Michael Rapaport) who dotes on her. He's so agreeable, in fact, that she calls him to pick her up from various men's apartments. She's the type of woman who suffers head injuries from bedposts.

Other characters in the romantic roundelay include Suzanne (Kristin Dattilo), a struggling artist; Jason (Giovanni Ribisi), Claire's geeky younger brother; and the older, unattainable woman he has the hots for, Jenn (Pamela Segall), a rock music promoter.

The rambling screenplay mainly serves as an excuse for a series of alternately comic and woeful conversations about the difficulties of love and contains what must be the thousandth scene in recent years in which young woman discuss the intricacies of performing oral sex. This educational theme is further explored in another, more inventive scene in which Jason details the inner workings of female sex organs using a piece of carved fruit.

"Some Girls" suffers from an occasional preciousness and a tendency toward pretension, and its characters engage in some questionable behavior for a comedy; to get revenge on her cheating boyfriend, for example, Claire sets fire to his house, an act treated here in alarmingly lighthearted fashion. But, thanks to the incisive performances by the talented cast, the characters by the film's end will have gotten under your skin in a way you may not have anticipated.


Millennium Films

in association with Nu Image

Director: Rory Kelly

Screenplay: Brie Shaffer, Marissa Ribisi

Producers: Abra Edleman, Gay Ribisi, Boaz Davidson

Executive producers: Avi Lerner, Danny Dimbort, Trevor Short, John Thompson

Director of photography: Amy Vincent

Editor: Melissa Kent

Original score: Jim Goodwin, Dave Resnik



April: Juliette Lewis

Paul: Michael Rapaport

Jason: Giovanni Ribisi

Chad: Jeremy Sisto

Claire: Marissa Ribisi

Jenn: Pamela Segall

Suzanne: Kristin Dattilo

Running time -- 91 minutes

No MPAA rating

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