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New to Streaming: ‘Brawl in Cell Block 99,’ ‘The Meyerowitz Stories,’ ‘War for the Planet of the Apes,’ and More

With a seemingly endless amount of streaming options — not only the titles at our disposal, but services themselves — we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight the titles that have recently hit platforms. Every week, one will be able to see the cream of the crop (or perhaps some simply interesting picks) of streaming titles (new and old) across platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and more (note: U.S. only). Check out our rundown for this week’s selections below.

78/52 (Alexandre Philippe)

There’s been documentaries that analyze entire cinematic movements, directors, actors, writers, specific films, and more aspects of filmmaking, but it’s rare to see a feature film devoted to a single scene. With 78/52, if the clunky title addition didn’t tell you already, it explores the infamous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho with exacting precision and depth. Featuring interviews with Jamie Lee Curtis, Guillermo del Toro,
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The 7 Best Movies Coming to Netflix in October 2017

The 7 Best Movies Coming to Netflix in October 2017
For movie lovers, October is the gloriously ghoulish time of year when we celebrate one kind of film above all others. That’s right: Biting comedies about dysfunctional New York Jews who finally decide to air their grievances after decades of resentment! Um… well, maybe Netflix didn’t get the memo. It’s not as though the streaming service isn’t scaring up some choice horror titles in time for Halloween (don’t miss “Raw” or “The Cult of Chucky”), but most of the month’s big new additions aren’t exactly in season.

Case in point: The splashiest arrival is a Noah Baumbach film, and it’s safe to say that “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)” is considerably less frightening than any of the Adam Sandler comedies that Netflix has brought to you before. On the other hand, it’s true that movies can terrify you in a
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Audiences Hate Jennifer Lawrence's New Movie Mother!

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Audiences Hate Jennifer Lawrence's New Movie Mother!
Moviegoers are having very negative reactions to Jennifer Lawrence's latest movie, Mother!, according to CinemaScore, which currently has the movie at an F rating. The Darren Aronofsky directed movie has been getting trashed by audiences, but praised by critics, leading to a huge divide between audience and critic with the polarized reviews. Could it be that moviegoers are beginning a backlash against Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence is an acclaimed, Academy Award winning actress who was once the highest paid actress in the world two years ago. The 27-year old actress can pretty much do whatever she wants, but it's beginning to look like her fans do not want to see her in horror movies. 2012's House at the End of the Street was panned by critics and is seen as a commercial failure when compared to Lawrence's other work, which still earned a lot of money and was in
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Frightfest 2017: ‘Nightworld’ Review

Stars: Jason London, Lorina Kamburova, Robert Englund, Gianni Capaldi, Diana Lyubenova | Written by Loris Curci, Dimitar Hristov, Barry Keating, Milan Konjevic | Directed by Patricio Valadares

As the camera swoops over a chilly boreal wilderness, and Luc Suarez’s brooding music evokes an air of intrigue and menace, it seems like we’re onto a winner. And look, there’s Robert Englund in the credits! That’s a sign of quality, right?

Jason London plays Brett Anderson – an ex-cop rather than an ex-Suede frontman – who is having nightmares about his dead wife, Ana (Diana Lyubenova). So naturally he moves to the Bulgarian capital Sofia and becomes a security camera operative in a creepy basement. A man named Martin (Gianni Capaldi) runs the building on behalf of a shadowy organisation. Brett is kept in the dark about what the organisation actually does – and also about what might be skulking in the giant
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Film Review: Nat Wolff in ‘Death Note’ on Netflix

Film Review: Nat Wolff in ‘Death Note’ on Netflix
Manga fans already know the drill, but for the sake of newcomers, Netflix’s new “Death Note” adaptation refreshes the story of a sinister leather-bound book that gives its keeper the power to kill anyone on earth, simply by writing that person’s name and the desired cause of death in its pages. The book comes with a crazy number of rules, dizzyingly complicated to keep straight, and also with a freaky death god named Ryuk, who looks like a demonic, Tim Burton-ized version of Willem Dafoe (so it stands to reason that they cast Willem Dafoe to play him).

As wish fulfillment goes, “Death Note” is about as dark as it gets, indulging the fantasy of taking bloody vengeance on the high school bully, or punishing the sleazy local crime boss who murdered your mom (perhaps a bit less typical, in terms of your average teen grudge). But there’s a sinister appeal there, especially
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Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk' to play at Galway Film Fleadh

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Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk' to play at Galway Film Fleadh
Irish festival reveals 2017 line-up.

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk will have its Irish premiere as part of this year’s Galway Film Fleadh in Ireland.

The Second World War drama will play on Galway’s final day, July 16. The festival will open with Pat CollinsSong Of Granite on July 11.

The festival’s 2017 line-up was revealed by director of programming Gar O’Brien at a news conference in Galway on Tuesday evening (July 27).

Having its world premiere in Galway will be the latest feature from Irish director Gerard Barrett, whose credits include Brain On Fire and Glassland. Produced with his regular collaborator Grainne O’Sullivan, Barrett’s new film Limbo chronicles 24 hours in the life of a young Irish mother and child as they battle homelessness. Barrett will also be in attendance.

Also having its world premiere in Galway will be director Frank Berry’s third feature, Michael Inside.

Having their Irish premieres are Sundance hit God’s Own
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The Best Movies About the End of the World, From ‘Melancholia’ to ‘Dr. Strangelove’

The Best Movies About the End of the World, From ‘Melancholia’ to ‘Dr. Strangelove’
Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of film and TV critics two questions and publishes the results on Monday. (The answer to the second, “What is the best film in theaters right now?”, can be found at the end of this post.)

This week’s question: Apropos of absolutely nothing (and definitely not in response to a certain world leader taking disastrous steps towards dooming the environment of the only inhabitable planet we have), what is the best film about the end of the world?

Erin Whitney (@Cinemabite), ScreenCrush

It’s a hard tie between “Melancholia” and “Take Shelter.” One is a devastating meditation on depression, isolation and death, and the other is a dramatic masterpiece that evokes the dread and anxiety of a looming end. They’re very different films (and coincidentally opened within months of each other), but both end on final shots that left me breathless.
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Cannes 2017: ‘The Square’, Sofia Coppola, and Joaquin Phoenix Take Top Prizes

While the films that have been adorned with major accolades at the Cannes Film Festival have rarely proven to be classics in the mainstream, most of the honorees have enjoyed at least a measure of critical love upon release. This is to say that the Palme d'Or and the Grand Prix don't really have any bearing on the business side of moviemaking but are considered genuinely substantial for many filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, and producers. Then again, this would be the place where David Lynch's Fire Walk With Me and Richard Kelly's Southland Tales, two of the …
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Check out the outstanding Chicago Critics Film Festival lineup and its guest appearances

It goes without saying that Flickering Myth is primarily a UK based multimedia website, but Chicago is also quickly becoming our second home so to speak. As a critic writing for this site coming up on three years now, it is truly an honor to be a part of the Chicago Critics Film Festival for the first time alongside its fifth year running. Naturally, we would like as many of our Midwest American readers as possible to come out for the slate of awesome film premieres, retro showings, documentaries, and shorts, some of which feature special guests.

Kicking things off will be raunchy nun comedy The Little Hours complete with Aubrey Plaza and more in attendance, while David Lowery’s (Pete’s Dragon, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints) artistic look at time and loss in A Ghost Story will close out the festivities. Emanating from the historic Music Box Theatre
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Adjust Your Tracking Talks Richard Kelly, ‘Southland Tales’ & The New ‘Donnie Darko’ Blu-Ray [Podcast]

On this archival episode of Adjust Your Tracking, Joe and I discuss the bizarre career (so far) of director Richard Kelly, specifically focusing on his first two features, “Donnie Darko” (recently getting a new blu-ray release from Arrow Video) and “Southland Tales.”

Listen To: Ayt talks about “Lost City Of Z,” “Free Fire” & “David Lynch: The Art Life

All episodes of Adjust Your Tracking are part of The Playlist Podcast Network and can be found on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher.

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Dwayne Johnson Isn’t Your Average Superstar: How The Rock Has Built a Career With Smart Choices

Dwayne Johnson Isn’t Your Average Superstar: How The Rock Has Built a Career With Smart Choices
Like most famous people, Dwayne Johnson’s Wikipedia page includes a nifty sidebar that includes bare bones facts, like birthday and age, with a couple of lines reserved for “occupation.” Johnson’s “occupation” line is almost amusingly slim — it simply reads, “Actor, producer, singer, professional wrestler,” which is an understated way of saying “this guy does a lot.” And it doesn’t even mention his best-selling memoir, or his charity work, and “professional wrestler” hardly indicates the tremendous success he’s had in the ring.

And “actor”? That’s a very concise tribute to his blockbuster career on the big screen, one that’s amounted to dozens of credits and an estimated lifetime box office gross (domestic only!) that totals over $2.7 billion. With Johnson toplining the early summer’s biggest hit so far, the box office-dominating “Fate of the Furious” and a non-stop barrage of other features on the way,
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10+ Years Later: Southland Tales Captured a Fascinating Moment In America

In 2006, Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales premiered to thunderous jeer at the Cannes Film Festival. Eighteen months later, an edited version quietly limped into a handful of cinemas without so much as a whisper of marketing. Judged as the very definition of sophomore slump by a (near) consensus of print critics, Southland Tales never achieved the miraculous comeback of Kelly’s debut feature, Donnie Darko, which as of this moment is in the midst of a glossy remastering and re-release in cinemas. So here we are in 2017, a decade after Southland Tales ended with both a bang and a whimper. This column aims to look with fresh eyes at the film labelled as "a slow-paced, bloated and self-indulgent picture,” by The Hollywood...

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Donnie Darko

Many weird-world genre bending millennial epics have already dated badly, but not Richard Kelly’s sci-fi / horror / satirical mind-trip about a guy given a glimpse of time travel in another dimension. The wit hasn’t faded and the menace hasn’t cooled, and the cast seems hipper than ever: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Mary McDonnell, Patrick Swayze, Noah Wyle, Drew Barrymore, Katharine Ross. Two versions, two formats, no waiting.

Donnie Darko

Blu-ray + DVD

Arrow Video USA

2001 / Color / 2:35 widescreen / 113, 133 min. / Street Date April 18, 2017 / ( 4-Disc Limited Edition) / Available from Arrow Video 49.95

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Holmes Osborne, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Mary McDonnell, Patrick Swayze, Jena Malone, Noah Wyle, Drew Barrymore, Katharine Ross.

Cinematography: Steven Poster

Production Design: Alexander Hammond

Film Editors: Sam Bauer, Eric Strand

Original Music: Michael Andrews

Produced by Adam Fields, Nancy Juvonen, Sean McKittrick

Written and Directed by Richard Kelly

When high school kids get into creative writing
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New to Streaming: ‘Donnie Darko,’ ‘Antichrist,’ ‘The Prestige,’ and More

With a seemingly endless amount of streaming options — not only the titles at our disposal, but services themselves — we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight the titles that have recently hit platforms. Every week, one will be able to see the cream of the crop (or perhaps some simply interesting picks) of streaming titles (new and old) across platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and more (note: U.S. only). Check out our rundown for this week’s selections below.

Antichrist (Lars von Trier)

Like the majority of Lars von Trier films, from the first moments of Antichrist, one will be able to discern if it’s an experience they want to proceed with. For those will to endure its specific unpleasantness, there’s a poetic, affecting exploration of despair at its center. Chaos reigns, indeed. – Jordan R.

Where to Stream: FilmStruck

Donnie Darko (Richard Kelly)

Last year marked
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‘Apocalypse Child’ Sees Beauty and Pain Both Above and Below

This Week in Home VideoPlus 9 more new releases to watch at home this week on Blu-ray/DVD.

Welcome to this week in home video! Click the title to buy a Blu-ray/DVD from Amazon and help support Fsr in the process!

Pick of the WeekApocalypse Child

What is it? A young man in the Filipino town of Baler suspects he may have been fathered by a certain American director who filmed a Vietnam war epic in town several years prior.

Why buy it? The identity of finding the truth about his father is a catalyst of sorts here, but it’s far from the focus of Mario Cornejo and co-writer Monster Jimenez’s beautiful, raw, and affecting film. Instead it’s the idea of escaping one’s past through self-deception and distraction that pervades the screen alongside gorgeous visuals and performances. You can’t look away no matter how much you may want to. There
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Recommended Discs & Deals: ‘Donnie Darko,’ ‘Split,’ ‘Ali,’ and More

Every week we dive into the cream of the crop when it comes to home releases, including Blu-ray and DVDs, as well as recommended deals of the week. Check out our rundown below and return every Tuesday for the best (or most interesting) films one can take home. Note that if you’re looking to support the site, every purchase you make through the links below helps us and is greatly appreciated.

Donnie Darko (Richard Kelly)

Last year marked the 15-year anniversary of Richard Kelly’s debut cult curio, Donnie Darko. While the film’s cult-status has elevated it into its own separate canon alongside other 21st-century indie-cult hits, Kelly’s two other films — the positively delirious and daring Southland Tales and the labyrinthine sci-fi period piece The Box — prove that he is a director deserving of much greater consideration. Sadly it’s been about eight years since a new
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Blu-ray Review – Donnie Darko: Limited Edition (2001)

Donnie Darko, 2001.

Written and Directed by Richard Kelly.

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Drew Barrymore, Mary McDonnell, Katharine Ross, Patrick Swayze, and Noah Wyle.


Donnie Darko has been released on Blu-ray a few times, but this new Limited Edition from Arrow promises to be the ultimate release for fans. The theatrical version and the Director’s Cut are included, along with the previously released bonus features, a new documentary, a 1996 short film by director Richard Kelly, a hardcover book, and some pieces of art printed on cardstock, found inside an envelope marked “Roberta Sparrow.” (Hmmmm…)

Donnie Darko is a perfect example of how a great movie will find its place in the world, even if it experiences a troubled theatrical release. (See The Iron Giant and The Shawshank Redemption for two other such examples.) In the case of Donnie Darko, any movie that used a plane crash
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April 18th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Donnie Darko 4-Disc Set, Tales From The Hood, M. Night Shyamalan’s Split

April 18th looks to be another fun day of home entertainment releases for genre fans, as we have an excellent variety of films—both old and new—coming home to Blu-ray and DVD. M. Night Shyamalan’s psychological thriller Split makes its way to both formats on Tuesday courtesy of Universal Studios Home Entertainment, and Arrow Video is keeping busy with a trio of Blu-rays: The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, The Red Queen Kills Seven Times, and their four-disc set celebrating Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko.

Other notable releases for April 18th include Scream Factory’s stellar collector’s edition of Tales From the Hood, Contamination .7, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Mephisto Waltz from Kino Lorber.

Donnie Darko: 4-Disc Limited Edition Set (Arrow Video, Blu-ray)

Fifteen years before Stranger Things, Richard Kelly set the template and the high-water mark with his debut feature, Donnie Darko.
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Stephen King: 5 Unadapted Stories That Would Make Excellent Movies

Stephen King: 5 Unadapted Stories That Would Make Excellent Movies
After the wildly popular reception of the “It” trailer, author Stephen King tweeted a message on April 4 that made fans very hopeful for the adaptations slated to drop in 2017:

The Mist, Mr. Mercedes, 1922, Gerald’S Game, The Dark Tower, and It: Believe it or not, they all look awesome.

Stephen King (@StephenKing) April 4, 2017

King’s films and TV series have a tendency to be varied in terms of quality, but if that tweet is to be believed, there’s a definitely a renaissance afoot. Now that filmmakers seem to be able to hit the right tone from his work, here are five properties which have never been adapted that could make for successful endeavors, along with director and lead actor picks that would be pitch-perfect. To narrow down the picks, any novel or short story that is in some stage of acquisition, development, or that has been made already is ineligible.
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‘Donnie Darko’ and His Best Friend Frank Return in New 4K Remastering — Watch

‘Donnie Darko’ and His Best Friend Frank Return in New 4K Remastering — Watch
One of the most terrifying characters to manifest on-screen in recent years is Donnie Darko’s imaginary friend, Frank. Bunnies, generally speaking, are cute fluffy animals that wiggle their noses. Frank is no ordinary bunny.

And after 15 years away, Frank’s back. (And so is Donnie, Sparkle Motion and plenty of other signature treats.)

Read More: ‘Donnie Darko’ to Receive 4K Blu-ray Restoration, Potentially Revealing the Mysteries of Time Travel

Donnie Darko,” written and directed by Richard Kelly, has recently undergone a full 4K restoration, and is currently rolling out in theaters across the country. You can check out the full list of theaters and screenings right here. Now you’ll be able to see Frank in all of his crisp, terrifying glory.

Read More: ‘Donnie Darko’ Restoration Trailer: The Cult Hit Returns To The Big Screen To Make Us Lose Our Minds All Over Again

Check out our exclusive
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