Christos Tsiolkas: 'I learnt to feel Australian by travelling to Europe'

The author of The Slap and Barracuda on being Greek, gay and working class – and not writing a coming-out novel

I am used to sitting in Melbourne cafes with Christos Tsiolkas, although usually we meet for coffee and wine at a local bar. This time we are dining in a gastropub in Northcote; we both have the barramundi, which comes with chickpeas and a chorizo ragout, and I have a notebook in hand. As a friend I felt unable to review his book, but here nothing is off limits.

The conversation wanders; we have both been speaking at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the weekend, so there is the inevitable postmortem. But mainly we talk about Tsiolkas's latest novel, Barracuda, the story of a working-class boy who through failure has to remake his life. It sees the author return to themes he attempted in Loaded, his first novel.

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BT Sport kicks off the season with stars, glamour, Ray Stubbs and a toaster

It was the first day for the newest team in the Premier League and no expense was spared – Liverpool v Stoke seemed like the Fa Cup Final

Blokes' weekends in Britain's parallel universe are full of half-remembered chores and pastimes: a perfunctory breakfast before taking the lad to his football. Afterwards, there could be a trip to Tesco followed perhaps by an outing to see the local United, City or Rovers. On Sunday it might still be church, the in-laws and Ikea.

In the real world, meanwhile, the weekend has become a televised football theme park, starting early on Saturday and continuing, unabated, until the early hours of Monday. And so, having rolled up and paid my money for a BT Sport subscription on top of my Sky package, I took part in the birth of the new world at 6am yesterday.

BT is the latest challenger to enter the
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Toilet Humour Shared on New Stalled Poster

The latest comic horror venture from 'Freak Out' creators Christian James ('Kill Keith') and Dan Palmer ('Evil Aliens') is new British zombie flick 'Stalled'. The project will be hitting the Us courtesy of Uncork'd Entertainment and Odin's Eye this coming October where it'll be receiving a limited theatrical run. Which will in turn follow up with a home release during November. Exact dates are still to be nailed down but in the meantime the movie has managed to piggy-back onto another zombie movie that is enjoying success at the box office currently. The new teaser poster manages to parody and take a literal massive sh#t on the artwork of 'World War Z'. Antonia Bernath ('St Trinians', 'Lykke'), Dan Palmer, Tamaryn Payne ('Hollyoaks'), Mark Holden, Giles Alderson ('The Harsh Light of Day'), Victoria Broom, Mark Kelly and Victoria Eldon all star.
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British Zomedy Stalled Craps Out a Brand New Teaser Trailer

The new teaser trailer for British toilet-based zomedy horror 'Stalled' is here and so its time to get scared shitless! The project comes from 'Freak Out' creators Christian James ('Kill Keith') and Dan Palmer ('Evil Aliens') who direct and write the new undead horror respectively. Palmer takes the lead role as W.C. the office maintenance guy whose Christmas plans soon take a back burner when he gets trapped inside a restroom and faces an apocalyptic zombie outbreak. The gorgeous Antonia Bernath ('St Trinians', 'Lykke') co-stars along with Tamaryn Payne ('Hollyoaks'), Mark Holden, Giles Alderson ('The Harsh Light of Day'), Victoria Broom, Mark Kelly and Victoria Eldon. Check out the new trailer below....
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What to TiVo: Thursday

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8:00 Last Resort (new) 9:00 ABC News' Your Voice, Your Vote: 2012 Vice Presidential Debate (new) 11:35 Nightline (new) 12:00 Jimmy Kimmel Live (new, with guests Kevin James and Ezra Miller) 8:00 The Big Bang Theory (new) 9:30 Two and a Half Men (new) 9:00 CBS News: The Vice Presidential Debate (new) 11:35 Late Show With David Letterman (new, with guests Lucy Liu and Rob Corddry) 12:37 The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (repeat, with guest Neil Patrick Harris) 8:00 The X Factor (new) 9:00 Fox News Vice Presidential Debate (new) 8:00 30 Rock (new) 8:30 Up All Night (new) 9:00 2012 Vice Presidential Debate (new) 11:34 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (new, with guests Terry Bradshaw and Mark Kelly) 12:37 Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (new, with guests Christina Applegate and Nick Offerman) 8:00 The Vampire Diaries (new, season premiere) 9:00 Beauty and the Beast (new, series premiere
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Fresh British Zombie Comedy Stalled Excretes a Bloody New One-Sheet

Back in 2004 a new British comedy horror flick arrived out of nowhere and landed our desks. The parody-esque slasher feature was called 'Freak Out' and was a great little low-budget production which kept our team chuckling away. Now 8 years on Brit duo Christian James and Dan Palmer are back with their new comedy horror effort 'Stalled'. It's Christmas time zombies, with guaranteed toilet humour all the way and we have caught an early glimpse at the new bloody one-sheet from the project. James helms from a script penned by Dan Palmer who also stars as the suitably named maintenance man W.C. Antonia Bernath ('Lykke'), Tamaryn Payne ('Hollyoaks'), Mark Holden, Giles Alderson, Victoria Broom, Mark Kelly and Victoria Eldon all co-star. Check out the plot into and fresh new one-sheet below....
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Lord Mayor's Show is a bit of an own goal for BBC

The Corporation wiped several episodes of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's groundbreaking 1960s comedy series Not Only But Also yet has kept every Lord Mayor's Show

Was there ever a more shocking example of cultural vandalism than the BBC's wiping of several episodes of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's groundbreaking 1960s comedy series Not Only But Also? Granted, tape was very expensive in those days, and judgements had to be made about what was worth preserving; but any sympathy you might have for the poor saps who had to make those calls tends to dissipate with the knowledge that every single one of the Lord Mayor's Shows from that era – possibly recorded over Pete and Dud – was kept.

I am guessing those old Lord Mayor's Shows are not the most in-demand items in the archives, especially as the BBC still broadcasts the event every year. Colour and pageantry,
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Paul Weller picks up Uncut Music Award

Paul Weller picks up Uncut Music Award
Paul Weller has picked up the Uncut Music Award 2010 for his album Wake Up The Nation. The veteran rock star's latest LP was chosen by a panel of judges, which included Bob Harris, Danny Kelly, Christian O'Connell, BBC entertainment's Mark Cooper and Fleet Foxes star Robin Pecknold. The Uncut gong is given to the most "exciting, inspirational and rewarding album of the last 12 months". Speaking about the award, Weller said: "Thank you. I'm well surprised to (more)
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Who do you think should be on our list of national treasures?

The goals are movable, though one thing is certain: we like our treasures to have a laugh

Last week, as the internet exploded with goodwill for Danny Baker, Danny Kelly wrote in the Observer of his surprise at realising that his friend had quietly become a national treasure. Which set us thinking: who else do we count as a national treasure, and what makes one worth treasuring? We thought we'd ask you, the readers, to offer suggestions over the next few weeks, and reveal the results before the year's end. But first: some questions.

Why is Cheryl Cole a national treasure but Simon Cowell most certainly not? Is it just the dimples? Or does success in the face of personal tragedy help? There are those who earn the title by simply sticking round (Tony Benn?) and those whose good work commends them (Jamie Oliver?).

There are national treasures who look like Kate Moss,
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Queen Elizabeth killed off by DJ

Britain's Queen Elizabeth was jokingly killed off by a BBC radio DJ. DJ Danny Kelly of BBC Wm station played the national anthem half-way through his two-hour afternoon show yesterday (17.05.10) before making the shock announcement that the 84-year-old monarch had died. Danny, 39, somberly told up to a quarter of a million listeners in the West Midlands that he had some '"astonishing news" to deliver, before stating "Queen Elizabeth II has now died". Within seconds, producer Mark Newman jumped on air, saying: "You can't say that". Mr. Kelly then clarified that he'd actually been referring to a friend on his Facebook page who called himself "Queen Elizabeth II", but who had vanished from the website. A BBC spokesman has
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