Bruce Springsteen (still) accused of affair with NJ housewife

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Legendary rock star Bruce Springsteen's name is still involved in a bitter New Jersey divorce case between mortgage broker Arthur Kelly and his New York housewife, Ann Kelly.

According to the New York Post, court papers contend that Ann met Springsteen in 2005 at the local Red Bank, NJ  gym. During their affair, he gave her concert tickets, sang to her during rehearsals and told her she was on his mind while he toured. At least, that's what Ann told her husband.

The relationship  began -- her husband says --  with conversations on the treadmills at the gym, followed by lunch dates and then an affair.  These accusations of an illicit tryst first surfaced when he filed for divorce on March 27, 2009.

Arthur's court papers claim that Ann told him that Springsteen would stand at the end of her treadmill when she ran. And she also claimed that Springsteen once told
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Is Bruce Springsteen Following Jesse James Into Sex Rehab?

By Staff

Bruce Springsteen say it isn’t so. Accusations of an alleged affair between Ann Kelly, a New Jersey mom of two, and Bruce Springsteen erupted after her husband, Arthur Kelly, filed for divorce on March, 2009. Her husband claims in the divorce documents that in 2005 “The Boss” and his wife, Ann Kelly, started meeting for lunch and that their relationship eventually became an affair.

According to the, “Rumors that Springsteen was stepping out with a redheaded knockout who was a dead ringer for Patti Scialfa, his wife of 18 years, began to swirl among gym rats at The Atlantic Club in 2005,” as well as “the breaking point in the marriage allegedly came when Arthur told Ann a witness had spotted her kissing Springsteen in the parking lot of their gym. Arthur also claimed that the day before he filed for divorce, Ann admitted to him that her ‘relationship with Bruce Springsteen was inappropriate.
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Court Papers Allege Bruce Springsteen Affair with Sexy Redhead — New Details Emerge!


Can you believe The Boss allegedly picked up 45-year-old real-life NJ housewife Ann Kelly at the gym … then had a full-on affair, according to Kelly’s estranged husband? Remember: Bruce has been married to another red-headed stunner, Patti Scialfa, for 18 years!

There are shocking new allegations emerging in the alleged affair between Bruce Springsteen and Ann Kelly, 45, a New Jersey housewife whom Bruce reportedly met at the gym, and then met for lunch dates and eventually was involved with in a full-blown relationship. Accusations that Kelly and Springsteen hooked up exploded about a year ago, when Kelly’s husband Arthur Kelly filed for divorce.

According to divorce papers obtained by the New York Post, Arthur Kelly lays out the story of the affair between his wife and Bruce, and claims that they met at a fancy Red Bank, NJ gym.

Bruce was a real boor, says Arthur in court
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Wife in Divorce Citing Bruce Springsteen Fights Back

Ann Kelly, the New Jersey woman accused of having an affair with Bruce Springsteen in divorce papers, has come out swinging. In a 27-page court document filed Tuesday, Ann accuses her husband Arthur of being a jealous, abusive spouse who committed adultery numerous times himself. Ann, 44, continues to deny she had an affair with The Boss, and claims her husband made the accusation because "he and his attorney felt there could be 'big money' in this ... because, true or not, the celebrity would want this to 'go away.' " Arthur's attorney, Edward Fradkin, tells People that his client denies the allegations in his wife's counterclaim.
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Springsteen Affair Allegation Still Out in the Open

Ah, for the glory days before Arthur Kelly had sued his wife for divorce. A New Jersey judge on Tuesday refused to seal the divorce proceedings between Kelly and his wife Ann, whom he has accused of carrying on a longtime affair with Bruce Springsteen. The accusation became part of the public record when Arthur filed court documents March 27 naming Springsteen as his wife's so-called lover—an allegation the Boss and his supposed extramarital paramour have both adamantly denied. But Ocean County Superior Court Judge Patricia B. Roe, citing New Jersey's "tradition of open public courts," refused to grant Ann Kelly's motion to have the case sealed. Divorce battles "by...
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Divorce Case Citing Bruce Springsteen to Stay Public

The media circus surrounding Bruce Springsteen and Ann Kelly - the New Jersey woman accused of having an affair with him - doesn't look to be leaving town anytime soon. Kelly asked to have her divorce records sealed in New Jersey's Ocean County court to protect her children and herself from the intense media scrutiny - a request that a judge denied Tuesday. Though her lawyer, Noel Tonneman, told the judge, "There are going to be some very, very private details disclosed" in the records, Superior Court Judge Patricia B. Roe countered: "Family Court is not unique in overseeing cases that involve tremendous embarrassment.
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Woman Denies Affair with Bruce Springsteen

The New Jersey woman whose husband accused her of having an affair with Bruce Springsteen is speaking out to say she did not have a romance with the musician. Ann Kelly's attorney Noel Tonneman tells People, "My client absolutely denies having an affair with Bruce Springsteen. These are baseless allegations of a jealous man. And that's all there is to it." On Thursday, The Boss defended his marriage to Patti Scialfa, saying he stood by a 2006 statement in which he called reports of infidelity "unfounded." Ann's husband, Arthur Kelly, filed divorce papers March 27 accusing his wife of committing adultery with
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Springsteen denies affair rumours

Bruce Springsteen has denied accusations that he broke up a couple's marriage. New Jersey resident Arthur Kelly has filed divorce papers at Monmouth Country Superior Court alleging that his wife Ann "committed adultery with one Bruce Springsteen... at various times and places too numerous to mention". The couple were together for 17 years and have two daughters, aged 10 and 12. Springsteen, who married second wife Patti Scialfa in 1991, reportedly became close to Ann after they met at a gym. Star quotes a source as saying: "Ann says she and Bruce are just friends, but there have been rumours going around the area for more than a (more)
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New Jersey divorce mess: Bruce Springsteen affair allegations

Bruce Springsteen is in the middle of a nasty New Jersey divorce. The Boss, 59, began his relationship with his current wife Patti Scialfa, 53, while married to model and actress Julianne Phillips. Bruce married Scialfa in 1992; the couple together for 17 years, with three children to show for it. Now Star magazine has published a man's claims in court papers that Springsteen has been making time with his red-headed wife. According to the tabloid, the divorce papers filed on March 27 in Monmouth County, N.J. Superior Court reveal businessman Arthur Kelly's allegations that his wife of 17 years, Ann, .committed adultery with one Bruce Springsteen, who resides in Rumson, N.J., and Colts Neck, N.J., at various times and
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