How the Siggraph Conference Expands Tech— and Empathy

How the Siggraph Conference Expands Tech— and Empathy
Although this year’s Siggraph theme,”Render the Possibilities,” offers a nice catchphrase for all of the cutting-edge CG eye candy on display next week at the Anaheim Convention Center, there’s also a timely sub-theme revolving around empathy in Vr, which can be witnessed in other presentations as well.

Given the tragic racial violence and anger that has swept the country, Carnegie Mellon University’s Vr experience, “Injustice,” couldn’t be timelier — or more educational. It’s built around racially motivated police brutality. Participants witness an act of racial discrimination, forcing them to make moral and ethical decisions on the spot. They can actively engage with, and alter, the storyline by selecting a variety of dialogue choices.

Similarly, “Invasion!,” explores ideas around character empathy and immersive Vr “presence” with a close alien encounter. Presented in real-time and directed by “Madagascar’s” Eric Darnell, the animated short features narration by Ethan Hawke.
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