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Gorden Kaye Dies: British Comic Actor Was 75

Gorden Kaye, the star who was best known for starring in the long-running hit BBC sitcom ‘Allo, ‘Allo!, has died. He was 75. The star's former agency confirmed to the BBC that the comic actor died on Monday in a care home. Kaye, played café owner Réné in the much-loved Brit sitcom ‘Allo, ‘Allo!, which aired on BBC One from 1982-92. He starred in all 84 episodes of the show, which focused on the fictional exploits of of French Resistance fighter during WWII in…
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Gorden Kaye obituary

Actor best known for playing René in the TV comedy series ’Allo ’Allo!

The comic actor Gorden Kaye, who has died aged 75, was best known for his long-running role as René Artois in the BBC series ’Allo ’Allo! Among the memories Kaye leaves us with is René’s version of Serge Gainsbourg’s 1960s hit Je T’Aime ... Moi Non Plus. In a broom cupboard in a provincial cafe in Nazi-occupied France, René, the hapless, stereotypically amorous French patron, is trying to get inside the blouse of one of his waitresses. They pant, pastiching Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. “Je t’aime,” breathes the Chigwell-born actor Vicki Michelle, as Yvette. “Say it in French,” replies Huddersfield-born Kaye. “I love you,” says Yvette. There’s a sound of rummaging before Yvette coos: “I nevair even touched you.” “It’s the ’andle of the vacuum cleanair,” replies René.

There, in a three-minute song,
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R.I.P. Gorden Kaye (1941 – 2017)

The BBC is reporting that BAFTA-nominated British actor Gorden Kaye – best known for his role as cafe owner Rene Artois on the beloved sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo! – has passed away today aged 75.

Kaye began his career in the late 1960s, appearing in guest roles in shows such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale, as well as David Croft’s It Ain’t Half Hot Mum and Come Back Mrs Noah, which ultimately led to Croft inviting him to portray the lead role in ‘Allo ‘Allo!.

The World War II sitcom launching in 1982, with Kaye appearing as Rene – ‘Hero of the Resistance’ – in all 84 episodes through to 1992. He also featured in over 1200 live performances of the stage play, as well as reprising the role in 2007 for the one-off revival The Return of ‘Allo ‘Allo!.
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Gorden Kaye: 1941 - 2017

Louisa Mellor Jan 23, 2017

Some sad news: Gorden Kaye, the actor much-loved for his role in BBC comedy 'Allo 'Allo!, has passed away.

We're sorry to pass on the sad news that Gorden Kaye, an actor whose lead role in David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd's BBC sitcom 'Allo 'Allo! made him widely recognised and much-loved, passed away earlier this morning.

Kaye's former agency made the announcement today to the BBC that Kaye had died at a care home at the age of seventy-five.

As Rene Artois, cafe owner and political chess piece used by the invading Germans, the British and the French Resistance in Croft and Lloyd's classic comedy, Kaye gave us a decade's worth of laughs between 1982 and 1992. And, thanks to repeats and his reprisal of the role in the BBC's 2007 reunion, many more years besides. 

Kaye, pictured above with 'Allo 'Allo co-stars Kirsten Cooke and Carmen Silvera, started
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10 largely forgotten UK sci-fi sitcoms

Remember Kinvig, Clone, Not With A Bang? These are the UK sci-fi sitcoms you’re unlikely to see on comedy best-of lists…

With E4 sci-fi comedy commissions, Tripped and Aliens, and in-development Channel 4 projects, Space Ark and Graham Linehan/Adam Buxton collaboration The Cloud, in the works, a new crop of sci-fi sitcom could be making its way to UK TV.

Making funny sci-fi on a small-screen budget is tough enough without the additional pressure of having to attract viewers more traditionally down-to-earth in their sitcom tastes. Sci-fi sets and effects can be seen as prohibitively expensive by comedy commissioners (which is perhaps why the best UK sci-fi sitcoms of recent years has been on BBC Radio), and the genre’s niche status doesn’t scream mainstream hit. Over the years, one or two stand-outs have managed to straddle the sci-fi and comedy TV worlds, but plenty more have stumbled in the attempt.
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Britcoms Reloaded

With the news that Dad’s Army could be headed for the big screen, it’s safe to assume producers are eyeing up the nation’s beloved sitcoms for cinematic fodder. Whatever your view on the topic, converting a half hour of laughs into a feature length gutbuster is nothing new. Broadcasters and their writers made several attempts to cash in during the 70s and 80s with hastily-assembled film versions of classics such as Porridge, The Likely Lads and Are You Being Served?

These experiments never went down in the annals of mirth, but On The Buses (bizarrely-billed as “A Hammer Special Comedy Production”) ran to three movies. Even John Cleese was tempted at one point to create a Fawlty Towers romp with Basil trapped on a plane. Bringing us right up to date are a potential film of Miranda and, coming soon, Mrs. Brown’S Boys D’Movie.

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Coverage of Muamba was sensitively handled on TV - but not by everyone

Post-Leveson, the mainstream media has reined in its taste for sensationalism, but on social media sites it is still a free-for-all

The heart specialist who came down from the stands to help treat footballer Fabrice Muamba on the pitch at White Hart Lane last week has said that the procedures used could have been filmed and shown to medical students as a text-book example of how to deal with a complex cardiac arrest. And, from the perspective of a far less vital specialism, it seemed to me equally true that the TV coverage of the footballer's terrifying collapse could be distributed by Ofcom as an example of how to sensitively report distressing events that are developing in real time.

But, while the TV industry has the advantage over Dr Andrew Deaner that this textbook example does actually exist on video, the cardiologist at least has the consolation that he didn't
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Looking back at Terry Gilliam's Brazil

Terry Gilliam’s dark sci-fi Brazil remains one of the director’s finest films to date. Andrew takes a look back at a classic future nightmare…

Brazil is one of my favourite films. It's so wrong. It's vibrant in its despondency. It shakes you by the shoulders and yells at you, “You are not alone! But... you are a bit doomed.”

It takes a mere two minutes to concoct a dazzlingly nightmarish retro-future, a steam powered bureaucracy revealed in huge pull-backs, a superb array of set-design and props, noirish-costumes, and well-cast actors. A family scene at Christmas is completely and utterly destroyed in a twisted parody of Santa's arrival, and you can't help but feel the sudden seizure of a man from his home feels that much more relevant now than it did in 1985.

All of this is coupled with the scenes of the bureaucracy that causes this mistake. By this point on initial viewing,
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David Croft, genius behind nearly 50 years of TV comedy, dies at 89

Creator of 'Allo 'Allo, Are You Being Served?, Dad's Army and Hi-De-Hi dies in his sleep at his home in Portugal

Generally, when one of the great veterans of television dies, the next weekend's schedules are hastily rearranged to include a repeat as a tribute. But, remarkably, although David Croft was 89 when he died in his sleep on Tuesday at his house in Portugal after being largely retired for almost 20 years, one of his shows is still running. A 1969 episode of Dad's Army, which he wrote with Jimmy Perry, was shown last Saturday on BBC2.

So, in this case, the proper memorial is not the screening of one of the old shows but the fact that one of the old shows is still screening – to healthy ratings and respect – five decades after it was made. And, while most of those who work in the fickle and perishable business of TV
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10 Best British TV Bosses

  • bestbritishtv
David Brent in The Office. co. BBC

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Kieran Kinsella

David Brent (Ricky Gervais) The Office UK. The dancing, joking all round entertainer of a boss, who does not know any boundaries and has a sensitivity level that makes Mr Spock look like an agony Aunt. He has to be British TV’s best boss because most of us have worked for him at one time in our careers and yet he still lives!

Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe) Dad’s Army. Mainwaring wore two bosses hats in Dad’s Army: the bank boss hat and the home guard hat. Neither fitted very well but it is hilarious to see him struggling to stay sane when confronted with complete imbeciles.

Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) Eastenders. They have had some rough and tough bosses at the
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The Weirdest Star-Studded Music Video of Let It Be features Icons from the 80's & 90's

This is the most awesomely bizarre music video I think I've ever seen. The music video is promoting a Norwegian television entertainment program called Golden Times, and it features one hell of a crazy gathering of actors and actresses from shows such as Cheers, Twin Peaks, Seinfeld, The Incredible Hulk and more icons from the 80's and 90's. They sing the classic Beatles song Let it Be.

Here's a list of actors that appear in the video:

Roger Moore 

Huey Lewis

Jason Alexander 

Ricki Lake

Josie Biesett

Alberto Tomba

John Nettles

George Wendt 

Paul Mackenna

Philip Michael Thomas 

Glenn Close

Gorden Kaye

Pamela Anderson

Leslie Nielsen 

Dolph Lundgren

Kelly McGillis

Sherilyn Fenn

Daryl Hannah 

Lou Ferrigno 

And several more!

I don't know what else to say... It's just so weird! Check out the video below and tell us what you think. 

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