Jan de Bont to Direct Remake of Johnny Cash Film Five Minutes To Live; Plus Original Film Footage

If Johnny Cash shows up at your door claiming to be a guitar instructor, don’t let him in! Apparently that’s how Cash, playing the role of low-life hood Johnny Cabot took a bank manager’s wife hostage in the 1961 flick, Five Minutes to Live. While Cash is, regrettably, no longer with us, producers Joseph and Jack Nasser plan to resurrect the fifty-year-old project. Teaming up with Speed director Jan de Bont in a story written by Raul Inglis (Transparency), the reboot will follow two men who run an extortion scheme by holding a bank manager’s wife hostage and forcing the manager to transfer money into an account. No word on if the hostage taker will pose as a guitar instructor. Hit the jump for more on Five Minutes to Live and to watch the original film in its entirety! Deadline broke the news on the reboot, which
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Jan de Bont to Helm Remake of Johnny Cash Crime Drama ‘Five Minutes to Live’

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If you didn’t know that the legendary Johnny Cash dabbled in acting while he was still alive, it’s okay — I wasn’t aware, either. All blatant ignorance aside, Deadline reports that Dutch filmmaker Jan de Bont will direct a remake of Cash‘s 1961 film Five Minutes to Live.

Both the original and this remake are based on a story by Palmer Thompson; the new film, written by Raul Inglis (Transparency), centers on “two men as they execute a terrifying bank robbery. One guys holds the bank manager’s wife hostage and the other tells the manager she’ll be killed in five minutes unless he transfers money to an account of their choosing.” The Cash-starrer was also director Bill Karn‘s final film. No one has yet been found to replace the beloved musician, but casting will soon begin, under financiers Nasser Entertainment and Nasser Group North.
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Jan de Bont to Direct Five Minutes to Live Remake

Jan de Bont to Direct Five Minutes to Live Remake
Jan de Bont has signed on to direct a remake of the 1961 crime thriller Five Minutes to Live for producers Joseph Nasser and Jack Nasser.

Raul Inglis is writing the screenplay, which follows two men who attempt to rob a bank through an unconventional method. One man holds the bank manager's wife hostage, while the other tells the manager his wife only has five minutes to live unless he transfers money to their account. Musician Johnny Cash starred in the original Five Minutes to Live, which also featured Ron Howard.

Nasser Entertainment Group is financing the drama, which will begin casting immediately. No production schedule was given for Five Minutes to Live.

Jan de Bont, who was a longtime cinematographer before making his directorial debut with Speed, has not directed a movie since 2003's Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life.

Five Minutes to Live was released December 7th,
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