Individual Winners Announcement: Ology's ''Ultimate Male YouTube Singer'' Competition!

Guys--thanks for a great contest! We really enjoyed it, and we're pretty darn glad that you did, too.

So, we all know that Joseph Vincent won the competition, but...who won the shirts?

Below is a list of the 20 winners (in no specific order) of the custom T-shirt! We'll be contacting each of you winners (and the team reps) for you shirt sizes and mailing addresses: 1. ♥ Rea ♥ Irene ♥ 2. Alice Sanchez 3. Alex Green 4. aimee de Ocampo 5. LoreinSoriano 6. Elle :) 7. Yolanda Simamora 8. mizui leo 9. Tere Fabrienne 10. Z. 11. Henritz Palijo 12. Phillip Joseph B 13. JosephV fanatic 14. Chantal Muyalde 15. JosephVincentFan 16. josephV PHfanscl 17. Stevani Cruissita 18. Jv Indonesia 19. Ola - Ordinary Jv's Fan 20. Elaine Tan

Let's give a special thanks to both the Joseph Vincent reps that got the word out and led the team to victory! They're incredible resources for all things Joseph Vincent, so be sure to follow them on Twitter: @JosephVFans @JosephVincentID

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