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  • (1935-39) Radio: Starred in "The Lifebuoy Program" on CBS Radio, which ran for 39 shows. His supporting cast included Martha Raye and Harry Parke (aka "Parkyakarkus").
  • CD: "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby: The Jolson Story" (USP)
  • (1934) Stage: Appeared (as "Monsieur Al") in "The Wonder Bar" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Irving Caesar and Aben Kandel. From the German of Geza Herczeg and Karl Farkas. Lyrics by Irving Caesar. Music by Robert Katscher. Additional lyrics by Manuel M. Ponce. Additional music by J. Peterburski and Manuel M. Ponce. Directed by William Mollison. Nora Bayes Theatre: 17 May 1931-29 May 1931 (78 performances). Cast: Auguste Aramini, Roman Arnoldoff, Hugo Brucken, Stuart Casey (as "Francois Vale"), Medea Columbara, Armand Cortes (as "Pascal"), Henry Crosby, Michael Dalmatoff, Adriana Dori, Prince Nikolas Engalitcheff, Antonina Fechner, Clarence Harvey, Leo Hoyt, Marie Hunt, Mohammid Ibrahim, Patsy Kelly (as "Electra Pivonka"), Wanda Lyon, Jean Newcombe, Dagmar Oakland (as "Billie"), Rex O'Malley (as "Ramon Colmano"), Laura Pierpont, Gustave Rolland, Adrian Rosely, Al Siegal, Vernon Steele, Elvira Trabert, Arthur Treacher (as "Lord Cauldwell"), Trini, Bertha Walden, C. Jay Williams. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Produced in association with Morris Gest. NOTE: Filmed as Wonder Bar (1934).
  • (1914) Stage: Appeared (as "Monsieur Jean / Gus") in "Dancing Around" on Broadway. Musical revue. Music by Sigmund Romberg and Harry Carroll. Book / lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director: Oscar Radin. Music orchestrated by Oscar Radin and Frank Saddler. Music arranged by Melville Ellis. Additional music by Jack Judge and Jean Gilbert. Additional lyrics by Harry Williams. Costume Design by Melville Ellis. Lighting Design by Nick Kronyack. Scenic Design by P. Dodd Ackerman, H. Robert Law, George Williams and James Surridge. Train effect by Lincoln J. Carter and Thomas A. Morris. Choreographed by Jack Mason. Directed by James C. Huffman. Winter Garden Theatre: 10 Oct 1914-13 Feb 1915 (145 performances). Cast: Fred Bates, Rita Bates, Phil Branson, Eleanor Brown, Berti Burwell, Marie Caldwell, Dorothy Cameron, Hazel Cameron, Jack Carlton, Frank Carter, Jean Crane, Cecil Cunningham, Olive Dale, Aimee Dalmores, Jeanne Dare, Harry Davis, Mae Dealy, Ethel Dennison, Harland Dixon (as "Lt. Tommy"), Kitty Doner, Ted Doner, James Doyle, Bert Dunlap, Doris Easton, Melville Ellis, Verne Fitzpatrick, Earl Fox, Joy Gardner, Effie Graham, Bernard Granville (as "Lt. Hartley"), Bessie Gray, Mabel Grete, Estelle Hadden, Agnes Hall, Grace Hall, Irwin Hardy, Ruth Heil, Olga Hempstone, Caroline Hennessy, Rita Hernbrook, Katherine Hill, Mabel Hill, Natalie Holt, Howard Johnson, Katherine Johnson, Ethel Kinley, Margie Kivel, Gladys Lang, Fred Leslie, Lester Lewis, Helen Lorraine, Mildred Manning, Helen Marche, Ruth Maybee, Marion McDonald, Mary McDonald, Eileen Molyneux, Marion Mooney, Dorothy Moran, Lotta Morse, Dorothy Nita, Helen O'Day, Peter O'Neill, Georgia O'Ramey, Marjorie Palmer, Catherine Perry, Lee Phelps, Mai Poth, Queene Queenen, Dorothy Quinn, Harold A. Robe, Mary Robson, Violet Rochlitz, Clint Russell, James Simpson, Gladys Smith, Raymond Smith, Alice Van Ryker, La Vina, Al Walton, Clifton Webb (as "Clarence"), Lucy Weston, Peggy Whitney, Harry Wilcox, Genevieve Wilmont, Charles Wilson. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1918) Stage: Appeared (as "Gus") in "Sinbad" on Broadway. Musical. Book / lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Music by Sigmund Romberg. Musical Numbers Arranged by: Jack Mason. Additional music by Al Jolson, Jean Schwartz, Harry Tierney, J. Turner Layton and Albert Gumble. Additional lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva, Gus Kahn, Al Bryan, Jack Yellen, Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young, Henry Creamer and Irving Caesar. Orchestra under the direction of Oscar Radin. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt, P. Dodd Ackerman, John H. Young and Ernest Gros. Costume Design by Cora MacGeachy, Homer Conant and Samuel Zalud. Ballets Arranged by: Alexis Kosloff. Directed by James C. Huffman and Jacob J. Shubert. Winter Garden Theatre (moved to The Century Theatre (2 Sep 1918-Oct 1918, then moved to The Casino Theatre from 14 Oct 1918-Nov 1918, then moved to The Winter Garden Theatre from 11 Nov 1918 to Feb 1919, then moved to The 44th Street Theatre from 10 Feb 1919 to close): 14 Feb 1918-29 Mar 1919 (404 performances). Cast: Roshanara, Jane Adams, Franklyn Baite, George Baker, May Belle, Doris Benham, John Berkes (as "Tapem / Johnny"), Molly Boulais, Rose Boulais, Virginia Fox Brooks, Dorothy Bruce, Dot Bryant, Milus Carpenter, Viola Clarens, Beatrice Cloak, Mabel Cloud, Hazel Cox, Kitty Doner, Lawrence D'Orsay (as "Stephen Gilwater / The King of Serendib"), Gertrude Doyle, Florence Elmore, Edgar Atchinson, Constance Farber, Irene Farber, Margaret Ferguson, Flo Flandreaux, Ella Foster, Inez Francis, Eleanore Franke, Pearl Germond, Mattie Gormley, Frank Grace, Ona Hamilton, Rae Hartley, Van Buren Hartman, Frank Holmes, Kitty Holton, Forrest Huff, Mildred Kaye, Harry Kearley, John Kearney, Grace Keeshon, Alexis Kosloff (as "Veritas / El Orient"), Mildred La Gue, Elsie LaMont, Grace Langdon, Jack Laughlin, Eleanor Leigh, Lois Leigh, Henry LeVoy, Marie Lorillard, Charlotte Marmont, Billy Marr, Bob McClellan, Barbara McCree, Vera Mercer, Irene Mitchell, Marion Mooney, Jean Morgan, Evangeline Murray, Edith Pierce, Lorrelda Poppanny, Peggy Purtell, Trixie Raymond, Yvette Reals, Jessie Reed, Gertrude Reynolds, Wade Riesemy, Beatrice Seymour, Billie Sheridan, Rheba Stewart, Marian Stokes, Mae Terresfield, Jean Thomas, George Thornton, Betty Touraine, Jean Troupman, Jean Troutman, Fay Tunis, Thelma Turnball, Alice Van Ryker, Fritzi Von Busing, Chandler Waldo, Richard Warner, Grace Washburn. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared (as "Gus") in "Bombo" on Broadway. Musical. Book / lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Music by Sigmund Romberg. Musical Director: Al Goodman. Additional music / lyrics by Pete Wendling. Choreographed by Allan K. Foster. Directed by James C. Huffman. Staged under the personal supervision of J.J. Shubert. Jolson's 59th Street Theatre: 6 Oct 1921-8 Apr 1922 (218 performances). Cast: Janet Adair (as "Mona Tessa / A Soothsayer"), Corynne Baker, Franklyn A. Batie, Vera Bayles Cole, Bertee Beaumont, Bonnie Belle, Frank Bernard, Bobby Boles, Freddie Bond, Mary Brean, Dorothy Bruce, Ethel Bryant, Gladys Caldwell, Kay Carlin, Cortez and Peggy, Samuel Critcherson, Pauline Dakla, Louise Darcy, Florence Darling, Marian Davis, Janette Dietrich, Elsie Dunn, Florence Fields, Sonia Fields, Rose Gallagher, Fred Hall, Bernice Hart, Irene Hart, Lebanon Hoffa, Theodore Hoffman, Frank Holmes, Forrest Huff, Beatrice Jackson, Kitty Kane, Jack Kearns, Mildred Keats, Lena Keefe, Grace Keeshon, Mae LeRoux, Russell Mack, Belle Madulla, Evelyn Mead, Lucila Mendez, Carol Miller, Ernest Miller, Alice Monroe, Marion Mooney, William Moore, Poppy Morton, Dennis Murray, Gypsy Norman, Vivien Oakland (as "Rosie"), Helen O'Brien, Dixie O'Neil, Mary O'Shaugnessy, Nan Phillips, Edith Pierce, Edward Pooley, Lorrelda Poppanny, Loreene Pullinger, Evelyn Richmond, Alice Rohey, Thomas W. Ross, Beulah Rubens, Dolores Russelle, Maude Satterfield, Charlotte Schuette, Harry Sievers, Orilla Smith, Charlotte Sprague, Edna Starck, Louise Starck, Dorothy Stone (as "Ensemble"; Broadway debut), Lois Syrell, Thelma Turnbull, Harry Turpin, Jeanne Voltaire, Fritzi Von Busing, Billy Wagner, Dorothy Wegman, Walter White, Florence Wilde, Sidney Wilson, Virginia Wilson, Ernest F. Young. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1912) Stage: Appeared (as "The Humpback" / "Bones") in "A Night with the Pierrots / Sesostra / The Whirl of Society" on Broadway [Joint production; Jolson was only involved with "A Night with the Pierrots"]. "A Night with the Pierrots": musical/vaudeville. Musical Director: Samuel Lehman. Featuring songs by Irving Berlin, Louis A. Hirsch and Harry von Tilzer. Featuring songs with lyrics by Irving Berlin, Louis A. Hirsch, Al Jolson and William Jerome. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law. Winter Garden Theatre: 5 Mar 1912-29 Jun 1912 (136 performances for all 3 productions). Cast: Barney Bernard (as "Tambo"), Martin Brown Florence Cable, Doris Cameron, Kathleen Clifford, Jose Collins, The Courtenay Sisters, Edward Cutler, Mildred Elaine, Laura Hamilton, Ernest Hare, Clarence Harvey, Stella Mayhew (as "Sumurun"), Cecil Ryan, Blossom Seeley, Billee Taylor (as "Interlocutor"), Melissa Ten Eyck, Barney Thornton, Harry Wardell, George White. Produced by The Winter Garden Company.
  • (1940) Stage: Appeared in "Hold On To Your Hats" in Chicago, IL.
  • (1911) Stage: Appeared (as "Claude") in "Vera Violetta" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Book by Leonard Liebling and Harold Atteridge. Based on the German of Leo Stein. Musical Director: Samuel Lehman. Additional lyrics by Melville Gideon, Edward Madden, Harry Pilcer and George M. Cohan. Additional music by George M. Cohan, Jean Schwartz and Louis A. Hirsch. Directed by Lewis Morton. Winter Garden Theatre: 20 Nov 1911-24 Feb 1912 (112 performances / played in repertory with "Undine"). Cast: Maidie Berker (as "Ninon" / "Chorus"), Barney Bernard (as "Morris Cohen"), Eva Burnett (as "Chorus"), Helen Burnett (as "Chorus"), Jennie Callan (as "Chorus"), Doris Cameron (as "Margot"), Jennie Cannar (as "Chorus"), James B. Carson (as "Prof. Otto von Gruenberg"), Kathleen Clifford (as "Mlle. Angelique"), Jose Collins (as "Mme. von Gruenberg"), Babe Dakin (as "Chorus"), George Dellett (as "Chorus"), Gaby Deslys (as "Mme. Adelle de St. Cloche"), Florence Douglas (as "La Duchesse" / "Lulu"), Melville Ellis (as "Paul Voison"), Harry Fisher, Charmain Furlong (as "Chorus"), James Georgi (as "Chorus"), Charmain Furlong (as "Chorus"), The Gordon Brothers (as "Chorus"), Ernest Hare (as "Pierre"), Clarence Harvey (as "Marquis de Tivoli"), Betty LaBoulaye (as "Chorus"), Marie Lachere (as "Chorus"), Jane Lawrence (as "Susanne" / "Chorus"), Stella Mayhew (as "Mme. Elise"), Harry Pilcer (as "Andrew Mason"), Lew Quinn (as "Manager of the Skating Rink"), Dorothy Scherer (as "Chorus"), Billee Taylor (as "A Rounder"), Camille Truesdale (as "Chorus"), Mae West, Van Rensselaer Wheeler (as "Aristide de St. Cloche"). Produced by The Winter Garden Company.
  • (1916) Stage: Appeared (as "Gus Jackson" / "Good Friday" / "Fatima") in "Robinson Crusoe, Jr." on Broadway. Musical extravaganza. Music by Sigmund Romberg and James Hanley. Book by Edgar Smith. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director / Music Orchestrated by Oscar Radin (w/Frank Saddler'). Featuring songs with lyrics by Charles McCarron and Charles S. Alberte. Scenic Design by P. Dodd Ackerman, H. Robert Law and John H. Young. Costume Design by Faibsey and Aloys Bohnen. Choreographed by Allan K. Foster. Directed by James C. Huffman. Winter Garden Theatre: 17 Feb 1916-10 Jun 1916 (139 performances). Cast: John Berkes (credited as Johnnie Berkes; as "Bob Van Astor" / "Happy" / "Trip" / "Sailor Johnnie"; Broadway debut), Frank Carter, Kitty Doner, Lawrence D'Orsay (as "Capt. Chichester" / "The Spaniard" / "Bamboozla"), Claude Flemming, Frank Grace, Barry Lupino, Helen Shipman (as "Diana Westbury" / "Lady Diana" / "Vanilla"), Ada Androva, Cecele Arno, Fay Arthur, Faye Atkins, Dorothy Barnett, Carroll Beerd, Gladys Benjamin, Mabel Booth, Rae Bowdin, Edward Bowers, Eleanor Brown, Evelyn Carberry, Margaret Carmen, Helen Carrington, Mae Chesterly, Ruth Christie, Harry Cohen, Mme. Comont, James Conners, Louisa Conti, Alfred Crocker, Babe Dakin, Vivian Darville, Harry Davis, Marjorie Dayton, Elizabeth Drew, Bert Dunlap, Edna Eaton, Pearl Eaton, Martha Ehrlich, Florence Elmore, Jean Forbes, Mabel Grete, Phyllis Grey, Jean Hackett, Agnes Hall, Grace Hall, Ona Hamilton, Rae Hartley, Mabel Hill, Frank Holmes, Helen Hudson, Alice Humphries, Kathryn Johnson, Ethel Kinley, George Lavender, Marie Leonard, Peggy Loris, Wanda Lyon (credited as Wanda Lyons; as "Gladys Brookville" / "Slave Girl"; Broadway debut), Ruth Maybee, Carolyn Maywood, Laura McLure, Irene Mitchell, Marion Mooney, William Morris, Sue Nally, Helen Neat, Florence Nelson, Harry Nelson, Peter O'Neill, Kathryn Perry, Lee Phelps, May Poth, Homer Potts, Viola Quinn, Betty Randolph, Agnes Richter, Isabelle Rodrigues, Dot Rozelle, Clint Russell, Leon Shack, Mildred Simon, Peggy Smith, Mildred Stokes, George Thornton, Gladys Turner, Elinor Wallace, Frank Walters, Al Watson, Viola Watson, Pearl Weber, Jean White, Lois Whitney, Marie Wiereman, Harry Wilcox, Mabel Winters. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1913) Stage Play: The Honeymoon Express. Musical/farce. Book by Joseph Herbert. Music by Jean Schwartz. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director: Oscar Radin. Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler. Additional music by Al Jolson, Al W. Brown and Alexander Borodin. Directed by Ned Wayburn. Winter Garden Theatre: 6 Feb 1913- 14 Jun 1913 (156 performances). Cast: Lou Anger (as "Gardonne, hotel keeper at Arignon"), Dorothy Armstrong (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Jane Arrol (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Lillian Baker (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Owen Baxter (as "Maurice, A poster painter"), Alma Braham (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Gladys Breston (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Fanny Brice (as "Marcelle, A domestic"), Stella Brindley (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Helen Broderick (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Bessie Burch (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Jack Carelton (as "Constant, Bachelor friend of Henri"), Sadie Carr (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Florence Coleman (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Mabel d'Elmar (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Babe Dakin (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Vera DeFord (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Gaby Deslys (as "Yvonne, Wife of Henri"), Harland Dixon (as "Alphonse, Expressman") [Broadway debut], Yansci Dolly (as "Marguerite, Gardonne's daughter"), Noelie Dolores (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), James Doyle (as "Gaston, Expressman"), Henry Dyer (as "Paul, Bachelor friend of Henri"), Melville Ellis (as "Doctor D'Zuvay"), Sven Erick (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Grace Falk (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Harry Fox (as "Pierre, Henri's friend"), Madeline Frain (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Nan Fredericks (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Laura Gaynelle (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Ernest Glendinning (as "Henri Dubonet"), Laura Hastings (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Robert Hastings (as "Eduard, Bachelor friend of Henri"), Grace Henry (as "Personnel of the Chorus") [Broadway debut], Bessie Holbrook (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Frank Holmes (as "Achille, bachelor friend of Henri"), Olive Horner (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Tao Howard (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Catherine Hurst (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Al Jolson (as "Gus, Butler at Dubonet's"), Florence Kern (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), John Kusky (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Marjorie Lane (as "Noelie, A maid"), Frankie Lee (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Marie Leonard (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Adah Lewis (as "Mme. de Bressie, Yvonne's Aunt"), Toby Lyons (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), David Marshall (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Gerald McDonald (as "Gautier, Bachelor friend of Henri"), Lois Moncrief (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Helen Mooney (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Paul Moore (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Jeanette Murray (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Louise Owen (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Dorothy Page (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Harry Pilcer (as "Baudry, A lawyer"), Agnes Richter (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Bobbie Roberts (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Mignon Rozelle (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Madelein Russe (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Clint Russell (as "Guillaume, bachelor friend of Henri"), Bessie Shannon (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Heloise Sheppard (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Kelcey Staunton (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Howard Stevens (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Geraldine Taylor (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Louis Van Blake (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Ella Vincent (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Minerva Walton (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Harry Wardell (as "Felix, A gateman"), Gilbert Watson (as "Marcus, A waiter"), Lillian West (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Ethel Wheeler (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Clara Whiteford (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Peggy Whitney (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Harry Wilcox (as "Personnel of the Chorus"), Gilbert Wilson (Personnel of the Chorus"), Maudie Worden (as "Personnel of the Chorus"). Produced by The Winter Garden Company.
  • (1935) Radio: Host of NBC Radio's "The Shell Chateau Hour".
  • (1925) Stage Play: Artists and Models. Musical revue. Music by Alfred Goodman, J. Fred Coots, Maurice Ruebens [credited as Maurice Rubens] and Sigmund Romberg. Book by Harold Atteridge and Harry Wagstaff Gribble. Lyrics by Clifford Grey. Music orchestrated by Emil Gerstenberger. Musical Director: Oscar Bradley. Choreographed by Jack Haskell and Gertrude Hoffman [credited as Gertrude Hoffmann]. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by Erté and George Barbier. Directed by J.J. Shubert and Alexander Leftwich. Winter Garden Theatre: 24 Jun 1925- 7 May 1926 (416 performances). Cast: May Alexander, Al Allison, Herbert Ashton, Yvonne Bacon, Phil Baker, Leon Barte, Leon Bartels, Louise Blackburn, Jay Brennan, Murray Browne, Dorothy Burnell, Joseph Caits, Louis Caits, Grace Cantrell, Thelma Carlton, Jane Carroll, Marion Case, Gloria Christy, Teddy Claire, Morine Clarke, Herbert Corthell, Arthur Craig, Eileen Culshaw, Marguerite Dalby, Claire de Figaniere, Patricia DeLong, Ferral Dewees, Billy DeWolf, Jane Dobbin, Mildred Douglas, Dorothy Drum, Pudgie Duker, Dottie Ellis, Jean English, Mildred Espy, Alberta Faust, Miriam Fine, Harriet Fowler, Helene Frederic, Catherine Gallimore, Janice Glenn, Gladys Granzow, Sarah Granzow, Toots Gregory, Florence Gunther, Joe Higgins, Shari Hockman, Llora Hoffman, Margie Hoffman, Gertrude Hoffman Girls, Dorothy Hordern, Sunshine Jarrman, Andrew Joachim, May Judels, Kathleen Karr, Thelma Kay, John Kenny, Mary Kissell, Emma Kleigge, Florence Kolinsky, Ada Landis, Betty Lawrence, Alice MacDonald, Aline MacMahon, Carol Maybury, Lulu McConnell, Billy McKay, Margaret McKay, Margaret Merle, Margie Minor, Maxine Morton, Helen Murray, Evelyn Nelson, Jack Oakie [final Broadway role], Gene Owens, Agatha Phillips, Frank Phillips, Florence Quinn, Stanley Rogers, George Rosener, Marion Ross, Agnes Schroeder, Sid Silvers, Margaret Sloan, Charlotte Suddath, Jacquelin Surprise, Beatrice Swanson, Penn Thornton, Peggy Timmons, Eric Titus, Katrina Trask, Billy B. Van, Dorothy Van Heft, Lew Walker, June Wall, Gene Wallin, Dorothy Weber, Eleanor Willems, Frances Willems, Minerva Wilson, Walter Woolf King [credited as Walter Woolf], Ruth Zackey. Replacement actor: Al Jolson [from 21 Mar 1926- ?]. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Big Boy. Musical comedy. Music by James F. Hanley and Joseph Meyer. Book by Harold Atteridge. Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva. Mr. Jolson's Orchestrations by Alfred Goodman. Music orchestrated by Emil Gerstenberger. Dances and Ensembles Arranged by Seymour Felix and Larry Ceballos. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Dialogue Directed by Alexander Leftwich. Winter Garden Theatre: 7 Jan 1925- 14 Mar 1925 (56 performances). Cast: Al Jolson (as "Gus"), George Andre(as "Dancer"), Marion Andre (as "Show Girls"), Wyn Ayres (as "Show Girls"), Edythe Baker (as "Phyllis Carter"), Hugh Banks (as "Joe Warren"), Franklyn Batie (as "Jim Redding/Tucker"), Frank Beaston (as "Jack Bedford"), Adolphe Beck (as "Men"), Peggy Bernier (as "Dancer"), May Birt (as "Show Girls"), Freddie Bond (as "Show Girls"), William Bonelli (as "Legrande"), Bobbie Brandeis (as "Men"), Colin Campbell (as "Steve Leslie"), Elsie Carroll (as "Dancer"), Nancy Carroll (as "Show Girls"), Terry Carroll (as "Show Girls"), Irving Carter (as "Danny/Men"), Al Clair (as "Men"), Lee Cutler (as "Dancer"), Jewel Dalores (as "Dancer"), Clifford Daly (as "Men"), Leo Donnelly (as "Doc Wilbur"), Helen Doyle (as "Dancer"), Minnie Dupree (as "Dancer"), William C. Elkins (as "Jubilee Singer"), Flo Evers (as "Show Girls"), Albert Ford (as "Men"), Ethel Fuller (as "Dancer"), Rose Gallagher (as "Show Girls"), George Gilday (as "Judkins"), Peggy Gillespie (as "Dancer"), Janice Glenn (as "Dancer"), Maude Turner Gordon (as "Mrs. Bedford"), Walter A. Gray (as "Jubilee Singer"), Mabel Grete (as "Dancer"), Patti Harrold (as "Annabelle Bedford"), Louise Hersey (as "Show Girls"), Alma Hookey (as "Dancer"), Wilbert B. Howard (as "Jubilee Singer"), George E. Jackson (as "Jubilee Singer"), Frankie James (as "Dolly Graham"), Naoe Kondo (as "Dancer"), Harry Lake (as "Men"), Lewis Laub (as "Men"), Flo Lewis (as "Tessie Forbes"), Madge Lorraine (as "Show Girls"), Walter Lowery (as "Men"), Dotty Mae (as "Dancer"), Charles Moran (as "Mr. Gray/Tout"), Dinky Ozmont (as "Dancer"), Arthur H. Payne (as "Jubilee Singer"), Mary Phillips (as "Show Girls"), Jack Ray (as "Men"), Ralph Reader (as "Men"), Thelma Robinson (as "Dancer"), Mose R. Ross (as "Jubilee Singer"), Dorothy Rudac (as "Dancer"), Ruth Savoy (as "Dancer"), Edith Scott (as "Caroline Purdy"), Arthur S. Shaw (as "Jubilee Singer"), L.C. Sherman (as "Manager"), Madeline Smith (as "Show Girls"), George Spelvin [actor who wished to remain anonymous] (as "Silent Ransom"), Rose Stone (as "Dancer"), Esther Tanney (as "Dancer"), Kelly Thompson (as "Jubilee Singer"), William L. Thorne (as "Bully John Bagby/Wainwright"), Helen Wallace (as "Dancer"), Walter Wandell (as "Men"), Dorothy Wegman (as "Show Girls"), Carl D. White (as "Jubilee Singer"), Minnie White (as "Dancer"), Ralph Whitehead (as "Coley Reid"), Casco Williams (as "Jubilee Singer"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Note: Filmed by Warner Bros./Vitaphone Corporation as Big Boy (1930).
  • (1925) Stage Play: Big Boy. Musical comedy (revival). Music by James F. Hanley and Joseph Meyer. Book by Harold Atteridge. Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva. Directed by J.J. Shubert. 44th Street Theatre: 24 Aug 1925- Dec 1925 (closing date unknown/120 performances). Cast: George Andre (as "Dancer"), Edythe Baker (as "Annabelle Bedford"), Hugh Banks (as "Joe Warren"), Franklyn Batie (as "Jim Redding/Tucker"), Cosmo Bellew (as "Steve Leslie"), William Bonelli (as "Legrande"), Leo Donnelly (as "Doc Wilbur"), George Gilday (as "Judkins"), Ralph Glover (as "Jack Bedford"), Maude Turner Gordon (as "Mrs. Bedford"), Frank Holmes (as "Mr. Gray/Tout"), Frankie James (as "Dolly Graham"), Al Jolson (as "Gus"), Flo Lewis (as "Tessie Forbes"), Edith Rose-Scott (as "Phyllis Carter"), Dorothy Rudac (as "Dancer"), L.C. Sherman (as "Manager"), George Spelvin (as "Silent Ransom"), William L. Thorne (as "Bully John Bagby"), Wainwright"), Peggy Bernier (as "Watson"), Ralph Whitehead (as "Coley Reid"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Note: Filmed by Warner Bros./Vitaphone Corporation as Big Boy (1930).
  • (February 18, 1923) He acted in the play, "Bombo," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • (January 27, 1924) He performed in the play, "Bombo," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • (November 30, 1924) He acted in the play, "Big Boy," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • (February 27, 1927) He acted in the play, "Big Boy," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • (December 13, 1931) He acted in the play, "The Wonder Bar," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • (October 12 to 19, 1941) He acted in the play, "Hold On To Your Hats," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • (Fall 1978) His musical, "Jolson," was performed at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Clive Baldwin and Sherry Rooney in the cast. Bill Guske was director.

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