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50 Cent, Gloria Allred Team Up for Educational Reality Show 'Dream School'

50 Cent, Gloria Allred Team Up for Educational Reality Show 'Dream School'
Four years ago, 50 Cent had an epiphany about his contribution to society. "I started assessing my legacy and how I want people to remember me," he tells Rolling Stone at a press event for the second season of SundanceTV's education-based reality show Dream School. "Not as a guy who made a couple of cool songs or picked a couple of good roles in film and television, but more as someone who helped others the most. I spent so much time dealing with the business portion of the music business for [2009's] Before I Self Destruct,
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5 Movie Educators That Were Actually Awful

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Movies about teachers are a dime a dozen. Every year the moviegoing public is treated to some flick or another about a hard-nosed educator that is just trying to reach these kids. They can range anywhere from “academically astute” to “criminally incompetent,” though we are often meant to be inspired by the courageous actions of these (mostly) fictional characters regardless.

Today, we’ll examine the lives of five educators who, within the world of their respective scripts, are considered outstanding contributors to the development of America’s youth. Unfortunately, the outlooks of America’s brightest seem a bit dimmer with these teachers at the helm.

Note: Any criticism listed in this article only pertains to the fictional characters represented in their respective films.

5. LouAnne JohnsonDangerous Minds

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What makes her a good educator?

Former U.S. Marine LouAnne Johnson, armed with a master’s degree in English,
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Seven Movie Teachers Who'd Probably Sext Their Students

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Seven Movie Teachers Who'd Probably Sext Their Students We're looking at you, Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. By Amanda Green In movies, teachers selflessly commit themselves to their students. In news headlines, teachers commit statutory rape and creepy Facebook stalking. These once-venerated teachers of cinema deserve an A+ for sexual awkwardness. 1) Dr. Frank Bryant in Educating Rita Not all romantic potential between teacher and student is illicit. Rita, an uneducated Liverpool hairdresser, and the disillusioned Dr. Bryant seem to be about the same age. The two spend hours in his office when Rita enrolls in Open University to study literature. They spend the film talking about essays and classism, but he's checking her out the entire 110 minutes. Had sexting technology existed back then, the professor probably would have gotten naughty. At the very least, Rita would get to use her new reading-comprehension skills. 2) LouAnne Johnson [...]
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