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Gary Lineker says vow to appear in his pants 'depends if the studio is cosy'

Will the former England striker keep his promise to present the season’s first episode of Match of the Day in his undies?

Not since Celia Johnson laid eyes on Trevor Howard has the nation been so captivated by a brief encounter. But the anticipation will finally come to an end on Saturday night when Gary Lineker, in front of a likely audience of more than 4 million people, presents Match of the Day in his underpants.

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Big thank you to Jim in lighting for standing in for me in rehearsals today. #motd pic.twitter.com/vPYwoWRpEs

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If that's what does it for you Claudio. https://t.co/7TzX9IwVLJ

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The Classic Film Series returns with Brief Encounter

  • Cineplex
Some of Hollywood’s best love stories are the ones that never pan out. From Casablanca to Titanic to Brokeback Mountain, we can’t get enough of lovers who are never meant to be together.

In director David Lean’s 1945 masterpiece Brief Encounter it’s placid housewife Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson) and married doctor Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard) who spark up a romance in a dreary train station. Their chemistry is immediate, and we desperately want them to run off together, but their deep-rooted goodness and middle-class British morals hold them back.

Brief Encounter reminds us that love doesn’t always lead to happiness and all we can do is cherish the heartbreak.

Brief Encounter screens as part of Cineplex’s Classic Film Series on June 19th, 22nd and 27th. Go to Cineplex.com/Events for times and locations.
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15 New Movies to Watch at Home This Week on Blu-ray/DVD

Welcome back to This Week In Discs where we check out tomorrow’s new releases today! Death Becomes Her (Scream Factory) What is it? Madeline (Meryl Streep) and Helen (Goldie Hawn) have been rivals for years, but their biggest face-off comes after a desperate Madeline takes a potion in a bid to look and feel young again. It makes her immortal — right before she falls down the stairs and breaks her neck. She can’t die, but her body can take a beating, and even in her undead state she once again finds herself in competition with Helen. Why buy it? Director Robert Zemeckis is clearly at home with this blackly comic, Tales from the Crypt-like feature that deftly mixes laughs, gruesome deeds, and cutting edge (for 1992) special effects. Streep and Hawn are both terrific, but Bruce Willis more than holds his own (and delivers one of his best performances) as a beleaguered husband with a
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Elizabeth Johnson, Mother of Missing Arizona Boy 'Baby Gabriel,' Arrested for Probation Violation

  • PEOPLE.com
Elizabeth Johnson, Mother of Missing Arizona Boy 'Baby Gabriel,' Arrested for Probation Violation
It was a case that has perplexed authorities for more than 6 years. In December 2009, Elizabeth Johnson was embroiled in a bitter custody battle with her ex, Logan McQueary. She fled her Tempe, Arizona home with their 8-month-old son, Gabriel. They were spotted at a San Antonio motel on December 26, 2009. That was the last time Gabriel was seen. When police finally caught up with Johnson in Miami, Baby Gabriel was nowhere to be found. A jury convicted Johnson of unlawful imprisonment, custodial interference and conspiracy to commit custodial interference. She was sentenced to 5 years in prison, but was released early in
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Elizabeth Johnson, Mother of Missing Arizona Boy 'Baby Gabriel,' Arrested for Probation Violation

  • PEOPLE.com
Elizabeth Johnson, Mother of Missing Arizona Boy 'Baby Gabriel,' Arrested for Probation Violation
It was a case that has perplexed authorities for more than 6 years. In December 2009, Elizabeth Johnson was embroiled in a bitter custody battle with her ex, Logan McQueary. She fled her Tempe, Arizona home with their 8-month-old son, Gabriel. They were spotted at a San Antonio motel on December 26, 2009. That was the last time Gabriel was seen. When police finally caught up with Johnson in Miami, Baby Gabriel was nowhere to be found. A jury convicted Johnson of unlawful imprisonment, custodial interference and conspiracy to commit custodial interference. She was sentenced to 5 years in prison, but was released early in
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Film Review 'Brief Encounter'

  • CineVue
★★★★☆ Back on the big screen across the UK in conjunction with the BFI's 'Love' season is one of the most well-known cinematic contemplations on the consequences of a simple question; "What if?" Celebrating the seventieth anniversary of its initial release, Brief Encounter (1945) still holds a special allure, some kind of now-nostalgic emotional restraint that continues to draw viewers in. The longing and exhilaration emanating off leads Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard still radiates.
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Cummings Pt.3: Gender-Bending from Joan of Arc to Comic Farce, Liberal Supporter of Political Refugees

'Saint Joan': Constance Cummings as the George Bernard Shaw heroine. Constance Cummings on stage: From sex-change farce and Emma Bovary to Juliet and 'Saint Joan' (See previous post: “Constance Cummings: Frank Capra, Mae West and Columbia Lawsuit.”) In the mid-1930s, Constance Cummings landed the title roles in two of husband Benn W. Levy's stage adaptations: Levy and Hubert Griffith's Young Madame Conti (1936), starring Cummings as a demimondaine who falls in love with a villainous character. She ends up killing him – or does she? Adapted from Bruno Frank's German-language original, Young Madame Conti was presented on both sides of the Atlantic; on Broadway, it had a brief run in spring 1937 at the Music Box Theatre. Based on the Gustave Flaubert novel, the Theatre Guild-produced Madame Bovary (1937) was staged in late fall at Broadway's Broadhurst Theatre. Referring to the London production of Young Madame Conti, The
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Why Brief Encounter is the film you should watch this week – video review

The classic British romance, written by Noel Coward and directed by David Lean, has long outgrown the condescension it was once treated with. Starring Celia Johnson as the married woman who falls in love with Trevor Howard’s doctor, and who conducts a guilt-ridden illicit relationship with him, Brief Encounter has re-emerged as a story possessing ‘a romantic and tragic grandeur’, says Peter Bradshaw

Brief Encounter is re-released on 6 November in the UK

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Brief Encounter: is it still relevant at 70?

David Lean’s class-confronting 1945 classic about a terribly, terribly British (sort of) affair has forced our critic to think again

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For most of my life I have utterly scorned Brief Encounter. I hated its emotional constipation, its plummily accented, almost-adulterous middle-class lead characters Laura and Alec (Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard), and their exasperating inability to throw caution to the wind, bite the bullet, and just get it on. I giggled through whole sections of it: a line of voiceover such as, “Alec behaved with such politeness. No one would have guessed what he was feeling,” uttered at a moment of complete sexual despair, would have me rolling on the floor. I thought I was terribly clever to treat it as a comedy, not realising that tragedy and comedy both depend on good timing, and that a moment like,
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Mitchum Stars in TCM Movie Premiere Set Among Japanese Gangsters Directed by Future Oscar Winner

Robert Mitchum ca. late 1940s. Robert Mitchum movies 'The Yakuza,' 'Ryan's Daughter' on TCM Today, Aug. 12, '15, Turner Classic Movies' “Summer Under the Stars” series is highlighting the career of Robert Mitchum. Two of the films being shown this evening are The Yakuza and Ryan's Daughter. The former is one of the disappointingly few TCM premieres this month. (See TCM's Robert Mitchum movie schedule further below.) Despite his film noir background, Robert Mitchum was a somewhat unusual choice to star in The Yakuza (1975), a crime thriller set in the Japanese underworld. Ryan's Daughter or no, Mitchum hadn't been a box office draw in quite some time; in the mid-'70s, one would have expected a Warner Bros. release directed by Sydney Pollack – who had recently handled the likes of Jane Fonda, Barbra Streisand, and Robert Redford – to star someone like Jack Nicholson or Al Pacino or Dustin Hoffman.
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See This or Die: 'Brief Encounter' will devastate you

  • Hitfix
See This or Die: 'Brief Encounter' will devastate you
Our weekly feature in which a writer answers the question: if you could force your friends at gunpoint to watch one movie or TV show, what would it be? David Lean is best known for directing such big-screen epics as "Bridge on the River Kwai," "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Doctor Zhivago," but he first came to the attention of American audiences with the small-scale 1945 romantic drama "Brief Encounter," which charts the doomed love affair between two restless Brits (Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard) who are both married with children yet feel stifled by their dry middle-class existences. The film is an adaptation of Noel Coward's one-act play "Still Life," which some contemporary critics suggest was a coded representation of the "forbidden love" Coward experienced as a closeted gay man. The play and Lean's film version could certainly could be construed that way, but even taken straight (no pun intended
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The 50 Definitive Relationship Dramas: 10-1

10. Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948)

Directed by: Max Ophuls

To be honest, the relationship at the center of “Letter from an Unknown Woman” barely even exists. It’s more of a longing from one side than the other. But the ways Ophuls structures the film qualifies it for this list. For the run of the story, we hear a voiceover, explaining the moments in these two characters’ lives. Lisa (Joan Fontaine) is a teenager who becomes obsessed with a pianist who lives in her building named Stefan (Louis Jordan). She only meets him once, but maintains her love for him. After her mother announces they will be moving, Lisa runs away, but sees Stefan with another woman. Lisa becomes a respectable woman and is proposed to by a young, family-focused military officer, whom she turns down, still in love with Stefan, a man she has barely met. Years later, she
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London Stage Star and Olivier Henry V Leading Lady Asherson Dead at Age 99

'Henry V' Movie Actress Renée Asherson dead at 99: Laurence Olivier leading lady in acclaimed 1944 film (image: Renée Asherson and Laurence Olivier in 'Henry V') Renée Asherson, a British stage actress featured in London productions of A Streetcar Named Desire and Three Sisters, but best known internationally as Laurence Olivier's leading lady in the 1944 film version of Henry V, died on October 30, 2014. Asherson was 99 years old. The exact cause of death hasn't been specified. She was born Dorothy Renée Ascherson (she would drop the "c" some time after becoming an actress) on May 19, 1915, in Kensington, London, to Jewish parents: businessman Charles Ascherson and his second wife, Dorothy Wiseman -- both of whom narrowly escaped spending their honeymoon aboard the Titanic. (Ascherson cancelled the voyage after suffering an attack of appendicitis.) According to Michael Coveney's The Guardian obit for the actress, Renée Asherson was "scantly
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Which is the greatest British film in history? No one seems to be in agreement

Best British movies of all time? (Image: a young Michael Caine in 'Get Carter') Ten years ago, Get Carter, starring Michael Caine as a dangerous-looking London gangster (see photo above), was selected as the United Kingdom's very best movie of all time according to 25 British film critics polled by Total Film magazine. To say that Mike Hodges' 1971 thriller was a surprising choice would be an understatement. I mean, not a David Lean epic or an early Alfred Hitchcock thriller? What a difference ten years make. On Total Film's 2014 list, published last May, Get Carter was no. 44 among the magazine's Top 50 best British movies of all time. How could that be? Well, first of all, people would be very naive if they took such lists seriously, whether we're talking Total Film, the British Film Institute, or, to keep things British, Sight & Sound magazine. Second, whereas Total Film's 2004 list was the result of a 25-critic consensus,
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Gardner, Crawford Among Academy's Career Achievement Award Non-Winners

Honorary Award: Gloria Swanson, Rita Hayworth among dozens of women bypassed by the Academy (photo: Honorary Award non-winner Gloria Swanson in 'Sunset Blvd.') (See previous post: "Honorary Oscars: Doris Day, Danielle Darrieux Snubbed.") Part three of this four-part article about the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Honorary Award bypassing women basically consists of a long, long — and for the most part quite prestigious — list of deceased women who, some way or other, left their mark on the film world. Some of the names found below are still well known; others were huge in their day, but are now all but forgotten. Yet, just because most people (and the media) suffer from long-term — and even medium-term — memory loss, that doesn't mean these women were any less deserving of an Honorary Oscar. So, among the distinguished female film professionals in Hollywood and elsewhere who have passed away without
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Top Ten Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or Winners

Palais des Festivals at the 2013 Cannes Film FestivalPhoto: RopeofSilicon.com The 2014 Cannes Film Festival begins in just two days and since I won't be able to attend this year I still wanted to do something Cannes-related. I started looking back over the years of the festival, which is celebrating its 67th edition this year. I considered going back and reviewing 15-16 films from a specific year in the past, but I thought of it too late. I then started looking over the history of past winners, and while I realize I haven't seen even half of the Cannes Film Festival winners I thought it would be fun to take a look at a list of the top ten I had seen, assuming readers could add their thoughts in the comments, suggesting some titles I have not yet seen or those you believe belong in the top ten. As we all know,
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Trevor Howard Box Set

(1945-53, StudioCanal, PG)

A public school boy from the professional middle-class, the ruggedly handsome Trevor Howard (1913-88) was the first new British star to emerge after the second world war, usually playing middle-class professionals – doctors, lawyers, military men, colonial officials. He was, however, Oscar-nominated as Paul Morel's hard-drinking, working-class father in Sons and Lovers (1960).

His movie career lasted more than 40 years, but his most memorable star parts came early on. Five of these are in this excellent box set, starting with his decent doctor caught up in a chaste but passionate affair with housewife Celia Johnson in Brief Encounter (1945), a classic example of British understatement, and the first of his three films with David Lean. This is followed by his cynical intelligence officer pursuing black marketeer Harry Lime through the sewers of postwar Vienna in the Carol Reed-Graham Greene masterpiece The Third Man (1949).

In the third film,
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Remembering Trevor Howard

Feature Aliya Whiteley 26 Sep 2013 - 07:13

An acting great British of the post-war era, Trevor Howard's the subject of a new movie box set. Aliya looks at its five classic films...

It's difficult to describe Trevor Howard. I could start by saying he was a great leading man of British post-war cinema, but that leaves out his supporting turns in films like The Third Man, and his character performances, such as Captain Bligh in Mutiny On The Bounty (1962), or Sir Henry At Rawlinson End (1980). He could be called an upper-class gentleman, but in Sons And Lovers (1960) he played a Nottinghamshire miner perfectly.

I could talk about how he wasn't traditionally handsome, but the look in his eyes when he falls passionately for Celia Johnson (Brief Encounter) contains a male beauty that continues to define cinematic love today. Or maybe I could mention how perfectly he inhabited the role of
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Behind the Candelabra proves it: our greatest romances are gay | Tom Shone

As Soderbergh's Liberace biopic hits our screens, why is it that homosexual love stories now work so much better than hetero?

I know where I'll be Sunday night. The reviews coming out of Cannes for Steven Soderbergh's Liberace biopic, Behind the Candelabra, which airs on HBO on Sunday night, have turned it into must-see TV.

We might have been able to guess that Soderbergh's take on the kitsch-addicted superstar would turn out to be "mesmeric, riskily incorrect, outrageously watchable and simply outrageous" (The Guardian). Or that Michael Douglas would be "shrewd, rude, wickedly funny" (Indiewire) in the central role. What is interesting is that the film, which was made for HBO because it was "too gay" for mainstream cinematic release, has turned out to be "both hilarious and heartrending" (The Playlist), an "intimate love story" (Thompson on Hollywood) and Soderbergh's "most emotional and touching work" to date (Hollywood Elsewhere
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'Brief Encounter' beats 'Casablanca' to top romantic film

'Brief Encounter' beats 'Casablanca' to top romantic film
Brief Encounter has beaten Casablanca to the title of 'Best Romantic Film' in a new list for Time Out London.

The list was compiled with input from 101 industry experts, including actor Richard Gere, directors Judd Apatow and Edgar Wright, and Miss Piggy of The Muppets.

> Read the full top 100 on the 'Time Out' website

Time Out London's film editor Dave Calhoun said: "What makes the Time Out list so exciting and unusual is that it's not just the opinion of three sun-starved film critics sitting in a darkened room and writing a list.

"Instead, we got off our sofas and asked 101 real experts in movies and romance for their personal take on the matter - and our top 100 romantic films reflects their very personal choices."

Topping the list was David Lean's 1946 drama Brief Encounter, written by Noël Coward and starring Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard, Stanley Holloway and Joyce Carey.
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