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(1910- 1948). Active on Broadway in the following productions:

(1910). Stage Play: Pillars of Society. Written by Henrik Ibsen. Lyceum Theatre: 28 Mar 1910- Apr 1910 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Holbrook Blinn (as "Karsten Bernick"), Wilfred Buckland (as "Vigeland"), Cyril Chadwick (as "Hilmar Tonnesen"), Mrs. Fiske (as "Lona Hessel"), T.N. Heffron (as "Sandstad"), Alice John (as "Martha Bernick") [Broadway debut], Gregory Kelly (as "Olaf"), Virginia Kline (as "Mrs. Bernick"), Sheldon Lewis (as "Aune"), Edward MacKay (as "Johan Tonnesen"), Merle Maddern (as "Dina Dorf"), Veda McEvers (as "Mrs. Lynge"), Fuller Mellish (as "Rummel"), Mabel Reed (as "Mrs. Rummel"), Henry Stephenson (as "Dr. Rorlund"), R.W. Tucker (as "Krap"), Helena Van Brugh (as "Hilda Rummel"). Produced by Harrison Grey Fiske.

(1910). Stage Play: Hannele. Written by Gerhart Hauptmann. Translated by Mary J. Saffird. Lyceum Theatre: 11 Apr 1910- Apr 1910 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Florine Arnold, Holbrook Blinn, Wilfred Buckland, Mrs. Fiske, T.N. Heffron, Alice John, Virginia Kline, Sheldon Lewis, Edward MacKay, Merle Maddern, Veda McEvers, Fuller Mellish, Mabel Reed, Paul Scardon, Henry Stephenson, R.W. Tucker, Helena Van Brugh.

(1910). Stage Play: The Green Cockatoo. Written by Arthur Schnitzler. Translated by Philip Little and George Rublee. Lyceum Theatre: 11 Apr 1910- Apr 1910 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Holbrook Blinn, Wilfred Buckland, Cyril Chadwick, Alice John, Gregory Kelly, Sheldon Lewis, Edward MacKay, Merle Maddern, Harold Matthews, Veda McEvers, Owen Meech, Fuller Mellish, Robert Owen, Paul Scardon, Henry Stephenson, R.W. Tucker, Helena Van Brugh. Produced by Harrison Grey Fiske.

(1911). Stage Play: Seven Sisters. Comedy. Written by Edith Ellis. Adapted from the Hungarian of Ferenc Herczeg[credited as Ferencz Herczeg]. Translated by Ferike Boros. Lyceum Theatre: 20 Feb 1911- Mar 1911 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Gaston Bell, Clara T. Bracy, Charles Cherry, Carlotta Doty, Wilfred Draycott, Virginia Hamilton, John B. Hollis, Shelly Hull, Alice John, Orilla Mars, Eva McDonald, Albac Sandor, Gladys Smith, Laurette Taylor, Bernard Thornton. Produced by Daniel Frohman.

(1911). Stage Play: Thy Neighbor's Wife. Written by Elmer Harris. Directed by Jacob Heniger. Lyceum Theatre: 5 Sep 1911- Sep 1911 (closing date unknown/15 performances). Cast: A.S. 'Pop' Byron (as "John Robins"), Pamela Gaythorne (as "Mrs. Robins"), Alice John (as "Mrs. Miller"), Frederick Tiden (as "Mr. Miller"). Produced by Daniel Frohman.

(1912). Stage Play: The Perplexed Husband.

(1914). Stage Play: A Modern Girl. Written by Marion Fairfax and Ruth C. Mitchell. Comedy Theatre: 12 Sep 1914- Sep 1914 (closing date unknown/17 performances). Cast: Charles Allison, Lee Baker, Frederick Burton, Violet Heming, Alice John, Edward Lester, Frederick Malcolm, Edward Nicander, Grace Reals, Julius Steger.

(1914). Stage Play: What It Means to a Woman. Written by E.H. Gould and F. Whitehouse. Longacre Theatre: 19 Nov 1914- Nov 1914 (closing date unknown/12 performances). Cast: Catherine Calhoun, Laura Nelson Hall, Arthur P. Hyman, Alice John, Rita Jolivet, Royden Keith, Joseph Kilgour, Marion Lord, Frank Mills, Mary Miles Minter, Jean Newcombe, Florence St. Leonard. Produced by H.H. Frazee.

(1916). Stage Play: Please Help Emily. Written by H.M. Harwood. Lyceum Theatre: 14 Aug 1916- Sep 1916 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Joseph Allenton, Anton Ascher, Sydney Blair, Charles Cherry, Hubert Druce [credited as Herbert Druce], Ferdinand Gottschalk, Alice Hale, John Harwood, J.J. Horowitz, Alice John Vernon Kelso [Broadway debut], Jeffreys Lewis, Maud Milton, Ann Murdock, Kenyon Musgrove, Ben Probst [Broadway debut], Jules Raucourt. Produced by Charles Frohman Inc. Note: Filmed by Empire All Star Corp. [distributed by Mutual Film] as Please Help Emily (1917), and by Famous Players-Lasky Corporation [distributed by Paramount Pictures] as The Palm Beach Girl (1926).

(1917). Stage Play: The Fugitive.

(1922). Stage Play: Madame Pierre. Comedy. Adapted from the French of 'Eugene Brieux'. Book adapted by Arthur Hornblow Jr.. Directed by Robert Milton. Ritz Theatre: 15 Feb 1922- Mar 1922 (closing date unknown/37 performances). Cast: Marsh Allen (as "Ferdinand Brochot"), Evelyn Carter Carrington (as "Mme. Bodier"), Stanley Jessup (as "A Boatman"), Alice John (as "Phrasie"), Fuller Mellish (as "Bodier"), Estelle Winwood (as "Charlotte"), Marjorie Wood (as "Isabelle"), Cecil Yapp (as "Henri Limouzin"), Roland Young (as "Pierre Cottrel"). Produced by William Harris Jr.

(1922). Stage Play: Banco. Comedy. Written by Clare Kummer. Based on the French of Alfred Savoir. Directed by Robert Milton. Ritz Theatre: 20 Sep 1922- Nov 1922 (closing date unknown/89 performances). Cast: Francis Byrne, J. Malcolm Dunn (as "Feydal"), Lola Fisher, Charlotte Granville (as "Baroness Delignieres"), Hall Higley, Alice John (as "Julie"), Alfred Lunt (as "Count Alexandre de Lussac/AKA: "Banco"), Edward G. Robinson (as "Louis"), Robert Strange. Produced by William H. Harris Jr.

(1922). Stage Play: Romeo and Juliet. Tragedy (revival).

(1923). Stage Play: The Laughing Lady. Comedy.

(1923). Stage Play: The Swan. Comedy.

(1926). Stage Play: Port O' London.

(1926). Stage Play: Love in a Mist. Comedy.

(1929). Stage Play: Serena Blandish. Comedy.

(1929). Stage Play: Berkeley Square. Drama.

(1931). Stage Play: Peter Ibbetson. Drama/fantasy (revival). Written by John N. Raphael and Constance Collier. Directed by Constance Collier. Shubert Theatre: 8 Apr 1931- May 1931 (closing date unknown/37 performances). Cast: Henriette Amiard (as "Victorine"), Maxine Arnold (as "Guest"), Anna Marie Barrie (as "Mimsey Seraskier"), Reneice Buck (as "Guest"), Eileen Byron (as "A Sister of Charity"), Henry Carvill (as "Raphael Merridew/Crockett"), Josepha Chekova (as "Guest"), Wallis Clark (as "Major Duquesnois"), Jack Daniels (as "Guest"), Jean Fullarton (as "Mme. Pasquier de la Mariere"), Patrick Glasgow (as "Charlie Plunket"), Mabel Gore (as "Miss Fenwick"), Jeanne Guise (as "Mme. Seraskier"), Alice John (as "Mrs. Glyn"), Philip Cary Jones (as "Turnkey"), Dennis King (as "Peter Ibbetson"), Richard Lambart (as "M. Pasquier de la Mariere"), Jessie Royce Landis (as "Mary, Duchess of Towers"), Mary Lane (as "Guest"), Peter Martin (as "Guest"), Charles Mussett (as "Governor"), George Nash (as "Colonel Ibbetson"), Mary Newham-Davis (as "Diana Vivash"), John E. Riley (as "Guest"), Everett Ripley (as "Guy Mainwaring"), Joseph Romantini (as "Achille"), Mildred Spencer (as "Guest"), Claire Stange (as "Guest"), Freddie Stange (as "Gogo Pasquier"), Lloyd Taylor (as "Footman/Warden"), Valerie Taylor (as "Mrs. Deane"), Helen Tenney (as "Madge Plunket"), Clifford Walker (as "Mr. Lintot/Prison Chaplain"), Nancy Lewis Waller (as "Lady Gray"), Helen Walpole (as "Guest"), Phyllis Wilbourn (as "Miss Fenwick"), Stephen Wright (as "The Bishop"). Produced by Lee Shubert.

(1931). Stage Play: Tom Sawyer. Comedy.

(1932). Stage Play: Child of Manhattan.

(1933). Stage Play: We, The People. Written by Elmer Rice. Directed by Elmer Rice. Empire Theatre: 21 Jan 1933- Mar 1933 (closing date unknown/49 performances). Cast: Frieda Altman (as "Passer-by"), David Appelbe (as "A Clerk"), Carroll Ashburn (as "Larry Collins"), Mildred Baker (as "Winifred Drew"), Harry Bellaver (as "Mike Ramsay"), Jules J. Bennett (as "Herman Spandau"), Marvin S. Borowsky (as "Leo Schwartz"), Orrin Burke (as "Ellis Jones"), Sam Byrd (as "Peter Hines"), Burr Caruth (as "James Trowbridge"), George Christie, Blaine Cordner (as Albert Collins"), Glenn Coulter, Charles H. Davis, Gregory Deane, Lawrence Ellinger, Katherine Emmet (as "Sarah Collins"), Harry Fischer, Walter Greaza (as "Cleveland Thomas"), Alan Hale (as "Passer-by"), Randolph Hale (as "Jack Ingersoll"), Jane Hamilton, Fred Herrick, William Ingersoll, House Jameson (as "James Moulton"), Alice John (as "Edna Innes"), Charles La Torre (as "Louis Volterra"), David Leonard (as "Morris Hirschbein"), Howard Miller (as "Arthur Meadows"), Grace Mills, Harry Moore, Carlton Moss, Clement O'Loghlin, George Pembroke, Eleanor Phelps, Mildred Quigley, R. Birrell Rawls, Arthur Ritchie, Florence Robinson (as "Passer-by"), Herbert Rudley, Maria Sermolino, Phil Sheridan, Jean Sidney, Juliana Taberna, Forrest Taylor, Ralph Theodore, Calvin Thomas (as "Walter Applegate"), Thomas F. Tracey, Valerie Valaire, Egisto Visser, Gladys Walker, Pierre Watkin, Maurice Wells, Frank H. Wilson (as "Steve Clinton"). Produced by Elmer Rice.

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