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Other Works

  • (1960) Unsold pilot: Served as the host for a pilot for a proposed anthology series called "The Weapon".
  • Book: "Sailing on a Very Fine Day"
  • (1944) Stage: Appeared (as "Fiddler, Illinois Wilderness" / "Bonaforte, Mississippi Boat" / "1st Soldier, Civil War Campfire" / "Jolly Tramp, Railroad Station, Texas" / "Petty Officer, Aircraft Carrier") in "Sing Out, Sweet Land [A Salute to American Folk and Popular Music" on Broadway]. Book by / directed by Walter Kerr. Music arranged by / special music written by / music conducted by Elie Siegmeister [erroneously credited as Elie Siegmaster]. Production staged by Leon Leonidoff. Choreographed by Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman. Scenic Design by Albert R. Johnson. Costume Design by Lucinda Ballard. Assistant to Lucinda Ballard: Johnnie Johnson. International Theatre: 27 Dec 1944-24 Mar 1945 (102 performances). Cast: Alfred Drake (as "Barnaby Goodchild"), Hercules Armstrong (as "Spiritual Ensemble"), Dorothy Baxter (as "Mrs. Jones' Daughters, Railroad Station, Texas" / "Vocal Ensemble" / "Verse Chorus"), Rhoda Boggs (as "Spiritual Ensemble"), Harry Bolden (as "Spiritual Ensemble"), Peggy Campbell (as "Mrs. Jones' Daughters, Railroad Station, Texas" / "Dancer"), Roberta Cassell (as "Dancer"), George Cassidy (as "Harry, Aircraft Carrier" / "Vocal Ensemble" / "Verse Chorus"), Cathleen Chambers (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Marjorie Chandler (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Jack Claus (as "Dancer"), Philip Coolidge (as "Parson Killjoy, Puritan New England" / "Mary Jane's Father, Illinois Wilderness" / "Sheriff, Mississippi Boat" / "Lieutenant, Civil War Campfire" / "Villian, City Park" / "Bluenose, Five O'Clock Whistle" / "Commander, Aircraft Carrier"), Kendrick Coy (as "Dancer"), Charles Ford (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Claretta Freeman (as "Spiritual Ensemble"), Joseph Gifford (as "Dancer" / "Verse Chorus"), Lawrence Gilbert (as "Dick, Aircraft Carrier" / "Vocal Ensemble"), Adrienne Gray (as "Farm Girl, Illinois Wilderness"), Sam Green (as "George, Aircraft Carrier" / "Vocal Ensemble" / "Verse Chorus"), Carol Hall (as "Vocal Ensemble/Verse Chorus"), Juanita Hall (as "Watermelon Woman, The South" / "Spiritual Ensemble"), Morty Halpern (as "Old Timer, Railroad Station, Texas" / "Verse Chorus"), Ann S. Halprin (as "Dancer"), Peter Hamilton (as "Specialty Dancer in "Mississippi Boat," Mississippi Boat" / "Bluejeans, Five O'Clock Whistle" / "Specialty Dancer in "Speakeasy Night Club," Speakeasy Night Club"), Charles Hart (as "2nd Man, The Oregon Trail" / "Captain, Mississippi Boat" / "Fat Tramp, Railroad Station, Texas" / "Bartender in "Speakeasy Night Club," Speakeasy Night Club"), Irene Hawthorne (as "Specialty Dancer in "Mississippi Boat," Mississippi Boat/Specialty Dancer in "Speakeasy Night Club," Speakeasy Night Club"), Irene Jordan (as "Mary Jane, Illinois Wilderness" / "Vocal Ensemble" / "Verse Chorus"), Christine Karner (as "Nellie Bly, Mississippi Boat" / "Dancer" / "Verse Chorus"), Alma Kaye (as "Priscilla, Puritan New England" / "Patriot's Daughter, A New England Town" / "Mohee, Illinois Wilderness" / "Frankie, Mississippi Boat" / "Daisy, City Park" / "Baby, Speakeasy Night Club"), Fred Kohler (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Joe Landis (as "Dancer"), Ellen Love (as "Charity Wouldlove, Puritan New England" / "Tough Woman, The Oregon Trail" / "Frankie's Mother, Mississippi Boat" / "Verse Chorus"), Ethel Mann (as "Red Light Girl, Five O'Clock Whistle" / "Dancer" / "Verse Chorus"), Edwin Marsh (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Robert Mayo (as "Dancer" / "Verse Chorus"), Jack McCauley (as "The Patriot, A New England Town" / "Johnny, Mississippi Boat" / "Gentleman Tramp, Railroad Station, Texas" / "Tycoon, Speakeasy Night Club"), Pat Newman (as "Mrs. Jones' Daughters, Railroad Station, Texas"), Patricia Newman (as "Dancer, Verse Chorus"), Bibi Osterwald (as "Farm Woman" / "Illinois Wilderness" / "Mrs. Casey Jones" / "Railroad Station, Texas" / Maxie, Speakeasy Night Club"), Miriam Pandor (as "Dancer"), Robert Penn (as "Puritan, Puritan New England" / "1st Man, The Oregon Trail" / "Trasker, Mississippi Boat" / "Sad Tramp, Railroad Station, Texas" / "Murph, Aircraft Carrier"), Joseph Precker (as "Dancer"), Jules Racine (as "Bear, Illinois Wilderness/3rd Man, The Oregon Trail/Bluecoat, Five O'Clock Whistle/Drunk, Speakeasy Night Club"), Frances Rainer (as "Dancer" / "Verse Chorus"), Virtes Reese (as "Spiritual Ensemble"), Fred Rivetti (as "Vocal Ensemble" / "Verse Chorus"), Harriet Roeder (as "Dancer"), Selma Rogoff (as "Vocal Ensemble"), William Sharon (as "Police Chief, Speakeasy Night Club"), William Sol (as "Spiritual Ensemble"), Ted Tiller (as "Bill, Illinois Wilderness" / "Bartender in "Mississippi Boat," Mississippi Boat" / "Corporal, Civil War Campfire/Jack, City Park" / "Tom, Aircraft Carrier"), Ruth Tyler (as "Blues Singer, Five O'Clock Whistle"), Bill Weaver (as "Dancer"), James Westerfield (as "Big Bear of a Man, The Oregon Trail" / "Yard Boss, Railroad Station, Texas" / "Trigger, Speakeasy Night Club"), Phyllis Wilcox (as "Vocal Ensemble"), Wilson Woodbeck (as "Spiritual Ensemble"). Produced by The Theatre Guild (Theresa Helburn, Lawrence Langner: Administrative Directors).
  • Song arrangements: "Blue Tail Fly"; "Foggy Foggy Dew"; "Sow Took the Measles"; "The Fox"; "Wayfarin' Stranger"; "Come All Ye Good Fellers"; "Bold Soldier"; "Henry Martin"; "I'm Sad and Lonely"; "Jolly Farmer"; "Lord Thomas and Fair Elinore"; "Robin"; "Ten Thousand Miles"; "Tibbie Dunbar"; "Turtle Dove"; "Where is the Old Man"; "On the Grand Canyon Line"; and "Woolie Boogie Bee".
  • (1965) Unsold pilot: Co-starred in a pilot for a proposed ABC comedy series called "My Man St. John", about a billionaire who hires a man to tutor his kids and finds that his new tutor could care less about his wealth and influence. The pilot was produced by Abe Burrows.
  • CD: "In Memorian" (ZZB)
  • CD: "Little Bitty Tear" (USP)
  • CD: "On Top of Old Smoky" (USP)
  • (1942) Stage: Appeared in "This Is the Army" on Broadway. Musical revue. Music / /lyrics by Irving Berlin. Book by James McColl and Irving Berlin. Musical Director: Milton Rosenstock [earliest Broadway credit]. Dialogue for Minstrel Show by Pvt. Jack Mendelsohn, Pfc. Richard Burdick and Pvt. Tom McDonnell. Music arrangements for dances by Pvt. Melvin Pahl. Scenic Design / Costume Design by Pvt. John Koenig. Choreographed by Cpl. Nelson Barclift and Sgt. Robert Sidney. Additional direction by Joshua Logan. Military Formations by Chester O'Brien. Directed by Sgt. Ezra Stone. Broadway Theatre: 4 Jul 1942-26 Sep 1942 (113 performances). Cast: Pvt. Justus Addiss, Alan Anderson, Arthur Atkins, Pvt. Leonard Berchman, Gene Nelson (credited as Eugene Leander Berg; Broadway debut), Sgt. Irving Berlin, Dick Bernie, Pvt. Howard Brooks, Marion Brown, Peter J. Burns, Joe Bush, Pvt. Samuel Carr, Pvt. Stewart Churchill, Joe Cook Jr., Pvt. Belmonte Cristiani, Cpl. James A. Cross, Pvt. Louis de Milhau, Ross Elliott, Derek Fairman, Pvt. Ray Goss, Dan Healy, Hank Henry, William Home, Richard Irving, Fred Kelly, Harold J. Kennedy, Pvt. Robert Kinne, Alan Manson, Pvt. Ralph Margelssen, James McColl, Sgt. John Mendes, Pvt. Gary Merrill, Pvt. Pinkie Mitchell, Robert Moore, John Murphy, Peter O'Neill, Pvt. Jules Oshins, Earl Oxford, Tileston Perry, Pvt. William Pillich, Richard Reeves, Jack Riano, William Roerick, Hayden Rorke, Pfc. Anthony Ross, Louis Salmon, Robert Shanley, Sgt. Robert Sidney, Sgt. Arthur Steiner, Sgt. Ezra Stone, The Allon Trio, Philip Truex, Norman Van Emburgh, Pvt. Claude Watson, Pvt. Larry Weeks, Pvt. William Wykoff. Produced by Uncle Sam (U.S. Government).
  • Book: "Tales of America"
  • Book: "The Wayfaring Stranger's Notebook"
  • Book: "The Burl Ives Songbook"
  • Book: "America's Musical Heritage--Song In America"
  • (1951) Stage: Appeared in "Paint Your Wagon" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Based on material by Alan Jay Lerner (also lyrics). Music by Frederick Loewe. Directed by Daniel Mann. Shubert Theatre: 12 Nov 1951-19 Jul 1952 (289 performances). Cast: James Barton (as "Ben Rumson"), Tony Bavaar, James Mitchell, Olga San Juan, Richard Aherne, Tom Aim, Delbert Anderson, John Anderson, Gino Baldi, Edward Becker, Ralph Bunker, Mary Burr, Tamara Chapman, Stephen Cheng, Jack Dabdoub, Gemze de Lappe, Gordon Dilworth, Joan Djorup, John Faulkner, Robert Flavelle, Katia Geleznova, Lorraine Havercroft, Dorothy Hill, Stuart Hodes, Jean Houloose, Carmelita Lanza, Marijane Maricle, Bert Mattews, Kay Medford, Robert Morrow, Ilona Murai, Paul Olson, Robert Penn, Jake Whippany, Dick Price, John Randolph, Charlotte Ray, Mavis Ray, Jared Reed, Frederick Schaeffen, John Schickling, John Schmidt, John Sheehan (as "Dutchie"), Jan Sherwood, Rufus Smith (as "Steve Bullnack"), John Smolko, John Spach, Guy Stanbaugh, Newton Sullivan, Gisella Svetlik, James Tarbutton, Feodore Tedick, David Thomas, Edgar Thompson, Ted Thurston, Norman Weise, Josh Wheeler. Produced by Cheryl Crawford. Replacement actor: Eddie Dowling (as "Ben Rumson" [from 12 Nov 1951-unknown]. NOTES: (1) Burl Ives would later replace Dowling in the role. (2) Louis B. Mayer would buy the rights to this hit play but would be unable to produce it independently after his forced departure from MGM. It would be brought to the screen in drastically altered form in 1969 (Paint Your Wagon (1969)) and was a critical and financial disaster.
  • Stage: Appeared on Broadway in "Show Boat"
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared (as "Big Daddy") in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Tennessee Williams. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Lucinda Ballard. Assistant Designer to Jo Mielziner: John Harvey. Assistant to Lucinda Ballard: Florence Klotz. Directed by Elia Kazan. Morosco Theatre: 24 Nov 1955-17 Nov 1956 (695 performances). Cast: Barbara Bel Geddes (as "Maggie"), Mildred Dunnock (as "Big Mama"), Ben Gazzara (as "Brick"), R.G. Armstrong (as "Dr. Baugh"), Janice Dunn, Seth Edwards (as "Sonny"), Maxwell Glanville, Pauline Hahn (as "Dixie"), Pat Hingle (as "Gooper" / "Brother Man"), Brownie McGhee, Darryl Richard, Madeleine Sherwood, Eva Vaughn Smith, Fred Stewart (as "Rev. Tooker"), Sonny Terry, Musa Williams. Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, Robert Anderson, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Roger L. Stevens, John F. Wharton). NOTE: Filmed as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1984), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1976).
  • (1938) Stage: Appeared (as "Tailor's Apprentice") in "The Boys from Syracuse" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Book by / produced by / directed by George Abbott. Based on the play "The Comedy of Errors" by William Shakespeare. Vocal arrangements by Hugh Martin. Music orchestrated by Hans Spialek. Musical Director: Harry S. Levant. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Irene Sharaff. Choreographed by George Balanchine. Alvin Theatre: 23 Nov 1938-10 Jun 1939 (235 performances). Cast: Eddie Albert (as "Antipholus of Syracuse"), Grace Albert, Micky Alvarez, Dolores Anderson, Muriel Angelus, Carroll Ashburn (as "Duke of Ephesus"), Libby Bennett, Marguerite Benton, Ruth Brady, Betty Bruce, Florine Callahan, Renee Cettel, George Church, John Clarke, Stella Clauson, Alice Craig, Betty De Elmo, Buddy Douglas, Clifford Dunstan, Florence Fair, Bee Farnum, Sidney Gordon, Ruth Gormly, Ronald Graham, Joseph Granville, Joseph Harris, Teddy Hart (as "Dromio of Ephesus"), Claire Harvey, Robert Howard, Dan Karry, Laura Kellogg, Bob Lawrence, Lita Lede, Connie Leslie, Tom Lynch, Jack Malis, Owen Martin, Edwin Mills, Vivien Moore, Wynn Murray, John O'Shaughnessy, Harry Peterson, Jimmy Savo, Joseph Scandur, Byron Shores, Robert Sidney, Mildred Solly, Lee Tannen, Anna Mae Tesslo, Beau Tilden (as "Dancer"), Heidi Vosseler, Margaret Walsh, Davenie Watson, Marcy Wescott, Armonce Wilkins, James Wilkinson, Claire Wolf, Herbert Wood.
  • (1977) TV commercial: Buttermilk's Farm salad dressing.
  • (10/8/44) Radio: Appeared on "Philco Radio Hall of Fame".
  • (October 19, 1939) He acted in Janos Vasary's play, "I Married an Angel," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Dan Dailey Jr. in the cast.
  • (November 3, 1952) He acted in Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe's musical, "Paint Your Wagon," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.

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