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  • (2005, November) Appeared in the Harold Pinter play "Celebration & The Room" on the Main Stage, Atlantic Theatre Company, New York, New York.
  • Wrote the foreword to "Directory of Blacks in the Performing Arts" (Scarecrow Press, 1990)
  • Mister Johnson (1956). Drama. Written by Norman Rosten, based on the novel by Joyce Cary. Directed by Robert Lewis. Martin Beck Theatre: 29 Mar 1956- 5 May 1956 (44 performances). Cast: John Akar, Ruth Attaway, David Berahzer, Geffrey Biddeau, Percival Borde, Alphonse Cimber, Clayton Corbin, Thayer David, Lawrence Fletcher, La Verne French, Louise Gilkes, Philip Hepburn, Earle Hyman (as "Mister Johnson"), Curtis James, Margie James, Robert Earl Jones (as "Moma"), Rosetta LeNoire, Esther Liburd, Charles McRae, Harold Nurse, Brock Peters (as "Ajali") [Broadway debut], Samuel Phills, Josephine Premice, Pearl Reynolds, Jay Riley, Gaby Rodgers, Rai Saunders, William Sylvester, Mary Waithe, James E. Wall, Milton Williams. Produced by Cheryl Crawford and Robert Lewis.
  • (1956) He acted in George Bernard Shaw's play, "Saint Joan", at the Phoenix Theatre in New York City in a Cambridge Drama Festival Production with Siobhan McKenna, Kent Smith, Ian Keith, Frederic Tozere, Michael Wager, Thayer David, Earl Montgomery, Dickie Moore, Dennis Patrick and Peter Falk (played "English soldier") in the cast. Albert Marre was the director.
  • (1959) He acted in Lorraine Hansberry's play, "A Raisin in the Sun", at the Adelphi Theatre in London, England with Juanita Moore, Kim Hamilton, Olga James, Scott Cunningham and Meredith Edwards in the cast. Lloyd Richards was the director.
  • Waiting for Godot (1957). Drama (revival). Written by Samuel Beckett. Directed by Herbert Berghof. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 21 Jan 1957- 26 Jan 1957 (6 performances). Cast: Bert Chamberlain (as "Boy"), Geoffrey Holder (as "Lucky"), Earle Hyman (as "Vladimir"), Rex Ingram (as "Pozzo"), Mantan Moreland (as "Estragon"). Produced by Michael Myerberg. Produced by arrangement with Independent Plays Limited.
  • The Infernal Machine (1958). Written by Jean Cocteau ("Machine Infernal"). New adaptation by Albert Bermel. Directed by Herbert Berghof. Phoenix Theatre: 3 Feb 1958- 9 Mar 1958 (40 performances). Cast: Jacob Ben-Ami (as "The Old Shepherd"), Clarice Blackburn (as "A Theban Mother"), Roberts Blossom (as "Anubis, The Egyptian God of the Dead"), Philip Bourneuf (as "Teiresias, The High Priest"), Peter Brandon (as "The Young Soldier"), Claude Dauphin (as "The Voice"), June Havoc (as "Queen Jocasta"), Earle Hyman (as "Ghost of Laius"), John Kerr (as "Oedipus"), Kimetha Laurie (as "Antigone, Daughter of Jocasta and Oedipus"), Joan McCracken (as "The Sphinx, The Goddess of Vengeance"), Albert Paulson (as "The Soldier"), Bill Penn (as "The Messenger from Corinth"), Byrne Piven (as "The Drunk"), Joey Renda (as "Her Son"), Martin Rudy (as "Creon, Jocasta's Brother"), Gene Saks (as "The Captain of the Patrol"). Produced by The Phoenix Theatre (T. Edward Hambleton: Co-Founder and Managing Director. Norris Houghton: Co-Founder).
  • (April 1988) He acted in Alfred Uhry's play, "Driving Miss Daisy," at the Theatre in New York City with Frances Sternhagen and Ray Gill in the cast. Ron Lagomarsino was director.
  • (1955) Stage Play: No Time for Sergeants. Comedy. Written by Ira Levin. Adapted from the novel by Mac Hyman. Scenic Design by Peter Larkin. Directed by Morton DaCosta. Alvin Theatre: 20 Oct 1955- 14 Sep 1957 (796 performances). Cast: Carl Albertson (as "Inductee/Lt. Gardella/Co-Pilot"), Royal Beal (as "General Pollard"), Floyd Buckley (as "Pa Stockdale"), Maree Dow (as "Rosabelle/Cigarette Girl/A Nurse"), Rex Everhart (as "A Colonel/Lt. Abel"), Howard Freeman (as "General Bush"), Hazen Gifford (as "Lt. Bridges/Pilot"), Andy Griffith (as "Will Stockdale") [Broadway debut], William Hinnant (as "Lt. Cover/Navigator"), Earle Hyman (as "A Lieutennant"), Ray Johnson (as "Classification Corporal/Aide to General Pollard"), Edmund Johnston (as "Lt. Baker"), Arthur P. Keegan (as "An Infantryman/Inductee"), Don Knotts (as "Preacher/Corporal, Manual Dexterity") [Broadway debut], Myron McCormick (as "Sergeant King"), Roddy McDowall (as "Ben Whitledge"), Robert McQuade (as "Inductee"), James Millhollin (as "A Psychiatrist") [Broadway debut], Wynn Pearce (as "Capt. Charles/Inductee") [Broadway debut], Ed Peck (as "A Captain"), Jules Racine (as "Inductee/Air Force Policeman"), Cecil Rutherford (as "Inductee/Lt. Kendall/Engineer"), Michael Thoma (as "Bus Driver"), O. Tolbert-Hewitt (as "Draft Man/A Senator"), Robert Webber (as "Irvin Blanchard"), Van Williams (as "Inductee"). Replacement actors: Louis Beachner (as "Ben Whitledge"), Jack Collins (as "A Senator/Draft Man"), Ossie Davis (as "A Lieutennant"), Rex Everhart (as "Sergeant King"), Eric Fleming (as "Irvin Blanchard"), Will Geer (as "Pa Stockdale"), Charles Hohman (as "Will Stockdale"), Arte Johnson (as "Ben Whitledge"), Ray Johnson (as "A Colonel/Inductee/Lt. Abel"), Vincent Lynne (as "Lt. Cover/Navigator"), Robert McQuade (as "Classification Corporal"), William Mullaney (as "Corporal, Manual Dexterity/Preacher"), Karl K. Redcoff (as "Lt. Baker"), Alfred Sander (as "A Captain"), Elwood Smith (as "A Lieutennant"), Elwood Thompson (as "A Lieutennant"), John Topa (as "A Senator"), J. Robert Victor (as "Inductee/Lt. Gardella/Co-Pilot"), Van Williams (as "Aide to General Pollard"). Produced by Maurice Evans. Produced in association with Emmett Rogers. Notes: (1) Griffith was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor. (2) Filmed by Warner Bros. as No Time for Sergeants (1958) and inspired a short-lived TV series, No Time for Sergeants (1964).
  • (2002) Acted in an off-Broadway stage production of "A Last Dance for Sybil" at the New Federal Theatre

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