Oprah's Former Student Gov. Prez Says She Wanted to Change the World

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Oprah Winfrey was hell-bent on changing the world and easing racial tension even as a teen at East Nashville High School, according to Gary Holt, who was student body Prez when O was veep. We spoke to Gary at his home in Knoxville, and he had nothing but rave reviews of O's time in office ... including her successful plan to organize a multiracial band to play at prom. [[tmz:video id="0_rk02061e"]] Remember it was 1971, fresh off the Civil Rights movement,
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Icons of Fright’s Fave Music of 2015 Derek’s Picks: The Legends Return!

2015 has been a banner year for new music, and with services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, as well as the ever growing popularity of vinyl, music fans don’t have a shortage of ways to legally get a hold of the tunes they crave. Icons Of Fright has always held music close to its heart, so I wanted to share some of what has been keeping me going this year!

The short stuff

EPs have been a great way for bands to get their music out to their fans when they don’t have a full album to fill, but more than just a single.

Nathan Gray “Nthn Gry”

Nathan Gray, front man for Boysetsfire and I Am Heresy, steps away from the post-hardcore roots, embraces a tone more similar to Nine Inch Nails or Stabbing Westward. Brooding, melodic, and atmospheric, “Nthn Gry” is 8 tracks filled with dreary goodness. For
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Rip Jeff Hanneman: His 5 Greatest Slayer Songs

On the 3rd May 2013 the metal world was devastated to learn of the death of Slayer guitarist and founding member Jeff Hanneman. Although his battle with the disease necrotising fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease that he is believed to have contracted from a spider bite, was well publicised, his return to full health was expected by Slayer’s legions of fans. His death, sadly attributed to liver failure, came as a sudden shock and Slayer fans and fans of extreme music in general are left to mourn the loss of a true trailblazer and a powerful and innovative force in Thrash Metal.

Slayer formed in 1981 and Tom Araya (Bass/Vocals), Kerry King (Rhythm & Lead Guitar), Jeff Hanneman (Rhythm & Lead Guitar) and Dave Lombardo (Drums) quickly cemented their position at the forefront of the emerging thrash movement. The band went onto sell millions of records, touring the world on numerous occasions and winning 2 Grammy Awards,
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Sonisphere Festival 2011 Review

Accusations will always follow Sonisphere festival – usually aimed from those most preposterously pretentious metal fans who frequent supposedly non-mainstream festivals like Bloodstock – that Sonisphere is little more than a sell-out event, aimed at watered-down metal fans of pop-edged bands who have long since let go their grip on creative integrity in favour of the almighty dollar.

But 2011′s fest boasted one of the most impressive line-ups rock festivals have seen for a good long while, thanks largely to the promise of the Big Four playing together on one stage in one glorious night, as well as talent from across almost every sub-genre of rock from pop-punk (Weezer, YouMeAtSix), to comedy-tinged re-imaginings (Hayseed Dixie, Richard Cheese) and the bona-fide megastars of Slipknot, Biffy Clyro

And no matter what pigeon-hole those bands might fall into, a festival experience that includes so much breadth, and so much inclusive passion for music in general
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Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer And Anthrax Make Big 4 History

The four thrash founders shared the stage together for the first time in the U.S. on Saturday.

By Ryan J. Downey

Metallica's James Hetfield performs at the Big 4 concert on Saturday

Photo: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Indio, California — One week after indie hipsters and pop enthusiasts stood on the same desert ground for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, an estimated 55,000 metal fans watched "The Big 4" of thrash share a U.S. stage together for the first time.

"This is history tonight and you're part of it," Metallica frontman James Hetfield told the crowd Saturday at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California. "Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica as one — with you!"

As members of all four bands gathered together toward the end of Metallica's set to perform the Diamond Head classic "Am I Evil?," fans roared. The group of friends, sometime rivals and ex-bandmates embraced one another affectionately and shared wide smiles.
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'Evil Dead' Comes To Blu-ray Looking Better Than It Ever Has Before

'Evil Dead' Comes To Blu-ray Looking Better Than It Ever Has Before
The premiere home video release this week is, without question, the Blu-ray for Sam Raimi's cult classic, "Evil Dead." To put it simply: the movie has never looked better in its shiny, new high-def ensemble. It can be viewed with one of two aspect ratios-- a widescreen 1.85:1 or a fullscreen 1.33:1. Most will automatically opt for the widescreen view, but it's worth noting that the 1.33:1 is the film's original format, as is noted in the all-new audio commentary (more on that in a moment). The fullscreen option looks slightly better overall, but the difference isn't a huge one-- viewer's preference can reign here, and be equally pleased in either case.

Then there's the new commentary. Raimi, star (and living legend) Bruce Campbell and producer Robert Tapert gather for an informative chat about the making of the film. They don't break it down scene by scene, but rather discuss the entire,
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