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Former FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski Joins The Carlyle Group

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The revolving door continues to swing: Former FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will help the asset management firm invest in global technology, media, and telecom companies, The Carlyle Group announced today. The firm, founded in 1987, has invested more than $18B in tech, media and telecom companies including Nielsen, AMC Entertainment, and Insight Communications. Genachowski will help it to “generate premium returns for our investors,” says Allan Holt, Co-Head of the U.S. Buyout team. Genachowski, who ended his four-year FCC tenure in May, says that he’s “grateful to have been part of developments around tech, media and telecom for many years, working with some of the best in the business, and I’m looking forward to joining my new and superbly talented Carlyle colleagues to help find and build businesses.” Carlyle is a favorite landing spot for the well-connected in Washington. Former FCC Chairman William Kennard worked there after he
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Film Review: Nailbiter (2012)

Reviewed by Michael Juvinall,

Nailbiter (2012)

Starring: Emily Boresow, Meg Saricks, Erin McGrane, Sally Spurgeon, Joicie Appell, and Mark Ridgway

Directed by: Patrick Rea

Written by: Patrick Rea, Kendal Sinn

Nailbiter is only writer/director Patrick Rea’s second feature film, but he’s already an accomplished filmmaker, having directed somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 shorts. I’ve seen many of his short films and they are nothing short of amazing, with Nailbiter being no exception. This indie film admittedly has a limited budget, but you couldn’t tell that by watching the film. The movie is so slick and well-made; it would be very easy to mistake it for a big-budget Hollywood production.

As someone that lives in the Midwest, I know first-hand how utterly terrifying tornadoes can be. Rea combines the fear that a ravaging tornado brings with something much more sinister.

Janet Maguire (Erin McGrane-Raising Jeffrey
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Exclusive new Nailbiter photo, update

Kansas-based filmmaker Patrick Rea sent along the exclusive pic seen below of a creature effect created by Allan Holt for his upcoming fright feature Nailbiter. The creator of numerous short horror movies (including Disturbances and A Man And His Finger, which appeared on the first Fangoria Blood Drive DVD) hopes to begin shooting this project in summer 2009.

“We’re still working on raising the money,” Rea tells Fango. “The film has had some false starts, and we made five shorts this year which equaled the length of a feature, so I didn't have much time to devote to pushing Nailbiter into production.” To help raise funds, Rea put together a teaser for the movie, which you can see at the official website of his SenoReality Pictures, along with a number of their minimovies.

Scripted by Rea and Kendal Sinn, Nailbiter focuses on a mother and three daughters in a Kansas
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