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Everything Steven Soderbergh Watched and Read in 2015

Displaying a transparency that few filmmakers of his fame and / or caliber would even bother with, Steven Soderbergh has, for a couple of years, been keen on releasing lists of what he watched and read during the previous twelve months. If you’re at all interested in this sort of thing — and why not? what else are you even doing with your day? — the 2015 selection should be of strong interest, this being a time when he was fully enmeshed in the world of creating television.

He’s clearly observing the medium with a close eye, be it what’s on air or what his friends (specifically David Fincher and his stillborn projects) show him, and how that might relate to his apparent love of 48 Hours Mystery or approach to a comparatively light slate of cinematic assignments — specifically: it seems odd that the last time he watched Magic Mike Xxl, a
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New Criminal Minds Season 10,Episode 12 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS served up the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "Criminal Minds" episode 12 of season 10. The episode is entitled, "Anonymous," and it turns out that we're going to see the Bau team hit up Tallahassee to hunt down a very strange serial killer that alerts the police everytime he's about to kill somebody, and more! In the new, 12th episode press release: The Bau is going to search Tallahassee for an unsub who alerts the authorities before committing crimes. Press release number 2: The Bau will search Tallahassee for a serial killer who calls the authorities to report the crimes prior to committing murder. Also, as Rossi prepares for a weekend visit with his daughter, Joy, he is going to receive startling news about the death of a comrade in Vietnam. Guest stars feature: Ray Abruzzo (Frank Cosgrove), Shirley Butler (Betty Wright), Sewell Whitney (Peter Goodwin), Amber Stevens
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Shuffle (2011) Movie Trailer: Kurt Kuenne, T.J. Thyne, Paula Rhodes

Shuffle Trailer. Kurt Kuenne‘s Shuffle (2011) movie trailer stars T.J. Thyne, Paula Rhodes, Chris Stone, Meeghan Holaway, and Dylan Sprayberry. Shuffle‘s plot synopsis: “a man (Tj Thyne) who has no idea why he keeps waking up at different points in his life. Using clues from each experience, he begins to piece together why this keeps [...]

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Pajiba After Dark 7/25/11

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Good news today, in that the NFL lockout is over so we are no longer in danger of spending the next six months absent regular displays of large men running into each other. Really, though, it is good news because it means we won't have to resort to watching Ncaa football which is wonderful in its own way but frustratingly drawn out and unresolved when it comes to the post-season. Sort of like the end of Lord of the Rings, book or movie version. Unfortunately the pre-season opening game between the Bears and the Rams has been pushed back to August 7th which affects... oh right nothing! Because it's pre-season. Anyway, come September 8th regular season "Monday Night Football" will be making its triumphant and much hoped for reappearance in Pajiba After Dark. Until there, here's your Monday night TV:

8:00pm: "The Bachelorette" on ABC

"Basketball Wives" on VH
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Pajiba After Dark 7/18/11

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Interesting mix of the TV tonight, a bit heavy on the reality series but that's par for the course in terms of summer. I know that many of you are connoisseurs of Lifetime movies and we've got one tonight that is evidently based on the life of Joanne Rowling. Now, I won't deny that her story of going from a single mother on the dole to world famous and obscenely wealthy author is probably an awesome story but the source I found indicates that they're beginning the movie during her childhood which... yeah. Moving on! Also we've got "The Big C" which is the second show in two nights that I've had to write about that is supposed to feature a dying protagonist and yet is into it's second season? I'm beginning to feel that perhaps basing series around characters who aren't meant to be alive too long is a bad idea,
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Pajiba After Dark 7/11/11

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For a decent number of Pajiba After Dark readers, tonight will probably be the last night of TV they watch for the week since A Dance with Dragons comes out tomorrow so all of them will be eyeball deep in their books/Kindles hastening towards the end of the "Song of Ice and Fire" series that I'm sure George R. R. Martin has completely planned out to a meticulous and thoroughly satisfying conclusion. Awww, now I feel bad. It's not nice to tease about these things, as anyone who was a fan of "Battlestar: Galactica" should be aware of. Now I made myself sad. There's just no winning here. Here's your stupid Monday night TV:

8:00pm: "The Bachelorette" on ABC

"Basketball Wives" on VH1

"Eureka" on SyFy. Fourth season summer premiere.

"Inside the Actor's Studio: Jennifer Aniston" on Bravo

"Secret Life of the American Teenager" on ABC Family
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Pajiba After Dark 6/27/11

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"Weeds" returns tonight and I've seen most of the first season of that show but not much beyond that. I know that Nancy is one of those characters on TV that people love to hate since her chosen profession keeps driving her and her family further down the road of reprehensible behavior yet they like to maintain some sort of air of superiority. Or at least that was the last I'd heard of the whole mess, has it changed any? Those of you still watching, are you just watching because you find Mary-Louise Parker kind of dreamy? Are you in the habit of mistaking Justin Kirk for the guy who played Sheriff Don Lamb in "Veronica Mars" and thus watching "Weeds" out of misguided loyalty? (I'm not telling you how long it took me to realize they weren't the same guy. Nope.) In any case, please feel free to discuss.
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Pajiba After Dark 6/20/11

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Good new, everybody! Well, maybe not for everybody but for some of you anyway! Misery night has returned! Yes, now you can spend your summer evenings watching hoarders and addicts fight with their families, tell heartbreaking stories of abandonment and abuse, frustratingly resist help, and finally show some small amount of progress such that you get your hopes up for them before finally realizing that most of these people will backslide within a month or two. Aren't you thrilled!?! I'm sure there are those of you who are, either because you like the show or because watching "Hoarders" keeps your apartment/house in tip-top shape because watching it gives you the screaming heebies. Here's your Monday night TV:

8:00pm: "The Bachelorette" on ABC

"Basketball Wives" on VH1

"The Secret Life of the American Teenager" on ABC Family

8:30pm: "Bait Car" on TruTV

9:00pm: "Animal Planet Investigates: Captive
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Pajiba After Dark 5/23/11

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Tonight is the season finale of "House" which is a show that I have a troubled relationship with. The first couple seasons I was completely on board and then it became increasingly obvious that rather that the writers had absolutely no intention of having the House character grow or suffer any real consequences for his actions. There was that awful story line with the cop who had it in for him (Tritter?) but that more punished the people around him and rather than abandoning his selfish, destructive ass to the real world, they just gathered the wagons around him tighter. After that I watched less and less as his actions became less and less defensible. I'll drop in for an episode every now or again but more often than not just find myself staring at my TV going "Really?" I'll be tuning in tonight but I doubt I'll find my opinion changed much.
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Pajiba After Dark 5/16/11

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The beginning of the endings has come on, with many shows having their season finales tonight and many more coming in the next few weeks. Some will hang on into June, but not many, and then we will face summer which does have a couple interesting prospects (I'm intrigued by "Wilfred" and curious if not hopeful about "Franklin and Bash") but mostly a series of shows that weren't worth putting in direct competition with shows who have a solid audience. So prepare now, load up your Netflix lists or shop for DVDs, maybe find a hobby or two to take you out of the house a couple evenings out of the week, or just resolve to sit around and pout. Up to you. Here's your Monday night TV:

8:00pm: "90210" on The CW. Third season finale.

"Antiques Roadshow" on PBS

"Chuck" on NBC. Fourth season finale. Next season will be the final season which is,
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Pajiba After Dark 5/9/11

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Apparently "Stargate: Universe" has their series finale tonight and I know not a damn thing about that show so I can't give it a proper send off at all. According to various sources (coughWikipediacough) the finale will be a cliff hanger that was supposed to be resolved by a movie, but apparently that movie is not happening so the series will just end on a cliff hanger that has no resolution forth coming. I bet those of you who invested your time and attention in this series are absolutely thrilled to hear that. As someone who has loved exactly one show that aired on SyFy and saw the way they treated it, all I can say is that you had to expect it. Here's your Monday night TV:

7:00pm: "NBA Playoffs: Miami at Boston, Game 4" on TNT

8:00pm: "90210" on The CW

"Antiques Roadshow" on PBS

"Chuck" on NBC
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'Jersey Shore' creator brings her 'Love Handles' to Lifetime's new super-sized reality slate

"Jersey Shore" creator SallyAnn Salsano continues her roll of TV reality shows that tap into the viewers' sensitivities with "Love Handles," one of Lifetime's newly announced super-sized batch of reality shows for 2011-2012.

"In each episode," Lifetime's President Nancy Dubuc tells THR of Salsano's new show, "One or both members of the couple go through the weight loss process and have to ask themselves the tough question of should they stay together."

Well, that's not at all terrifying, is it? Salsano and her production company have a knack for tapping into people's insecurities or topics people would rather sweep under the carpet, i.e. young Italian-Americans boozing it up at The Shore in "Jersey Shore" or having one's car repossessed in Spike TV's "Repo Games."

"We have a strong point of view, and we're not afraid to share it," Salsano tells Zap2it about her production company's shows. "Like
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'The Good Wife,' 'House': Tracy Pollan's TV wish list

Tracy Pollan is a good wife to a now-frequent guest star on "The Good Wife," and she wouldn't mind acting on the show herself.

Her husband Michael J. Fox has made his mark on the CBS drama as cunning Louis Canning, recurring courtroom opponent of Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and her Chicago law firm. And Pollan is ready to answer if "The Good Wife" calls.

"I would love to do that show, but they haven't come to me," Pollan tells Zap2it. "There's a lot that I have been offered and have chosen not to do, because you want to do the ones that are really special to you. I have a couple that I would just love to be a part of at some point, and that's definitely one of them."

A February "Good Wife" turn by Fox revealed his on-camera spouse, played by Susan Misner. As much as
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Melinda Clarke Returning to 'CSI' As Lady Heather, 'Jersey Shore' Star Signs With Tna Wrestling and More

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Melinda Clarke Returning to 'CSI' As Lady Heather, 'Jersey Shore' Star Signs With Tna Wrestling and More
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Melinda Clarke is strapping on the leather for a return to 'CSI.' Clarke's fan-favorite character, Lady Heather, will appear in an April episode, according to Entertainment Weekly.

In the episode, the 'CSI' team investigates human pets. Yep, human pets. There's a murder in that subset of the dominatrix world and Lady Heather is called to consult on the case.

'CSI' creator Anthony Zuiker co-wrote the episode.

Lady Heather was last seen in 2008. Clarke is now a regular on The CW's 'Nikita.'

In other TV news ...

o. 'Two and a Half Men' will tape with a live studio audience when Charlie Sheen returns. Despite some conflicting reports about a tropical vacation, Warner Bros. has ordered the show back into production on Tuesday with a taping on Friday. [Los Angeles Times]

o. Chandra Wilson is stepping behind the camera of 'Grey's Anatomy' again. Wilson
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