Theatre Review: The Woman In Black (UK Tour)

The Woman In Black theatre review: A chance encounter changes one man’s life, will it leave you with a chill down your spine?

The Woman In Black theatre review by Katey Thompson, April 2017.

Stephen Mallatratt‘s play The Woman In Black is an adaptation of the novel of Susan Hill of the same name. It is a tense thriller with a subtle chill running through it. The director Robin Hereford has put together a play that manages to strike the right balance of thrill and suspense, but perhaps does not reach its full ethereal potential.

This play features a highly professional performance by both actors, who both filled the stage, and the auditorium by their presence. Well done David Acton and Matthew Spencer. The dark tension was maintained throughout the performance until the very end. The transition from one character to another by Acton was very skillful and believable
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Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter Comic Book Series Coming to Titan’s Hammer Horror Line

Although he is proficient at combat, his knowledge of the undead is perhaps his greatest weapon in destroying them. In 1974, viewers were introduced to professional vampire hunter Captain Kronos on the big screen, and now Titan Comics is bringing the slayer back on the printed page with their new Captain Kronos Hammer horror comic book series that will premiere sometime this year.

Press Release: (March, 2017) - Titan Comics is excited to announce the next title from its Hammer Horror line of comics – Captain Kronos, materializes in 2017!

Based on the 1974 film, Captain Kronos will be the second Hammer title following the success of Peter Milligan and Ronilson Freire’s The Mummy: Palimpsest which hit stores and digital devices last November.

Written by Dan Abnett (Aquaman, Guardians of the Galaxy) with stunning art by Tom Mandrake (Sidekick, The Spectre) Titan Comics’ new series chronicles the adventures of the mysterious and powerful Kronos
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Hammer’s ‘Captain Kronos’ hunts again at Titan Comics!

Titan Comics have today announced Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter, the next title from its Hammer Horror line of comics, that sees the publication of brand-new comic stories featuring classic Hammer properties, which is set to debut later this year! Based on the 1974 film, the book will be the second Hammer title following the success of Peter Milligan and Ronilson Freire’s The Mummy: Palimpsest which hit stores and digital devices last November.

Written by Dan Abnett (Aquaman, Guardians of the Galaxy) with art by Tom Mandrake (Sidekick, The Spectre) Titan Comics’ Captain Kronos chronicles the adventures of the mysterious and powerful Kronos who has dedicated his life to destroying the evil vampire plague. Once a victim himself, the debonair Hunter knows the vampire’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the dangers of confronting the potent forces of darkness. Now the cult-classic adventure, based on the Brian Clemens film, continues in comics form!
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The Greatest Ghost Stories Ever Written

In time for Halloween, Sean Wilson takes a look at some of the most delightfully ghoulish and flesh-creeping stories ever put to paper.

The Turn of the Screw

Author Henry James described his own sensational chiller as a ‘pot-boiler’ but it’s clearly so much more than that. A deeply unnerving tale of a young governess who suspects her wards are under the influence of malign spirits, it’s a creepy classic that muddies the waters between spine-tingling spook story and frightening psychological drama, exerting a massive influence over every subsequent entry in the genre. In 1961 it received a timeless adaptation The Innocents, directed by Jack Clayton, scripted by Truman Capote and starring Deborah Kerr.

The Woman in Black

Not just a mainstay of English literature courses but one of the most genuinely frightening stories ever written, Susan Hill’s hair-raising tale of supernatural menace is infinitely superior to its long-running stage spin-off,
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Best Books of the Halloween Season #6: Debut Novel The Silent Children

When we heard Amna K. Boheim’s The Silent Children was inspired by Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black, of course we had to check it out; and as a result of what we found, the novel landed in the #6… Continue Reading →

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From A Wizard to A Corpse: Shannon on Daniel Radcliffe

When I was in 8th grade, I remember hearing about a book that was coming out called Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’S Stone, and like all good Christian schools do, the book was immediately banned. Being a young one who was always interested in the dark side of life, I knew I had to have this book. Now, this article isn’t about Harry Potter (Lord knows I could write a million articles on that) but the actor who would later become the iconic character: Daniel Radcliffe.

Having been a total Harry Potter nerd and reading each book as they came out (from 8th grade up until around the age of 22) and becoming obsessed with the films, I wondered what Radcliffe would do after the series was through. Would he always be known for Harry Potter or would he fade into obscurity? Luckily for me, and his millions of fans,
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Titan and Hammer join forces for new comic line

Titan Comics have announced this weekend that, beginning this Halloween 2016, they will team up with world-renowned Hammer to breathe new life into some of their iconic characters. Announced at ComicsPRO retailer summit in Portland, Oregon, the partnership will see the publication of brand-new comic stories featuring classic Hammer properties, as well as wholly original Hammer stories, produced by Titan. Editor David Leach said:

At Titan Comics we’re howling at the moon over this bold new collaboration! Hammer is the home of some of the most groundbreaking horror and genre films in motion picture history. Together we’re going to make some terrifyingly good comics.

Founded in 1934, the legendary British studio Hammer Films produced hundreds of motion pictures across many genres including science fiction, psychological and supernatural thrillers, films noir and even historical epics. However, the famous brand gained its worldwide reputation – and became hugely impactful across popular culture – with
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Top 50 terrifying TV characters




Jokers, circus masters and demonic dolls. Which TV characters terrify you? Den Of Geek asked its writers that very question…

The subconscious is a terrible place; dark, mysterious and peopled by spectres from the past. As a bit of a laugh then, we sent our writers journeying into theirs and asked them to drag out any TV terrors they found lurking in the shadows.

Some television fears had been ensconced there since childhood, others were more recent tenants. Some were morally terrifying; human beings with icy hearts capable of atrocities, others were simply… atrocities.

Join us as we count down in order of terror from the sort-of-creepy to the downright terrifying, the 50 TV characters that, for whatever reason, give our writers chills. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, so feel free to fill in gaps by adding your own peculiar television nightmares below…

50. Charn -
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10 Books to Read For Halloween

  • Boomtron
World War ZMax Brooks

Easily one of the best zombie apocalypse tales out there mostly because of the presentation by Author Max Brooks. The novel is laid out as if it is an actual collection of interviews, journalistic reports, and historical notes. We see how people all over the globe both discovered the apocalypse in their region and then survived it. From a young Japanese teenager so detached from reality thanks to the internet that he only realizes something is wrong when his friends and family begin disappearing from the web to the military who were so technologically connected to the war against the threat that it actually brought their morale down.

Brooks brings all the interviews and news clippings together to create an incredibly believable look at how a virus threat would spread across the globe, how it would affect everyone and every region differently, and how humanity
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Conflicts in the work of screenwriter Nigel Kneale




From Quatermass to The Year Of The Sex Olympics, the voice of classic British screenwriter Nigel Kneale is still resonant and exciting...

Conflict drives drama. What people want and how they set out to get it makes for the best entertainment: Chief Brody wants to make Amity Island a safe place for his kids; Indiana Jones wants to find the Ark of the Covenant; Mark Watney wants to survive on Mars, A giant shark, a bunch of Nazis, and a planet without an atmosphere respectively stand in their way.

But conflict isn't only a device from which to hang big action sequences. The tension between ideas can make for brilliant drama - the kind of film and television that you think about for years afterwards - and one of the best screenwriters for this conflict of ideas was Nigel Kneale.

Kneale was born in 1922 in Barrow-in-Furness and,
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Strictly Come Dancing two-steps back onto our screens: Here's how Twitter reacted to Night 1's dances

Strictly Come Dancing 2015 is finally off and running – with six brave and bold celebrities gracing the dancefloor for the first time tonight (September 25).

While there is no elimination this week, Twitter definitely rendered its verdict on the likes of Kellie Bright, Helen George and Anthony Ogogo in the tweets below:

1. Kellie & Kevin's Tango

Kellie & Kevin have really got us going with their Tango, but did they 'bright'en up the dance floor? #Strictly

— BBC Strictly (@bbcstrictly) September 25, 2015

Ahhhh Strictly is back!!! Kellie and Kevin did amazing for their first dance!!

— Lara (@lara_barratt) September 25, 2015

#Strictly Wow Kellie!!!!! @kelliebright76

— Elizabeth (@Keepdown429) September 25, 2015

"Just right, Kellie Bright!" Love Len #strictly #eastenders #scd

Susan Hill (@SuseHill) September 25, 2015

That was a pretty good start: the Tango ain't an easy one, and it wasn't even trad tango music. Nice one, Kellie! #Strictly

Kate Johnson (@K8JohnsonAuthor) September 25, 2015

Well done Kellie & Kevin!! What
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The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death DVD Review

Director: Tom Harper

Writer: Jon Croker, from a story by Susan Hill

Starring: Phoebe Fox, Jeremy Irvine, Helen McCrory, Adrian Rawlins, Leanne Best, Ned Dennehy, Oaklee Pendergast

Cert: 15

Running Time: 98 mins

Special Features: Deleted Scene / Featurettes / Jeremy Irvine: “Great Expectations” interview

For many years British horror brand Hammer Films lay seemingly dormant, its blood curdled and its back catalogue of famous monsters consigned to nostalgia territory. However today the studio coffin is open for business, down in no small part to the success of 2012’s The Woman In Black, starring Daniel Radcliffe. Using the classic novella by Susan Hill as a starting point, it was the perfect Gothic chiller with which to help revive their fortunes.

Of course Hammer were never ones to shy away from a sequel, and just as the late, great Christopher Lee put in numerous appearances as Dracula, so the ghostly “heroine” has been
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15 underappreciated books: sci-fi, fantasy, horror fiction

Looking for a good book recommendation? Our writers have a few unsung sci-fi, fantasy and horror gems up their sleeves...

Other people. What’s the point of them? They’re noisy and everywhere.

There is one thing they’re especially good at, however, and that’s recommending new stuff. In the spirit of that, we asked our writers to recommend great books that, for whatever reason, haven’t been surrounded by as much fuss and recognition as they deserve.

Nominations came in for personal favourites in fiction, non-fiction, children’s books and graphic novels, so we’ve divided them up into a series of features, the first of which is below, on great unsung sci-fi, fantasy, horror and thriller adult fiction.

Our hope is that you’ll demonstrate your worth as other people by carrying on the recommendations in the comments section below. Thanks in advance.

The Ladies Of Grace
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Competition: Win ‘Horns’ on DVD

To celebrate the release of Horns – on DVD & Blu-ray 16th March 2015 – we have a DVD copy to giveaway courtesy of Lionsgate UK. Daniel Radcliffe makes an explosive return to horror after 2012’s Woman in Black and stars in the provocative dark fantasy – Horns, adapted from Joe Hill’s best selling novel and directed by The Hills Have EyesAlexandre Aja.

One of the most daring and visually stunning horror films of 2014, the film also stars the exceptional Juno Temple (Killer Joe). Completing the incredible cast are: David Morse (The Green Mile), Heather Graham (From Hell) and Dexter’s James Remar. Chilling, romantic, dark and witty, Horns is one not to be missed and is available for digital download now and comes to DVD & Blu-ray on 16th March.

Also available on limited edition Blu-ray Steelbook. Horns is available to order on Amazon today:

To win Horns on DVD,
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Jane Goldman Begins Spinning Fables

It's been a good 18 months since we last heard any news about the film adaptation of DC/Vertigo Comics' Fables. At that point Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair) had just come aboard as director, with Jeremy Slater (The Lazarus Effect and the new Fantastic Four) writing the script. Since then it's been eerily quiet, but producer David Heyman has just revealed that development is ongoing, and that Jane Goldman is now taking a crack at the screenplay.Goldman is, of course, no stranger to putting comics on the screen, having previously written Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class and the incoming Kingsman: The Secret Service. She also penned the adaptations of Neil Gaiman's Stardust and Susan Hill's The Woman In Black, with more than a modicum of success."Jane is working on a draft of Fables as we speak," says Heyman. "Nik Arcel [who's still attached to direct] did a draft, and now he’s supervising Jane,
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The Woman in Black 2 Is a Flawed But Genuinely Creepy Ghost Story

The Woman in Black 2 Is a Flawed But Genuinely Creepy Ghost Story
Flawed but genuinely creepy ghost story The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death is disappointing, but only because it comes close to greatness. Director Tom Harper and screenwriters Jon Croker and Susan Hill take great pains to get inside the heads of their traumatized protagonists: British civilians who, during WWII, struggle to keep calm and cope privately. But while Harper does often earn visceral scares from creaking floorboards and ink-black shadows, the potent, quiet spell is also periodically broken by gratuitous jump scares.

The sudden (but frequent!) appearance of chalk-white ghosts only distracts from the film's compelling focus on haunted survivors like Eve (Phoebe Fox), a sensitive young nurse, and Edward (Oaklee Pendergast), one of a dozen orphans Eve and her dis...
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2015 Off To Fantastic Start, Up 6.5%: Post-New Year’s Box Office Actuals

  • Deadline
2015 Off To Fantastic Start, Up 6.5%: Post-New Year’s Box Office Actuals
Update, Monday Jan. 5: And with the turn of the New Year, the domestic box office is up 6.5% for the first four days of 2015 with $210.2M versus the same period in 2014 which counted $197.4M according to Rentrak. The post-New Year’s Fss clocked in with $154.6M, down 26% from the post Christmas frame of $209M — but no one is sobbing. Why? Because this year’s post New Year’s frame was up a superb 10% from 2014’s $141.2M. Here’s the top 20 actuals– Apd:

Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five (WB), $21.7M, 3,875 locations, $5,608 average, Total cume: $220.6M, Wk 3 Into The Woods (Dis), $18.7M, 2,538 locations, $7,379 average, Total cume: $90.8M, Wk 2 Unbroken (Uni), $18.2M, 3,190 locations, $5,696 average, Total cume: $87.7M, Wk 2 The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death (Relativity), $15.M, 2,602 locations, $5,775 average, Total cume: $15.M, Wk 1 Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb (Fox), $14.5M, 3,802 locations, $3,819 average, Total cume: $89.8M , Wk 3 Annie (Sony), $11.3M,
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The Woman in Black: Angel of Death review – a decorously English chiller

Hammer’s sequel to Susan Hill’s ghost story adds some wartime drama to the familiar scares

Forty years after the events in which vengeful, child-hating revenant Jennet put the chills up Daniel Radcliffe, she’s still haunting Eel Marsh House. It’s now the second world war, and what better place to shelter a troop of evacuee children than an abandoned, cobweb-decked mansion stocked to the rafters with mouldering, macabre Victorian dolls? The sequel to the 2012 adaptation of Susan Hill’s old-school chiller essentially works the same scares again, mechanically and noisily. But in some ways this is a more elegant film than the first, with cinematographer George Steel lashing on the stygian shadows, and the 40s background played very effectively. Helen McCrory contributes a classy touch of blitz-era brittleness, Phoebe Fox holds the centre firmly as the plucky heroine, and Jeremy Irvine is a dashing pilot with… issues,
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The Woman in Black Angel of Death review: Spectre-acularly bad

The Woman in Black Angel of Death review: Spectre-acularly bad
Director: Tom Harper; Screenwriters: Jon Croker; Starring: Phoebe Fox, Helen McCrory, Jeremy Irvine; Running time: 98 mins; Certificate: 15

Almost three years after The Woman In Black successfully translated Susan Hill's haunting novel to the big screen, a sequel has emerged that's scary in the sense that it makes you fear for the sanity of those who green-lit this film on such a threadbare script bereft of ideas and invention.

Set in World War II during the Blitz, 40 years after the previous tale, The Woman in Black: Angel of Death successfully conjures up an earthy yet ethereal atmosphere that instantly evokes its predecessor. There's something beautifully creepy about the English countryside at night, which director Tom Harper conveys well.

Yet there's little to arouse our interest beyond an aesthetic level. The story revolves around young schoolteacher Eve (Phoebe Fox) looking after a group of evacuated children in that familiar haunted
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New The Woman in Black 2 Movie Received Mixed Reviews From Major Critics

Relativity Media released their new horror/thriller film, "The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death," into theaters today, and the reviews are in from the top,major movie critics in the biz. It came back with mixed reviews, getting an overall 45 score out of a possible 100 across 12 reviews at the site. The film stars: Helen McCrory, Jeremy Irvine and Phoebe Fox. We've added blurbs from a couple of the critics, below. Ben Kenigsberg over at The New York Times, gave it a 50 score, saying: "The director, Tom Harper, seems less interested in allegory than in monotonous, conventional goosing, the kind that involves flickering lights and a creaky rocking chair." Justin Lowe from The Hollywood Reporter, gave it a 50 score, stating: "Reliant on suspense rather than gore, this is functional middle-brow psychological horror and screenwriter Joe Croker finds plenty of tired haunted house tropes he’s happy to
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