Horror Magician The Sacred Riana Wins Asia’s Got Talent

I love illusionists. I grew up on Doug Henning (who was known for his huge illusions, but was best at small, close-up work) and other TV magicians. My dad loved magic, and while neither of us was good at it, we both enjoyed watching it as much as possible. In Asia’s version of “Insert Region […]

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Exclusive: How ‘Star Wars’ Led J.J. Abrams to His Broadway Debut

Exclusive: How ‘Star Wars’ Led J.J. Abrams to His Broadway Debut
“Theater geek” may not be the most obvious label for J.J. Abrams, who has built a film and TV career directing, writing and producing sci-fi and action-heavy shows (Alias, Lost), rebooting film franchises (Star Trek, Star Wars) and launching his own Easter egg-filled film universe (Cloverfield). But the filmmaker has the same appreciation for Broadway as he does The Twilight Zone, the sci-fi anthology series he’s long considered to be one of the best on TV.

“I’ve been a fan of theater all my life,” Abrams tells Et. In fact, he has been attending shows in New York City, where he was born, since he was a young kid, collecting playbills from every production along the way. “I embarrassingly saved all of them.”

He recalls seeing the original runs of The Magic Show, starring Doug Henning, and Noises Off, as well as various productions of Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams plays. He cites Ira Levin
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Hamilton Takes the Grammys - Plus 7 Other Broadway Hits to Perform on the Grammy Stage

The Grammy Awards allow all genres of music to gather together under one roof; rock, pop, country, rap and all the rest meet up for the sole purpose of picking up awards. But when viewers tune in to the 2016 awards on Monday, they'll see a style of performance that's only rarely been part of the Grammy awards: Broadway. The show's opening number will be performed by the cast of Hamilton, the hit musical based on the life of Alexander Hamilton. While the Grammy Awards themselves will be given out at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the cast of Hamilton
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Our Favorite Magicians Ever

This week the 2009 World Magic Awards aired on MTV, and while prestidigitation sometimes gets a bad rap (Ok, we admit Doug Henning did not do much for the industry's hip factor), in our minds, the thrill of illusion doesn't get the credit it deserves.

We saw David Copperfield perform in the '80s. He made a motorcycle, with him on it, disappear from the stage and reappear in the middle of the theater on a platform that covered a few rows of seats about 20 feet away from us. Now we get that there was probably a stunt double onstage, but there was No accounting for the bike. People nearby were touching it and the chairs below it. It was not a hologram or mirror trick. There was no trap door in the floor and nothing suspended from the ceiling - just a 650-pound chopper carrying the Master of Illusion himself.
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"Brothers & Sisters" Episode 307 Recap: “Do You Believe In Magic?”

Remember way back before TiVO, when most of us didn’t even know that individual TV episodes had titles much less what those titles were? Sometimes I miss those days. Particularly with an episode like this week’s B&S, where the title has me hating it even before I’ve seen a single scene. Magic? Really, B&S people? Really?

We open on wet, naked flesh of the female variety. Sigh. I also remember the days when the ones traipsing around half naked were Kevin’s boyfriends, which is pretty much what got me hooked back in season one. Now, of course, it’s always Rebecca, because this show seems utterly determined to center most episodes around the exuberant sex life she and Justin are enmeshed in, as if that will make us forget they once thought they were siblings. And let me tell you, ABC, I will never forget that.
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