Andy Dick: Back from the Brink

By Robert W. Welkos Comedian Andy Dick is hosting his weekly show on the online channel TradioV when he nonchalantly places a plastic cup filled with a little Hennessey cognac in front of his guest, Dinky the dog. Dinky, a white-haired, doe-eyed Peekapoo outfitted in a colorful vest, happens to have more followers on the Internet than Dick, but that’s another story. After mischievously placing the plastic cup of liquor temptingly close to Dinky, the host goes about discussing Dinky’s phenomenal popularity when Dick begins gesticulating rapidly and nervously, allowing his hands to flick a tad inside Dinky’s comfort zone. Dinky snarls. Dinky growls. Dinky yaps. Then things really get out of hand as Dinky repeatedly lunges in staccato-like bursts as the host recoils in his chair while clutching the microphone in a defensive posture. “Don’t (bleep) with Dinky’s Hennessey,” the comedian quips as studio
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Weekend Horror Trivia

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1. Tales from the Darkside: The segment titled “The Cat From Hell” was originally planned to be part of Creepshow 2.

2. Alien Resurrection: Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet did not speak English fluently and had translators on the set at all times to talk with the cast and crew.

3. Dracula (1979): Donald Pleasence was original offered the role of Van Helsing, but turned it down in favor of Dr. Jack Seward. He felt the Van Helsing role was too similar to Dr. Loomis in Halloween.

4. Near Dark: This was the first full film to be directed by Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker).

5. My Bloody Valentine (1981): The movie was filmed in actual mines at Sydney Mines in Nova Scotia.

6. Land of the Dead: Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have cameos in the film as photo-op zombies.

7. The House that Dripped Blood: Vincent Price was first initially offered the role of Paul Henderson.
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