Friday’s best TV: Unreported World; People’s History of Pop; Still Game

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Marcel Theroux reports from India on matchmaking people with disabilities; Pauline Black hosts doc looking at pop between 1976 and 1985; lively sitcom with Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill. Plus: the return of Hignfy, not a moment too soon

Two episodes into its 32nd series, Unreported World has lost none of its knack for spotting those stories that are engaging in and of themselves, and also reflective of wider trends. Tonight’s documentary sees Marcel Theroux, accompanied by director Daniel Bogado, travel to India to report on the matchmaking enterprises being established by people who have a disability – an added pressure in a marriage market already warped by a combination of caste, faith and parental expectations. Andrew Mueller

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Eiff unveils further Scottish titles

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Eiff unveils further Scottish titles
New additions to programme include Karen Gillan’s directorial short debut Coward, Hector starring Peter Mullan and music documentary Big Gold Dream.

Edinburgh International Film Festival (Eiff) has announced a number of Scottish titles for its upcoming edition, running June 17-28.

Alongside the previously announced Opening and Closing Galas of The Legend of Barney Thomson and Iona, this year’s festival will also screen Jake Gavin’s Hector, starring Peter Mullan, Karen Gillan’s directorial short debut Coward and the world premiere of music documentary Big Gold Dream, which will be followed by an exclusive live gig from singer/songwriter Vic Godard and friends.

Other Scottish titles include The Shammasian Brothers’ Pyramid Texts, Colin Kennedy’s directorial debut feature Swung, Martin Radich’s Norfolk, Talulah Riley’s writer/directorial debut feature Scottish Mussel, Karen Guthrie’s The Closer We Get and Vicky Matthews’ documentary Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches, Power to Peace.

Joining Gillan
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Still Game duo team up with River City for Children in Need sketch

The cast of River City will team up with Still Game's stars to film an exclusive sketch for this year's BBC Children in Need appeal.

The sketch will see Jack (Ford Kiernan) and Victor (Greg Hemphill) arrive in Shieldinch after winning a competition to watch filming at River City.

Viewers can expect to see some comedy moments as the pensioners interact with several members of the cast and assist with the directors.

Kiernan said: "We're obviously delighted that the two worlds of Still Game and River City are going to collide for BBC's Children in Need. It'll be a strange experience for Jack and Victor to leave a real place like Craiglang for a made-up BBC place like Shieldinch.

"We don't want to give too much away because the element of surprise is everything after all!"

Mary Duffy, National Head of BBC Children in Need, said: "This is the
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Still Game Live review theatre on an extraordinary scale

Sse Hydro, Glasgow

Even in the posh seats, it feels more like being at a rally, but Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill transform the energy in this vast room into something special

The last time I saw Still Game on stage was at the Brunton in Musselburgh, a theatre with a capacity of 300. That was in the late 1990s and now, after six television series, sundry seasonal specials and a seven-year hiatus, Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill have built up the pulling power to play a 21-night run at the Hydro in front of 12,000 people a time.

This is theatre on a scale I have never seen. Its so big, Im not even sure theatre is the right word for it. The stage is dominated by three giant screens showing a sophisticated live edit of the sitcom action below. Even in the posh seats, it feels more like being a studio audience.
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What to Watch: Tonight's TV Picks - Falling Skies, Hannibal

Falling Skies: Fox, 9pm

Steven Spielberg's post-apocalyptic drama returns for a fourth season.

The Masons and the 2nd Mass are attacked by a new Espheni war machine. Starring Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Drew Roy and Connor Jessup.

Glasgow Girls: BBC Three, 10pm

A musical drama telling the true story of a group of schoolgirls in Scotland whose petition to save their friend from deportation helped change immigration laws.

As 15-year-old Agnesa Murselaj (Olivia Popica) is taken by immigration officers, her friends campaign for her release, lobbying the Home Office, challenging the First Minister of Scotland (Greg Hemphill) and winning the support of their community. Also starring Gary Lewis, Kirstie Steele and Erin Armstrong.

Ray Donovan: Sky Atlantic, 10pm

In the second season premiere, Ray (Liev Schreiber) is ordered by the FBI to bring in Mickey (Jon Voight) over Sully Sullivan's killing. Mickey, however, proves difficult to find.
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Interview: Gianni Capaldi talks Puncture Wounds, a.k.a. A Certain Justice

Tom Jolliffe chats with Gianni Capaldi about his latest film Puncture Wounds, a.k.a. A Certain Justice

Having started as a businessman in Glasgow, and then moving to L.A, Motherwell born Gianni Capaldi has forged himself a career as an actor and producer and has been working steadily for the last few years, mixing it with a plethora of big name stars.

Coming on August 4th is Puncture Wounds (also known as A Certain Justice) the third of three films which sees Capaldi starring opposite Dolph Lundgren and Vinnie Jones. The previous two, Hard Rush and Blood Of Redemption came out last year.

Puncture Wounds sees former Ufc fighter Cung Le as a former soldier suffering from Ptsd, who intervenes when gang members are assaulting a woman. This brings him to the attention of the gang leader, played by Dolph Lundgren and carnage ensues.

Gianni took time out
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Frankie Boyle makes film debut as recovering alcoholic in Gasping

Frankie Boyle makes film debut as recovering alcoholic in Gasping
Frankie Boyle will play a recovering alcoholic in an upcoming short film.

Gasping - Boyle's debut film - mirrors the Mock the Week star's battle with alcoholism. Boyle stopped drinking at the age of 26, and is now teetotal.

Boyle stars alongside Still Game's Gavin Mitchell, who plays a fellow attendee of Alcoholics Anonymous, and Gianni Capaldi, who plays his best friend.

Capaldi told film website Action Elite: "[Frankie's character] gives up drinking in this flick and he loses his job because he had a drink problem, so I offer him a job to work at a distillery I owned.

"So all I'm doing is reminiscing about the days when we used to party and drink. We went to Japan and everywhere else in the world and I'm trying to get him back on the drink. I'm that obnoxious, annoying friend who is continuously trying."

Director Greg Hemphill told The Scotsman that
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Glasgow Girls casting news

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Back in March open auditions, advertised on Screenterrier, were held in London and Glasgow for a new BBC drama Glasgow Girls.

Now the cast of the 60-minute factual and musical drama has been announced.

Waterloo Road star Kirstie Steele plays Jennifer, and Shetland star Erin Armstrong plays Emma, two of the local Glasgow teenagers, Roma refugee Agnesa is played by Identity Agency's Olivia Popica, Amal by My Brother The Devil's Letitia Wright, Aruhan Galieva (represented by Sally Hope Associates), a talented singer and musician plays Roza, Ewelina and Toni-Lee are played by newcomers Effie Scott and Kirsty Pickering.

The drama is based on the inspirational true story of a group of schoolgirls whose petition to save their friend from deportation inspired a movement, which would eventually help change immigration practices in Scotland.

When 15-year-old Agnesa Murselaj, a Roma from Kosovo, and pupil at Glasgow’s Drumchapel High, was taken
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BBC Three commissions fact-based musical drama Glasgow Girls

BBC Three is to air a fact-based musical drama.

Glasgow Girls will tell the true story of a group of schoolgirls who campaigned to save their friend from deportation, and started a movement that led to a change in immigration laws in Scotland.

The 60-minute drama stars Gary Lewis (Billy Elliot) and Greg Hemphill (Still Game), as well as Kirstie Steele, Erin Armstrong, Letitia Wright, Aruhan Galieva and Olivia Popica.

Brian Welsh (The Escape Artist) is directing from a script he co-wrote with Joe Barton. The drama has been commissioned by the BBC to coincide with its Commonwealth Games programming this summer.

Zai Bennett, Former Controller for BBC Three, said: "Glasgow Girls is a thrilling blend of true story, high drama and musical storytelling. Only a channel like BBC Three would attempt to re-tell a hard hitting immigration story in this way."

Executive producer Colin Barr said: "This true story
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'Still Game' to return as stage show after six years away

Still Game is to return for a new stage show, it has been announced.

Ford Kiernan (Jack) and Greg Hemphill (Victor) have ended their six-year feud to reunite for a new project based around their BBC Scotland sitcom.

The pair will meet up with Paul Riley (Winston), Jane McCarry (Isa), Sanjeev Kohli (Navid) and Gavin Mitchell (Boabby) to discuss the new production this week, the Daily Record reports.

The comedy duo - who also co-wrote and starred in Chewin' the Fat - parted ways due to "creative differences" in 2008.

Speaking in January 2012, Hemphill said that filming the series hurt his friendship with Kiernan.

He said at the time: "It's kind of sad, really. It reflects the pressure we were under that we never really acknowledged. We rarely took holidays. Stuff like that, it all bubbled up.

"Maybe in five or ten years we'll come back."

In February this year, Kiernan
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Amanda Holden reveals sexual assault by 'famous comedian'

The Britain's Got Talent judge says she was attacked by an unnamed comic, 21st-century comics grapple with homosexuality, and David Brent realises his rock-god dreams

Not much to laugh about in today's top story, as Amanda Holden writes in her autobiography that she was once assaulted by "a famous comedian". The Britain's Got Talent judge claims she was cornered by the unnamed comic at a public event, during a period when she was patching up her marriage to Les Dennis after an affair with Men Behaving Badly star Neil Morrissey. "[Dennis and I] went to an event together," Holden writes, "and on my way back from the loo, I was cornered by a famous comedian, who tried to kiss me and put his hands in places they shouldn't have been. I was scared and tried to push him away … but he wasn't put off … My body went limp, and I just stood there
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TV executives stifling new comedy, says veteran producer

John Lloyd says system for developing shows is 'a crying shame'. Plus, it's back to the future for Fry and Laurie, and Jimmy Carr defeated by hecklers

This week's comedy news

The producer of Blackadder, Not the Nine O'Clock News and Have I Got News for You, John Lloyd, has attacked the current system of developing TV comedy, calling it "a crying shame for our culture". Speaking at the website Chortle's comedy conference, Lloyd – who is performing his own show at this year's Edinburgh Fringe – said, "there is no point, or need, for half a dozen people or hierarchies or committees to sit around bothering the producer or the director or the standup comedian … I don't know what people are doing in those development departments … and I know from talking to comedy writers, actors, performers that everyone feels the same way." Lloyd contrasted today's process with the commissioning of the
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Seinfeld takes up hip-hop and Rowan Atkinson takes on the law – and wins

Also in this week's comedy news: Ricky Gervais gets called a 'bad standup' – and what's a 'pricket bat'?

This week's comedy news

Standup, sitcom, gameshow, podcast … now Jerry Seinfeld is taking up hip-hop. According to reports, the comedian is working on a new album with the Nigerian-American rapper Wale. The musician has previous history with Seinfeld, having released an album back in 2008, The Mixtape About Nothing, based on the star's hit sitcom. Now, they're collaborating. "Wale called me, he came to my show, we hung out a little bit," Seinfeld said in a video posted on YouTube. "He wanted me to do something with him. I didn't understand it, but he did." At which point Seinfeld concluded: "Hip-hop's words, right? So, I do words. Why don't you take my words and do something with it?" he asked Wale. "I don't know how to do it, but I thought: just take the words.
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John McEnroe and Daniel Tosh – you cannot be serious?

John McEnroe suffers a sense of humour failure over use of his catchphrase and comic Daniel Tosh seems to think rape is a laughing matter

Best of the week's news

So what have we learned about TV light entertainment this week? First, that it's Ok to give away pets as prizes. Such was Ofcom's conclusion after investigating 237 viewers' complaints about an April episode of comedian Keith Lemon's Saturday night show Lemonaid, in which a pooch was awarded to the winner of a section entitled A Right Dog's Dinner.

ITV, the TV watchdog reassured us, had taken "very extensive measures" to ensure the welfare of the animal. We also learned that TV panel shows are as irritating to the great and good as to the rest of us – at least if John McEnroe's reaction to ITV's sports quiz You Cannot Be Serious is to be trusted. McEnroe is reported
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Playing with fire: The Wicker Man musical

The Wicker Man is a cult horror classic. Are the team of Scots who have turned the film into a musical – and rejigged its shocking ending – worried about offending fans?

The Wicker Man is easily one of the weirdest films ever made. Shot on location in Scotland, the 1973 movie tells the story of a devout policeman who travels to a remote Hebridean island to investigate the disappearance of a young girl, only to discover that the locals have reverted to pagan practices, using human sacrifice to safeguard their crops. Produced on a minuscule budget, with a cast who had to suck on ice cubes to stop their breath from showing in the cold, the film featured career-defining performances from Edward Woodward as Sergeant Howie and Christopher Lee as the sinister Lord Summerisle. Lee has since said it's his best film.

Practically unnoticed on its release (it was cut to an
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Lovecraft's Dunwich Horror Haunts iTunes

This Friday, close your eyes and immerse yourself into a world of beauty, intrigue, drama and devastating horror in Hp Lovecraft's gothic masterpiece "The Dunwich Horror." The audio horror movie is narrated by Scottish radio and television star Greg Hemphill and boasts a stellar cast of actors and voice talent including Gavin Mitchell (as Wilbur Whateley), Innes Smith, Vivien Taylor, Charlie Ross and Vivien Grahame. A sold-out hit at its Edinburgh International Film Festival debut, "The Dunwich Horror" is available for exclusive digital download via iTunes on Friday April 1st, 'April Ghouls' Day'. Faithfully adapted by writer/director Colin Edwards and co-produced by digital production company Bang! with leading sound company Savalas Sound Studios, "The...
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First Images from Sean Connery’s Animated Movie Sir Bill

The first images from Sir Billi, the animated film featuring the voice of Sean Connery, have arrived online. As we reported back November, the movie sounds like someone came up with it while enjoying every drug ever made: “The movie centers on a retired, skateboarding veterinarian who lives in a remote Scottish village and who spearheads the rescue of an illegal fugitive who also happens to be a beaver.” At the time, part of me thought, “That can’t possibly be right.” Who would make that? Sean Connery would make that. He’s a producer on the film who has been instrumental in getting it made.* It’s also the first film he’s done since 2003’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

You can see the images after the jump and keep in mind that indie feature animated films don’t have the money of studios like DreamWorks or Pixar.
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