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Why WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Winner Should Be Someone Completely Different

I’ve followed WWE off and on since around 1991, when I was but an 8 year old. The business now, nearly 22 years later, is totally different, and yet exactly the same as it always was. Whilst the look and feel of the product has evolved over time, WWE has always had the ability to enthral, captivate and frustrate in equal measure, and in that regard some things never change.

A good example of this is the way in which matches and storylines are booked. Every once in a while an event transpires that genuinely surprises – like Edge cashing in his Money In The Bank contract in 2006 against a broken John Cena, who had seemingly once again demonstrated his invulnerability – until Mr. Copeland cashed in with ruthlessness and opportunistic timing. Likewise, Eddie Guerrero snatching the WWE title at No Way Out 2004 took me by surprise. Marty Jannetty answering Shawn Michaels’ challenge to
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WWE 13: 10 Disappointing Attitude Era Moments We Don’t Want To Revisit

When wrestling fans discuss the Attitude Era of WWE, one is immediately picturing the hell-raising action of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the verbal tounge-lashings of the Rock and the crude antics of Degeneration-x. It was the most successful and controversial period in the history of professional wrestling, and now in WWE 13, fans can escape back to the late 1990s, when wrestling was cool, and you probably still had hair.

However, whilst the Attitude Era provided us with many memorable moments, some we are still trying to wipe from our brains and pretend that they never happened. Even the greatest period in wrestling had a few ideas that should have remained undeveloped. Whether they were too violent, too demented, or simply too dull, the following ten moments brought fans to their feet and then sent them towards the exit.

I will probably need to take a shower after writing this article
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WWE ’13 Roster Revealed

Thq’s WWE ’13 is due out in stores later this fall and after revealing new characters, downloadable content and a special Collector’s Edition packaging, we’ve finally been given the entire roster list for the massive game, which features current superstars, divas and superstars from the Attitude Era. It’s an impressive list of names that only makes the wait seem that much longer.

What’s particularly interesting about this list is the inclusion of various Attitude favorites that haven’t been in the WWE for some time. I’m of course talking about Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, X-Pac and Booker T. These superstars are without a doubt an important part of WWE history, but they’ve been mostly absent (aside from Booker T) from the WWE Universe ever since the rival company Tna formed. I’m happy to see WWE striking up deals with said superstars, because reliving
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WWE Tag Teams: The Good, The Bad & The Underrated

Impact wrestling is currently advertising the return of its most exciting tag team the Motorcity Machine Guns. But who are they actually going to wrestle when they return? Team 3D are long gone. Beer Money are feuding with each other. Morgan and Crimson have gone kaput. Ok, there’s the obvious choice of tag team champions Samoa Joe and Magnus but should they really be entered into a top feud right off the bat? This only goes to highlight the distinct lack of depth in tag team wrestling as a whole. Tna once had an amazing tag division that helped set it apart from the new champs every week approach of the WWE, but these days they too have seemingly given up the ghost.

It hasn’t always been like this though. Tag teams were once held with great esteem in the business we love, and the tag titles were
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WWE 12: Wrestlemania Edition… Can You Smell What Thq Is Cookin’?

It was announced today that us Brits will be getting a special edition of WWE ’12 this May – titled ‘WWE 12: Wrestlemania Edition’ to celebrate the biggest WWE event of the calendar.

The edition will be exclusive to Europe, and will give gamers access to all content from the current game plus addition playable characters:

The Rock Shawn Michaels Jerry “The King” Lawler Jim RossMacho ManRandy Savage Trish Stratus Batista Mick Foley Brodus Clay Michael Cole Brie Bella Nikki Bella Vickie Guerrero Kharma Alicia Fox

There’s also a handful of alternative costumes on offer: Road Warrior Hawk, Road Warrior Animal, Edge and Christian.

So for those of you, like myself, who just watched Wresltemania 28 and then read Matthew Robinson’s post, this all-inclusive release sounds pretty promising. In my opinion, a great little set-up for getting back into wrestling.

There is no set PR or marketing for the release yet,
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