"Anonymous," the Bard and "Coriolanus"

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"Roland Emmerich's Anonymous is a well-polished cowpat that will confuse and bore those who know nothing about Shakespeare and incense those who know almost anything," declares David Edelstein in New York. The film begins with Derek Jacobi announcing on a contemporary Broadway stage that the plays we attribute to Shakespeare are, in fact, the work of "Edward de Vere, seventeenth Earl of Oxford, who could not, by virtue of his rank, have anything to do with the theater and so handed over his masterworks — many of which were not performed until well after his death — to a boobish actor named Will Shakespeare, who incidentally was the one who stabbed Christopher Marlowe in the eye. Less improbably, De Vere screwed Queen Elizabeth, as well as (accidentally) his own mum…. Apart from its ineptitude, Anonymous is peculiarly beside the point. Shakespeare's succession of masterpieces, near masterpieces, and thrilling misses is a
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Simon Schama: 'I'm the inevitable old codger on the dancefloor'

The historian talks about self-doubt, showing off, his Jewish heritage – and cheating death in a helicopter

Your book of essays, Scribble, Scribble, Scribble, dwells on subjects from how to make a souffle to the "cowboy pieties" of George W Bush. In one sense you might say it's a testament to never saying no to a commission?

I fear so. I do say no from time to time, but not half often enough. I have this magpie instinct for the next glittering object. There are one or two things I know I can't write about though: Diy, cricket, automobile repair. I could study it for a lifetime and not produce a word on the carburettor.

You were introduced at the Hay festival as "critic, foodie and groover". Is that a description you recognise?

Groover is probably horribly accurate, I'm afraid. I am somebody who has never been able to give up 60s habits.
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Matt Lauer: Even Hotter With Hair

Admittedly creepy title, as Matt Lauer is only a teenager here. But it just goes to show that with hair, without hair, underaged or baked to 53 degrees Farenheit, Matt Lauer is hot as sh*t. These photos were taken from his Greenwich High School yearbook photos way back when in 1975, clocking him in at around 17. Ahead, we have his “formal” shot that is 1000 percent more news-anchory than the one you see above, along with his yearbook quote. Underaged Anderson Cooper does not hold a candle to this guy. Lauer’s Yearbook quote is courtesy of English author William Hazlitt, and it says: “He will never make true friends who is afraid of making enemies.” Please, God, hear me now: Never make me an enemy of The Lauer. He is too good, too pure. [Photos: Splash News]
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