Jane Fonda Says She Never Thought She’d Live to 30: ‘I Assumed I’d Die Lonely and an Addict’

Jane Fonda Says She Never Thought She’d Live to 30: ‘I Assumed I’d Die Lonely and an Addict’
Jane Fonda, who rang in her 80th birthday on Dec. 21, says she’s simply thankful to be alive.

As a young woman, “I never pictured 30,” she tells People in the magazine’s new issue. “I assumed I wouldn’t live very long and that I would die lonely and an addict of some sort. I didn’t think if I did live this long, that I would be vibrant and healthy and still working. I’m grateful.”

Fonda’s early years were shaped by family tragedy. Her socialite mother, Frances, suffered from mental illness and committed suicide when Jane was 12 and her brother,
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Richard Perry on His Split from Jane Fonda: ‘We’re Just Starting a New Chapter’

Richard Perry and Jane Fonda have split, but there’s no bad blood between the former couple.

“It is true that Jane and I have decided to live apart,” Perry, 74, confirmed in a statement to People. “However, while separations run rampant in this town, often filled with negativity, ours is just the opposite.”

He added, “We continue to maintain a close friendship and care deeply about each other. Jane has rededicated herself to activism and I am finishing my memoirs. So all is well with the Fonda-Perry relationship. We’re just starting a new chapter.”

A source confirmed the actress,
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Jane Fonda and Richard Perry Split After 8 Years: Report

Jane Fonda and Richard Perry Split After 8 Years: Report
Oscar winner Jane Fonda and her music-producer partner Richard Perry have split after 8 years together.

Perry confirmed the news to Page Six saying, “That’s true.” The “You’re So Vain” producer added that he and Fonda are “still very close.”

Fonda, 79, and Perry, 74, started dating in 2009 and fell in love while he helped her recover from a knee surgery. In a video interview for, the actress says that she went to L.A. “to get a new knee and ended up with a new lover.” The two can be seen dancing at the end of the video
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Jane Fonda and Richard Perry Split After 8 Years

Jane Fonda and Richard Perry Split After 8 Years
Jane Fonda and Richard Perry have called it quits.

The 79-year-old actress and her partner of eight years have gone their separate ways, according to Page Six. The couple had just listed their Beverly Hills home for $13 million.

Related: Why Jane Fonda Went to Therapy After Filming ‘Grace & Frankie’

"That's true," Perry told the outlet, adding that he is planning to move into another home. "We are still very close.

Fonda opened up about her special relationship with Perry in a 2012 interview with U.K.'s The Sun.

"The only thing I have never known is true intimacy with a man," she continued. "I absolutely wanted to discover that before dying. It has happened with Richard. I feel totally secure with him."

The actress has been married three times, to Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden and Ted Turner, and has three children. Perry was married to model Rebecca Broussard in 1987, but split the following year.

Watch: [link=nm
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Tom Hayden, Activist And Ex-Husband Of Jane Fonda, Dies At 76

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Tom Hayden died Sunday in Santa Monica, California, of a long battle with heart disease. He was 76. Social And Political Activist Tom Hayden Dies At 76 Hayden was the voice for the youth in 60s, coming to prominence following the JFK assassination. Initially, at 22, Hayden created the Port Huron Statement, which was a […]

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Tom Hayden, Activist Politician and Jane Fonda Ex, Dies at 76

  • The Wrap
Tom Hayden, a veteran social activist and politician, has died at 76, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Times said Hayden battled a lengthy illness and died in Santa Monica, California. Hayden, who served for 18 years in the California state legislature, was once married to actress Jane Fonda. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti expressed condolences on Twitter, calling Hayden a “political giant.” A political giant and dear friend has passed. Tom Hayden fought harder for what he believed than just about anyone I have known. Rip, Tom. — Eric Garcetti (@ericgarcetti) October 24, 2016 Also Read: Jane Fonda Says 'Dangerous' Donald Trump Is.
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Last Week Tonight Host John Oliver Talks Expanded Season 2, the FCC, More Salmon Cannon-esque Hijinks

Last Week Tonight Host John Oliver Talks Expanded Season 2, the FCC, More Salmon Cannon-esque Hijinks
It’s Tuesday morning. John Oliver‘s news satire Last Week Tonight returns Sunday (HBO, 11/10c) for its second season. But don’t ask the host what topics the premiere, which is mere days away, will cover.

As of right now, he couldn’t tell ya.

“I don’t know,” he says when asked at a press event held at HBO headquarters in Manhattan. “We have a couple of options that we’ve been working on.” The final call will get made the next day, and it will include input from the series’ writers’ room and research staff — the latter
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Music and Sex #3 - in which our hero's long musical weekend continues, etc.

Music and Sex: Scenes from a life - A novel in progress by Roman AkLeff (first installment can be read here; second here (the last paragraph of which was moved into this part).

After the show, Walter took Norman to the West End, where Norman marveled at the broad beer selection. As they slowly worked their way through a small percentage of the fifty-plus on offer, Walter lamented how inferior college was making him feel.

"Screw that," rejoined Norman. "Just have fun and keep learning and next year's freshmen will feel inferior to you. If you already knew everything, you wouldn't have to go to college in the first place. Don't tell me about that, tell me about all the cool stuff you've been doing."

"Well, during orientation there was a great band playing outside for free called So What. I know you're not that into fusion, but they were hot.
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Jane Fonda credits meditation for her fitness at 76

Jane Fonda credits meditation for her fitness at 76
Washington, Jan. 23: Jane Fonda has credited meditation for helping her maintaining physical fitness.

The 76-year-old actress, who earlier had revealed that she went on an exercise bike for five hours the night her second husband Tom Hayden left her for another woman, credits keeping fit with maintaining her sanity, the Daily Express reported.

She said that she knows in the deepest part of herself the importance of remaining physically active, even if she's going through a nervous breakdown, even she's older or have body parts that are falling off. It makes all the difference in the world, adding that it has kept her centred and balanced emotionally. (Ani)
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Alexander Payne Retrospective - Sideways

Thomas Harris reviews Sideways...

Sideways is arguably Alexander Payne's most conventional film. However, under the guise of a different director, the film could have been conventional in a mundane way, however, through his deft eye for realism, Sideways is one of few American classics released in the noughties. Impeccably acted, witty and incredibly gentle, the film celebrates the midlife crisis.

Paul Giamatti and Thomas Hayden Church, two actors synonymous with broken male roles, perform with subtlety and almost a sense of naturalism. The pair never acknowledge their problems, drowning themselves in good wine, hiding their feelings under a series of incredibly well-observed moments of betrayal. The camera never protrudes out, instead it simply stays static, allowing the audience to interpret the relationships with no intrusion. Payne uses this throughout his career but it works best in Sideways.

Impressively, the vast amount of alcohol consumed throughout the film never signals towards alcoholism.
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5 memorable movie lotharios: James Bond, Alfie, Casanova, more

5 memorable movie lotharios: James Bond, Alfie, Casanova, more
In Don Jon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a modern-day lothario whose perception of sex from porn informs his lifestyle as he cruises the NY night scene to meet women.

Jgl's eponymous character isn't the first to develop an insatiable fondness for the fairer sex, so with that in mind, Digital Spy takes a look at some of cinema's most memorable lotharios below...

James Bond

If any character epitomised the word 'lothario', 007 would probably be it. Part of what has made Bond's character so iconic is his excessive womanising, whether it be frolicking with Honey Ryder in Jamaica or rolling in the hay with Pussy Galore. In earlier films, his rather unorthodox approach and ease with which he seduced women (sometimes as many as three per film) made him seem like a Casanova figure. However, in recent years, Bond's relationships have proven more complex and ambiguous (as with Casino Royale's Vesper
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Terrence Howard, Thomas Hayden Church for Cardboard Boxer

Cardboard Boxer which already has Boyd Holbrook, Macy Gray and Rhys Wakefield on board, has added Terrence Howard and Thomas Hayden Church to the cast of the indie film, reports Variety. Directed and written by Knate Gwaltney, the story tells of a homeless man who lives on Los Angeles' Skid Row who becomes the target of teens who pay underprivileged folk to fight each other. Mjw Pictures' Michael Witherill is producing and financing with Michael Roiff. Howard can currently be seen in Warner Bros. Pictures' Prisoners alongside Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal
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9 Surprising Real World Impacts of Famous Movies

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Over the last hundred or so years, movies have been the world's number-one chosen form of popular entertainment. Our common language. Our shared culture experience. And so on, and so forth.

So it should come as no surprise that movies not only shape how we view the world but how the world actually operates. Like, in real life. Here are nine instances when the impact of a movie went beyond the screen and into our reality.

1. 'Casablanca' (1942) Helps Shape American Foreign Policy

Most people remember "Casablanca" as an expertly crafted romance driven by the standout performances of Ingrid Bergman, looking stunning, and Humphrey Bogart, doing his best impression of a jaded emo teenager. But beyond shared looks between the movie's beautiful A-list leads and the story's exotic backdrop, the romance that had captivated America was, in part, subtle war propaganda. The film's backdrop was, of course, right in
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Toronto: Toni Collette Starrer ‘Lucky Them’ Finds Winning Team

Lucky Them,” the latest from “Eden” helmer Megan Griffiths, charmed auds and potential buyers at its world premiere in Toronto Friday night, thanks to its breezy banter and the appealing, oddball pairing of Toni Collette — as a whiskey-drinking rock scribe with an edge — and Thomas Hayden Church as her blithely upbeat music-hating pal and wannabe documentarian.

Shot in and around Seattle on a $1-million budget, the pic, which also features Oliver Platt, Ryan Eggold and Nina Arianda, lands in Toronto after an often bumpy 11-year journey for writer-producer Emily Wachtel, who co-penned the script with Huck Botko.

Wachtel was sustained early on by encouragement from family friend Paul Newman, who liked the script and sent a draft to several actors in 2007.

“Around that time I connected with Thomas Hayden Church, who ended up calling me once a month for seven years to ask me what was going on,” recalled Wachtel the day after the preem.
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Jack’s Top 10 Films of 2012

I saw far fewer films this year than last and I’ve spent far less time deliberating over my top 10 too. That said, whereas last year I knew my number one film almost straight away, I’m more inclined to suggest that the order of this list isn’t too important.

1) The Divide

A bleak, mean-spirited and rather misanthropic view of humanity to be sure, but this post-apocalyptic thriller delivered tension and social commentary in spades. It was also, at times very, very blackly funny.

2) Chronicle

I didn’t expect to like this half as much as I did. Sure, the found footage thing is boring and unnecessary, but where Chronicle really succeeds is in its commitment to its central premise: if real teenagers got super-powers, chances are they’d use them to dick around with. Convincing special effects and some genuine moments of excitement help too.

3) Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson
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The Uncomfortable Sexuality of 'Killer Joe'

The Uncomfortable Sexuality of 'Killer Joe'
Matthew McConaughey has been nominated by the Film Independent Spirit Awards as Best Male Lead for his dark turn as Killer Joe, out on DVD today, and the film's director, Oscar winner William Friedkin (The French Connection, The Exorcist), reveals to ETonline the trick for capturing such incredible, genuine performances -- and some extremely uncomfortable, off-kilter sexual moments -- from his actors.

Video: Matthew McConaughey Talks 'Killer' Role

"It starts with casting. If you haven't cast these roles properly, there's nothing you can do -- then there are no tricks," he says. "Before you get started, you spend a lot of time talking to them, trying to learn as much as you can about the details of their lives, about what pushes their buttons. … [And then] what I go for is to have the actor use sense memory in order to recreate all the emotions that his character is supposed to represent." For example
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This week's new DVD & Blu-ray

Killer Joe | Santa Sangre | Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World | Mad Men: Season 5 | Casque D'Or

Killer Joe

Killer Joe sees two major talents returning to form, neither of whom have been flavour of the month for many a year.

First, we get director William Friedkin, who made two of the most successful and defining films of the 1970s: The French Connection and The Exorcist. His fall came with the 1977 big-budget remake of Wages Of Fear. It wasn't a bad film, but it came out a month after Star Wars and was buried by critics. We also get Matthew McConaughey, who impressed in Dazed And Confused then squandered his talent by cornering the market in shirtless acting. Here, McConaughey's cop has a sideline in contract killing. His services are engaged by Chris Smith (Emile Hirsch), who wants to off his mother for the insurance. With nothing upfront,
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"Newsroom" Finale Recap: No Jane, No Gain

Here's as much as I gleaned from the final episode of The Newsroom's first season: Will is an angry, great journalist because he survived an ulcer, started ripping out his IV tubes in the hospital, and stormed off as the triumphant opening notes of "Baba O'Riley" played. Maggie and Jim deserve each other because of their similar age and frowns. MacKenzie is histrionic enough to be mistaken for a hare in a pencil skirt. Sloan has a hard time balancing intelligence and needing to talk about how intelligent she is. And best of all: Jane Fonda makes everything better -- even if its so hard to love anything about a show whose characters argue like high school freshmen in a pathetic Great Books discussion every single week. Unsatisfying and the same old bowlful'a pretension we've come to expect. Hiss.

But anyway, good news: Jane Fonda made her third and
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What to TiVo: Wednesday

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8:00 The Middle (repeat) 8:30 Suburgatory (repeat) 9:00 Modern Family (repeat) 9:30 Suburgatory (repeat) 10:00 20/20 (new) 11:35 Nightline (new) 12:00 Jimmy Kimmel Live (new, with guests Thomas Hayden Church and Rick Bayless) 8:00 Big Brother (new) 9:00 Criminal Minds (repeat) 10:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (repeat) 11:35 Late Show With David Letterman (new, with guest Tom Brokaw) 12:37 The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (repeat, with guests William Shatner and Breckin Meyer) 8:00 So You Think You Can Dance (new) 8:00 America's Got Talent (repeat) 9:00 America's Got Talent (new) 10:00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (repeat) 11:34 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (new, with guests Sylvester Stallone and Missy Franklin) 12:37 Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (new, with guests Kathie Lee Gifford, T.I., and Hope Solo) 8:00 Oh Sit! (new, series premiere) 9:00 Supernatural (repeat) More TV to watch when you read more.
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Jane Fonda Firebombs "Newsroom": A Photographic Journey

Coming up in 30 seconds: Jane Fonda. But first, an obligatory Newsroom pseudo-recap.

The HBO gabfest kicked off a two-part episode with a solid hour of Casey Anthony bemoaning (and an effective scene about Nancy Grace-style "tragedy porn"), lively discourse between ratings-hungry honchos and the integrity-obsessed newsroom staffers, and Murdoch-style journalistic corruption. As usual, there was also a moment of spoonfed idiocy in the form of Sandy, a dimwit caricature who coerced Anthony Weiner into his Twitter scandal and used his snafu as an excuse to score on-air gigs with Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight. Her justification for the unapologetic PR blitz? "Because the world needs to know the kind of guy he is." Sandy followed this a second later by announcing that she scored a press agent, and then she glibly deadpanned, "Can I possibly get a decaf latte?" Get it? She's the dumb stupid idiot this episode. Just
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