Lance Russell, Longtime Pro Wrestling Commentator, Dies at 91

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Lance Russell, longtime professional wrestling commentator, died on Tuesday at age 91. His passing was announced on Twitter by WWE legend Jerry Lawler, whose matches Russell called on “Championship Wrestling” in Memphis. Though he was a broadcaster, Russell became as much of a star among Memphis wrestling fans as the wrestlers themselves thanks to his interviews with stars like Lawler, Bill Dundee, and Jimmy Hart. Russell called out heels with a disgusted tone when they attempted to cheat in a match, but doing so with acidic wit rather than yelling. This led to confrontations between him and the show’s villains,
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Finn Balor teases Bullet Club in WWE, backstage heat on Randy Orton? – WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

Despite his WWE return being reported as “sooner rather than later” leading up to Wrestlemania weekend, his daughter leaking that the two sides had been in talks, and him only being an hour’s drive from the event on the day, Hulk Hogan did not show up at Vince McMahon’s biggest show of the year.

It’s now been two years since WWE cut all ties with the Hulkster when audio of him using racial slurs was made public during Hogan’s sex tape scandal with Gawker, and an inevitable return to the company now might be even further in the future.

The Hulkster’s best friend forever – and business partner – Jimmy Hart recently spoke on the radio about their upcoming plans. While he answered the usual WWE return question with the usual response “never
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Roman Reigns teased for Smackdown move, WWE show cancelled?

We might not have gotten Samoa Joe, Finn Balor or Kurt Angle as the surprise number 30 entrant in last month’s Royal Rumble, but WWE did give us a piece of fan service 20 contestants before: Tye Dillinger at number 10.

It was a great moment, where half the crowd chanted Dillinger’s perfect 10 gimmick, while everyone else with no idea who he was thought, ‘wow, diehard fans really like counting.’

Off the back of his thunderous reception at the Royal Rumble, you’d think WWE would capitalise on making Dillinger a full-time member of the main roster. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, however, that was never the plan, and Tye is expected to remain in Nxt.

But going by last night’s Nxt live event in Philadelphia, the actual reason could be because Tye has Major Heat Backstage!

Heat in the literal sense of the word: warmth. It
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Rumored list of WWE Hall Of Fame 2017 Inductees

This time of year the WWE makes every effort they can to step up their performance. With Wrestlemania around the corner, they want to make sure as many eyes as possible are watching the Granddaddy of Them All. It’s also a time to reflect and honor the past as this is usually the time of year they start announcing the next WWE Hall of Fame class. Thanks to Bryan Alvarez from the Wrestling Observer, we may have some clue as to who will be a part of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017. Let’s discuss the picks now but remember, until they’re confirmed by the WWE, these choices are strictly rumor at this point.

Diamond Dallas Page

A deserving choice if there ever was one. Starting off as a manager, he worked his way up in his late 30’s to become a wrestler and eventual WCW World Champion.
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10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (Oct 23)

Recently, a lot of people have been giving The Dudley Boyz credit for the shape they’re in. Even though it was around a decade since their last regular gig together in WWE, Bubba Ray and D-Von look great on television, and also look like they haven’t missed a step. This week’s article looks at exactly who was responsible for bringing them back to the company.

That’s what this list is all about, providing facts that even the most hardcore of pro wrestling fans likely didn’t know last week. The grappling world moves quickly, which means there is always fresh news coming out every day. This means various facts come to light that weren’t exactly common knowledge previously.

Joining The Dudley Boyz, find out which former WWE main event star always felt the promotion could have done with more organisation, and which ex-wwe
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WWE Tells Talents Not To Have Contact with Hulk Hogan


The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that WWE officials have reached out to all talents, including those no longer wrestling but still affiliated with the company, and told them not to have any contact with Hulk Hogan after the racist comments scandal.

This new development arrives after Hogan recently went on a media tour in hope of clearing his name and getting back in Vince McMahon’s good books. The Hulkster still has a one-night appearance in the UK with former WWE talents Lanny Poffo, Jimmy Hart, Outback Jack, Bushwacker Luke and Fred Ottman (Tugboat) coming up, a number of which, still have connections to the company through the Hall of Fame amongst others.

Hogan was fired by WWE and wiped from its history last month after using racist language during his controversial sex tape that was leaked by the National Enquirer and Radar Online.

In which,
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WWE Removes Jimmy Snuka From Hall Of Fame?

WWE released the following statement about Hall of Famer “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, who was charged with third degree murder on Tuesday following a new investigation into the death of his girlfriend in 1983;

“Jimmy Snuka’s non-wrestling ‘legends’ contract has been suspended and we are currently removing his images from our media platforms pending the outcome of this case.”

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the 72-year-old Snuka turned himself in to authorities on Monday after receiving word of his indictment and was arraigned in Lehigh County. He was sent to county jail where he was being held on $100,000 bond. Snuka posted 10% of that figure as his bail and was released later that day. There were reports that police went to arrest him, but he did turn himself in.

Snuka’s apparently in really bad shape because he had surgery for stomach cancer last month. He was in a
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‘WWE: It’s Good to be King – The Jerry Lawler Story’ Blu-ray Review

Before Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler became one of the signature voices of WWE he was one of the greatest competitors in all of sports entertainment. For the first time ever, get a glimpse into The King’s illustrious career as he gives insight into all of his most memorable matches and moments. From his early days performing in Memphis to his legendary feud with comedy icon Andy Kaufman, to his arrival in WWE, this set is a must-have for any fan of sports entertainment. With a successful career spanning over four decades, it’s easy to see that it’s good to be The King.

Since 1993, Jerry “The King” Lawler has been in the WWE as both a wrestler and a commentator, and for the first time, here, in this release, WWE put out a set based on the career and life of one of the best of all time.
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‘WWE: Macho Man – The Randy Savage Story’ Blu-ray Review

When I first began watching professional wrestling, some 22 years ago in 1992, the one wrestler who made me sit up and take notice was “Macho ManRandy Savage. My first wrestling event I ever saw features Savage and Ric Flair wrestling for the WWF Championship in Indiana at WrestleMania 8. Randy Savage has been a favourite of mine ever since, a remarkable performer, he truly had the “it” that promoters in wrestling look for year after year. A top-class wrestler who, in many ways, was ahead of his time, Savage was also truly original on the microphone with his trademark growl-voice and catch-phrases like “Ooh Yeah”, “Dig it!” and “Snap into a Slim Jim!” The latter of which, as silly as it sounds, helped solidify Savage as a household name, someone that even non-fans of wrestling had heard of.

I was excited when I heard that WWE were releasing this set. The
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10 Best WCW Entrance Theme Songs Ever

Theme songs in pro wrestling are very important. They represent a wrestler, a team or a group. A lot of the time they are used to get a crowd excited or get them booing before that wrestler even makes his way onto the stage. A good song can really help a career. A bad song can really hurt a career.

When World Championship Wrestling was running from the early 1990s until their death in 2001, they had hundreds of wrestlers walk through their doors. There have been so many memorable songs that it’s tough to narrow it down to just ten of the best, but that’s what we’re here to do.

A lot of the names you’re going to see are big names. That’s partly because they’re the more memorable ones. We remember the stars easier because we’ve probably heard those songs more often.
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Hulk Hogan Set For Nwo Reunion On Monday’s WWE Raw

We have reported for weeks about how Hulk Hogan will the be the guest star on Raw this coming Monday for his 61st birthday on August 11th. It was promoted by WWE on Raw, so Hogan’s presence will be a big part of Monday’s show in Portland.

There will also be some surprises because WWE hasn’t advertised other special names for Raw although it was teased by Scott Hall on Twitter. It’s now been confirmed by PWInsider that both Scott Hall and Kevin Nash have been booked for Raw.

As wrestling fans know, those two along with Hogan started the New World Order in WCW in July of 1996 and went on to dominate WCW for years as the top heel faction in the company. Once WCW died, they brought the Nwo to WWE for a brief run in 2002 that didn’t really go very well.
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Hulk Hogan Says He’s Training For One Final WWE Match Against John Cena

Hulk Hogan made some waves this weekend at his New Jersey “Hulk Hogan Uncut” event, in which he dropped some major news.

The wrestling icon surprised fans when he said that he’s been training for one more WWE match, noting that he wanted it to be against 15-time world champion John Cena. Hogan has been praising Cena in the media of late, even saying that he considers Cena the greatest WWE champion of all time.

Jimmy Hart was also present with Hogan at the event, and stated Hogan would be at an upcoming Raw, which will be the August 11th edition from Portland.

Hogan has appeared for the WWE sporadically this year, promoting the WWE Network on Raw, as well as having a memorable segment to kick off WrestleMania 30, which also featured fellow Hall of Famers The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The WWE also utilized
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WWE Network – Five Months In, let’s take a look.

The WWE launched its much-spoken of, much-publicized and much-advertised by its announcers on television every single week, Network at the end of February and now we are just over five months on from the launch, so I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the Network now that the issues have been ironed out, more content has been added and rumours have begun to swirl that WWE are planning to launch it in the rest of the world before 2014 comes to a close.

When it launched five months ago the WWE Network was a big of a mess in terms of glitches and errors, from people experiencing numerous problems with the sign-up process, people being charged twice, people being charged even though they cancelled before the end of the “free trial”, and then the issues that came once you signed in. Freezing during the on-demand portion of the service,
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Hot Docs 2014: 'The Sheik' Review

There are so many great docs on the various institutions, characters, fans and businessmen that make up professional wrestling. Stories about Hulk Hogan, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Bret Hart, and even the feature film "The Wrestler" have not only stocked festivals like Tiff and Hot Docs, they have also been very successful in theatres and on television. "The Sheik" is yet another tale from this so-called sport, but this time it features one of the most disliked heels to ever enter the ring. Lucky for us, the story of Khosrow Vaziri and his roller-coaster of a life is just as compelling as fake wrestling.

The Iron Sheik is one of the most memorable and iconic characters to ever come out of Vince McMahon's WWF/E machine. In a time when caricature (or maybe even racism) was something a little more up-front in the culture, the Sheik and his
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WWE: 10 Best WrestleMania Entrances Ever

Copyright: WWE WrestleMania Xiv Blu-ray

WrestleMania is fast approaching and superstars will be making plans to impress on the big stage. Everyone that makes it to the Superbowl of wrestling enters with the mission of stealing the show and leaving an impression on the viewer.

Some have made a career of it, whether it be ‘Mr WrestleManiaShawn Michaels and his tendency to have the best match of the night or making audiences believe in The Undertaker’s undefeated streak coming to an end or someone trying to steal the spotlight in a multiman match (such as this year’s Battle Royal), there isn’t a single performer who isn’t trying to demand attention.

There is no better way to grab the audiences attention than to do so from the moment a superstar steps through the curtain. This list takes a look back at the best WrestleMania entrances in its 29 year history.
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WWE Network: Taking a look

Over the course of the last couple of weeks the wrestling world has been buzzing over the news that WWE will be launching their on-demand streaming network at the end of February, this year (2014). The idea of a network has been rumoured for a while but nobody knew the details until WWE provided them, in detail, a couple of weeks ago at a press conference featuring the McMahon family and an array of big WWE names.

The service will launch on February 24th 2014 and will, like Netflix streaming, feature on demand content galore, but will also feature live shows on a weekly schedule as well as all twelve annual WWE pay per view events, all in glorious HD. The fact that all the PPV’s are included is the biggest surprise here, considering that buying each show separately would cost more than a monthly payment for the network will. Oh yeah,
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WWE: 5 Reasons Hulk Hogan Should Rejoin In 2014

Hulk Hogan has recently been touted to be returning to WWE by everyone from Jimmy Hart to D’Lo Brown. While the approach of Wrestlemania 30 has lit an obvious match to this flame of rumour, the fire was further fanned with his appearance in Thq’s recent WWE2K14 video game, offering players the chance to either stride to the ring as a ‘Real American’ or team up with the Outsiders and reform the Nwo.

Hulk Hogan was the face of WWE in the 1980s and his matches, including body slamming Andre The Giant in front of 93,173 fans at Wrestlemania 3, have gone down in history. Even though wrestling had begun to move on by the time Hogan lost the Heavyweight Championship to Yokozuna at King of the Ring 93 he was still considered one of the most unforgettable entertainers and performs in company history. Turning 60 in August, the Hulkster may arguably
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WWE: Hulk Hogan’s Return – Latest

Hulk Hogan’s WWE return deal is looking ever increasingly likely and the signs right now suggest that Hogan and Vince McMahon are still trying to do a deal.

It has been hard to decide at times just what Hogan’s intentions have been since finishing up his contract with Tna earlier this year. At first it seemed that Hogan was set on a WWE jump, but then it all appeared to be a bit too much of a “blurred lines” wrestling angle in which he would eventually shockingly return to Tna. Nevertheless, Hogan and Vince did talk recently, but McMahon feels Hogan’s value has diminished, financial terms have not been agreed.

Hogan seems very keen to attain the limelight of the “big stage” once again. McMahon however feels the nostalgia attraction is nowhere near the price Hogan demands. McMahon values The Rock and Brock Lesnar significantly higher than Hogan,
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WWE: 6 Reasons Hulk Hogan’s Return Would Be “Bad For Business”

With Wrestlemania 30 on the horizon speculation is high about which (if any) WWE stars will be returning for the biggest event of the year. That, coupled with the fact that he recently parted ways with Tna, is fuelling the speculation that the “Immortal” Hulk Hogan could return at the 30th Wrestlemania in New Orleans. Recent mouthing from hype man Jimmy Hart also has him claiming that a Hogan return is already in the works.

Since leaving Tna, Hogan hasn’t exactly been quiet either. First he advertised his “Hostamania” hosting service. Then in a desperate attempt to prove he’s still relevant he appeared in a cringe inducing “parody” of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.” If that’s not enough reason for the WWE to maybe reconsider signing the 60 Year old star they need fear not, I’ve been kind enough to provide a list of other reasons why bringing the
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WWE’s Divas Ready to Face Reality

WWE’s Divas Ready to Face Reality
WWE’s roster of female wrestlers, known as the Divas, haven’t been much in the spotlight lately — their match at this year’s “WrestleMania” was even canceled at the last minute. But the company is looking to change that with “Total Divas,” a new reality show that premieres Sunday on E!.

Series explores life beyond the ring for seven Divas as they compete for ring time, attend events and deal with a grueling travel schedule while juggling their personal lives. Show is the first time WWE has allowed cameras backstage to show its athletes out of character and not playing their on-screen personas.

Produced by WWE and Bunim-Murray Prods (MTV’s “The Real World”), “Total Divas” will revolve around the Bella Twins, Brie (Brianna Garcia-Colace) and Nikki (Nicole Garcia-Colace); Naomi (Trinity McCray) and Cameron (Ariane Nicole Andrew), better known as the Funkadactyls; Natalya (Natalie Katherine Neidhart), a third-generation wrestler
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