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Truck Turner | Blu-ray Review

Kino Lorber resurrects the obscure and fascinating 1974 Blaxploitation gem Truck Turner this month for the first time on Blu-ray. One of Isaac Hayes’ most notable acting performances, it’s a head above the general trend of similar genre titles of the period, even though the film features a familiar narrative already well re-tread by the time of its release. Hayes fashions his own soundtrack for this retro classic, an oddity begging to be rediscovered.

Truck Turner (Hayes) is a football star turned bounty hunter, in the midst of hunting down a vicious, sadistic pimp named Gator (Paul Harris) with the help of his sidekick, Jerry (Alan Weeks). But Gator proves a hard target to pin down, leading up to a dramatic showdown where Truck is forced to kill the pimp in self-defense. His death causes a ripple in the criminal community of Los Angeles and forces the aggressively violent Madame
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July Screenings Announced For Black Cinema House In Chicago

The Black Cinema House in Chicago whose singular mission is to hold "screenings and discussions of underseen works by film and video makers of the African and other diasporas,” and which we have profiled in the past (Here), and have written about several times, has announced its schedule of July screenings.Starting tonight on July 5th, the Bch will screen the rarely seen 1962 British film by director Basil Dearden, All Night Long. Set among the world of jazz musicians during one night at a jazz party, the film is unique take on Shakespeare’s Othello in which a jealous drummer (Patrick McGoohan) convinces a musician (Paul Harris) that his singer white wife is cheating on him which...
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Flashback To 1962 – Basil Dearden’s “All Night Long” (“Othello” With A Jazz Twist)

I just finished watching this jazz-infused 1962 psychodrama from British filmmaker Basil Dearden, titled All Night Long; it’s basically a retelling of Shakespeare’s Othello, set in a 1960s London jazz club, taking place over the course of one eventful evening.

As interracial couple, and band mates, Aurelius Rex (played by Paul Harris) and Delia Lane (played by Marti Stevens), celebrate their first wedding anniversary, jealous, ambitious drummer, Johnny Cousin (Patrick McGoohan), who wants Delia for himself to headline his own burgeoning band, works feverishly to tear the couple apart, with lies and deception. A familiar story of jealousy and treachery.

And by the time the night draws to a close, the previously-happily married Aurelius has been deceived into trying to murder his beloved wife, and her believed to be lover.

It’s provoking, especially for a film of its time. Not a film that I’d expect to be
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Latifah takes the wheel for 'Truck' redo

Latifah takes the wheel for 'Truck' redo
Queen Latifah is driving a remake of Truck Turner to the big screen for MGM. The Oscar-nominated actress -- who is onscreen in the No. 1 film, MGM's Barbershop 2 -- is producing the remake, which Chris Frisina has just been hired to write for the studio and Queen Latifah's production company Flavor Unit Films. The original 1974 film, directed by Jonathan Kaplan, found Isaac Hayes in the title role starring as a bounty hunter hired to kill a man named Gator. Once the job is done, Gator's girlfriend puts a hit out on Truck, who is then forced to elude the hit and escape the nasty gang. Yaphet Kotto, Paul Harris, Annazette Chase and Sam Laws also star.

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