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Nicolas Cage: examining his straight-to-dvd movies

Kirsten Howard Feb 24, 2017

Last year we watched ten of the recent straight-to-dvd films of Mr Nicolas Cage. Since then, he's made six more...

This article has been updated to include six new films: Dog Eat Dog, The Trust, USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage, Southern Fury, Army Of One and Vengeance: A Love Story.

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The first Nicolas Cage movie I saw wasn’t one of the cool ones. It wasn’t Wild At Heart, Raising Arizona or even Valley Girl. It was the Cher rom-com, Moonstruck.

My mum, having just gone through an acrimonious divorce, was trying to drum up the optimism to find love again, and apparently that involved watching a lot of rom-coms where an idealised – or at least intrinsically whimsical
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Robert Hansen, 'The Butcher Baker' Serial Killer, Dies At Alaska Hospital

Robert Hansen, the serial killer who went on a murderous spree in the 70s and early 80s, died at Alaska Regional Hospital on Thursday. He was 75.

Alaska Serial Killer Robert Hansen Dies

Hansen, who had a “do not resuscitate” order, had been in failing health for the last year leading up to his death, reported Ktuu. He’d served the majority of his 461-years plus life sentence at a state prison in Seward, but was transferred to Anchorage Correctional Center in May of this year to receive medical attention.

Hansen infamously confessed to killing 17 women during a 12-year span. He was ultimately convicted for four of the murders in 1984. Hansen, who had worked as a baker in Anchorage and was known as “The Butcher Baker” during the height of his infamy, also confessed to raping an additional 30 women.

During the time in which Hansen, who was married with children, committed his crimes,
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The Overlooked Hotel – Grosse Pointe Blank

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The Overlooked Hotel is a new column in which we throw the spotlight behind the front line, champion those unfairly lost in the shallow focus of fame and feed the hungry underdogs.

Our second guest in the Hotel is George Armitage’s 1997 none more black comedy comedy Grosse Pointe Blank.

John Cusack may occasionally slum it in by-the-numbers films (2012, Serendipity, America’s Sweethearts – discuss), but when he is really applying himself he is amongst the most accomplished actors working today. Endearing, personable, yet edgy enough to convincingly portray characters as diverse as Craig Schwartz, Roy Dillon and Robert Hansen, Cusack’s best work has perhaps tended to feature in the lesser-known, unheralded films on his CV, which is where we come in. More to the point, that is where Grosse Pointe Blank comes in.

Released in cinemas in 1997, Grosse Pointe Blank has Cusack’s fingerprints all over it. He starred in it,
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DVD Review: 'The Frozen Ground'

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★★☆☆☆Based on the grisly case of serial killer Robert Hansen, Nicolas Cage and John Cusack star in Scott Walker's functional yet largely forgettable thriller The Frozen Ground (2013). State trooper Jack Halcombe (Cage) is two weeks away from retirement, at which point he plans to move away from the city of Anchorage with his wife and daughter. So returns the tried-and-tested formula of the nearly-retired cop setting out for one last case. Before Halcombe can settle into a quieter life he encounters a young prostitute, Cindy (Vanessa Hudgens), with mascara running down her face and signs of having been violently attacked.
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Chop Ten: Thn’s Best Serial Killer Movies

Famed FBI profiler John Douglas claims that there are between 35-50 serial-killers active at any one time in the Us. A nice statistic to help you sleep soundly tonight. Something “Night StalkerRichard Ramirez would love to see you do in the early 1980s, when he held Los Angeles in the grip of fear. Quietly sneaking into a number houses and taking a hammer to his victims skulls as they slept.

Hollywood, like myself and collaborative colleague Luke, has always had a fascination with these devious and diabolical freaks of nature. Just what makes such callous and cruel people decide to take a life (or ten!)? A traumatic childhood incident? A product of a harrowing upbringing? Or, do some primal people really have evil pumping through their veins from birth?

With the arrival of the Scott Walker’s tense fact-based thriller The Frozen Ground on DVD and Blu-ray, which looks
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The Frozen Ground DVD Review

Director: Scott Walker,

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Vanessa Hudgens, John Cusack, Dean Norris, Kevin Dunn, Radha Mitchell, Curtis Jackson, Kurt Fuller, Brad William Henke, Robert Forgit,

Running Time: 105 Minutes

Certificate: 15

True life police procedural serial killer films always hold a lot of interest due to their disturbing depictions of events that should remain in the world of cinema. The Frozen Ground recounts the story of a young prostitute, Cindy Paulson (Hudgens) who escapes from a sadistic kidnapper and rapist, Robert Hansen (Cusack) who may also be responsible for a number of murders. Jack Halcombe (Cage) is hot on the case, but with a discredited witness and lack of evidence it seems as though Hansen may get away.

Cusack and Cage reunite in roles opposite those of Con Air, in which Cage was the hunted and Cusack the hunter. Both men do an astonishing job at reeling themselves in and given craftily sombre and chilling performances respectively.
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The HeyUGuys Instant Watching Guide – Christmas 2013

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So here we are in Christmas week, most of the usual streaming companies have done well for you so that you won’t be too bored post turkey when you have to tolerate the family. Apart from Now TV though, there is still a serious lack of Christmas themed films out there which is a disappointment unless you really like the Santa Clause movies because they are floating around Netflix somewhere.

Good news for 2014 though is that House of Cards season two debuts on Netflix in February and also the Breaking Bad/Bob Odenkirk spin-off “Better Call Saul” is going to make its way to Netflix at some point during the year as well. Netflix has agreed a deal where they will stream the show very soon after season one ends on AMC stateside but in Europe they will be the exclusive home of the show. This probably means that
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The HeyUGuys Interview: Scott Walker talks The Frozen Ground

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Ahead of the VOD and home entertainment release of The Frozen Ground, we had the opportunity to speak with the first time feature filmmaker Scott Walker. After a successful career in advertising and marketing, Walker decided to pursue his ambition of telling stories on a larger canvas, and if film was not already a big enough canvas, he expanded it by merging film and the real life events of Alaska’s most notorious serial predator.

Reflecting on his feature debut, Scott spoke to us about reality as the source of ideas, our ongoing fascination with the dark side and serial killers, working with Nicolas Cage and John Cusack, whilst creating an entertaining story out of the horrors of real life, and the impact it had on him both personally and professionally, when tackling the events at the heart of this chilling production.

You previously worked in advertising and the marketing industry.
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The Frozen Ground Blu-Ray Review

I was pretty skeptical when I first read about the upcoming release of The Frozen Ground, a film based on the capture of Robert Hansen.

Hansen is an American serial killer who killed an unknown amount of women in Alaska, though we know he murdered at least 17 and did so as recently as in 1982. Only one of his victims, a teenage girl, managed to escape. It was with her help that police were finally able to capture Hansen, who is currently living the rest of his live in a maximum security prison.

To be honest, once I heard that there would be a movie made on the subject, starring Nicolas Cage as the detective who led the investigation to catch Hansen, John Cusack as Hansen himself, and Vanessa Hudgens as the survivor, with a supporting cast that includes 50 Cent, I was worried. I was worried that such a horrific event
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The Frozen Ground (quick take)

In a rote cat-and-mouse cop-and-serial-killer story, Vanessa Hudgens’ “victim” is far more compelling than either cop Nicolas Cage or killer John Cusack. I’m “biast” (pro): like Cage and Cusack

I’m “biast” (con): nothing

(what is this about? see my critic’s minifesto)

Serial-killer movies are so much more numerous that actual serial killers, and most of them ignore the victims to focus on the predators, which becomes — in the pop culture aggregate — just one more indignity perpetrated on the dead, who so often were targeted in the first place because they were voiceless, ignored by society, and wouldn’t be missed: they were prostitutes, runaways, drug addicts, homeless, or all of the above. So while newbie New Zealand filmmaker Scott Walker’s The Frozen Ground is a rocky mess that never finds solid footing, it is notable for how Walker chose to frame his true story
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Nicolas Cage and John Cusack Enter The Frozen Ground on Blu-ray

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Nicolas Cage and John Cusack Enter The Frozen Ground on Blu-ray
Nicolas Cage sets out to track Alaska’s most notorious serial killer in ‘The Frozen Ground,’ as the thriller is set to be released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment on October 1 on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download. The film, which is currently available on Video on Demand, also stars John Cusack and Vanessa Hudgens, and was written and directed by Scott Walker. Lionsgate Home Entertainment has released the following synopsis for the crime drama: ‘The Frozen Ground’ follows Alaskan State Trooper Jack Halcombe (Cage) as he sets out to end the murderous rampage of Robert Hansen (Cusack), a serial killer who has gone unnoticed for 13 years. As the bodies of [ Read More ]

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‘The Frozen Ground’ is bolstered by pacing and a strong performance, but let down by its poor characterisations

The Frozen Ground

Written by Scott Walker

Directed by Scott Walker

USA, 2013

Serial killers have provided ripe material for film for several years, both directly and indirectly. Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal horror classic Psycho famously had a lead character modelled after Ed Gein, while David Fincher’s Zodiac notably took a different tack by focusing on an ultimately unsuccessful investigation. The Frozen Ground, thus, despite retelling the true story of 80s serial killer Robert Hansen, already enters a crowded genre. Fortunately, a few choices, including the uniqueness of the setting in which Hansen operated, and was eventually caught, help elevate this to a feature worth a watch, though other issues hold it back from being a top-tier film.

One of the biggest issues of the film is the lack of understanding of character motivations. A lot of this comes from an absence of dimensionality afforded to the characters themselves, an
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'The Frozen Ground' based on actual events of Anchorage (Ians Movie Review)

'The Frozen Ground' based on actual events of Anchorage (Ians Movie Review)
Film: "The Frozen Ground"; Director: Scott Walker; Cast: Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, Vanessa Hudgens, Dean Norris, Kevin Dunn, Olga Valentina, Michael McGrady, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Kurt Fuller, Brad William Henke, Katherine Lanasa, Radha Mitchell and Curtis Jackson; Rating: ***

The narration rolls on from 1983, when a 17-year-old prostitute and stripper Cindy Paulson (Vanessa Hudgens) is in hand cuffs and escapes from the clutches of her psychologically-disturbed client. She tries to explain to the police officer that an Anchorage bakery owner Robert Hansen (John Cusack) tried to kill her. The officer dismisses her plea as just.
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The Frozen Ground Blu-ray and DVD Arrive October 1st

The Frozen Ground Blu-ray and DVD Arrive October 1st
Based on the incredible true story of Alaska's most notorious serial killer, The Frozen Ground arrives on Blu-ray Disc (plus Digital HD UltraViolet), DVD (plus Digital UltraViolet) and Digital Download on October 1st from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The Frozen Ground is currently available on Video on Demand. Starring Nicolas Cage (the National Treasure franchise), John Cusack (Hot Tub Time Machine, 2012) and Vanessa Hudgens (upcoming Machete Kills, Spring Breakers), the engrossing crime drama reveals the untold story of an Alaskan State Trooper who risks everything to bring a murderer to justice.

The Frozen Ground follows Alaskan State Trooper Jack Halcombe (Cage) as he sets out to end the murderous rampage of Robert Hansen (Cusack), a serial killer who has gone unnoticed for 13 years. As the bodies of street girls start to pile up in Anchorage, fear strikes a chord with the public. Risking his life, Halcombe goes on a personal manhunt
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Second Opinion - The Frozen Ground (2013)

The Frozen Ground, 2013.

Written and Directed by Scott Walker.

Starring Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, Vanessa Hudgens, Katherine Lanasa, Radha Mitchell, and 50 Cent.


An Alaska State Trooper partners with a young woman who escaped the clutches of serial killer Robert Hansen to bring the murderer to justice. Based on actual events.

Some films try to be more than their story can allow, and fail to deliver the basic elements. Other films don’t even bother trying at all and fail even more spectacularly. With The Frozen Ground, comes a film which sets out to be an average, nuts and bolts thriller and success admirably in providing a solid, if unspectacular piece of entertainment.

Based on the true story of Robert Hansen (played by John Cusack) who murdered at least 17 women (and is suspected of having killed several more) in Alaska in the early 1980s, the film’s success lies in
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The Frozen Ground Movie Review

The Frozen Ground Movie Review
Title: The Frozen Ground Director: Scott Walker Starring: Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, Vanessa Hudgens, Dean Norris, Kevin Dunn, Olga Valentina, Michael McGrady, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, Kurt Fuller, Brad William Henke, Katherine Lanasa, Radha Mitchell, Curtis Jackson, Ryan O’Nan A true crime period piece that interestingly eschews a lot of investigatory grind in favor of moral certitude and throwback, cat-and-mouse tension, “The Frozen Ground” stars John Cusack as Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen and Nicholas Cage as the state trooper who doggedly brings him to justice. Winding its way to justice in thorny fashion, this black-and-white genre tale doesn’t reinvent the wheel but, courtesy of some intriguing casting and its unique [ Read More ]

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'Pacific Rim' made Nicolas Cage cry -- Video

'Pacific Rim' made Nicolas Cage cry -- Video
Nicolas Cage and Vanessa Hudgens’ latest movie, The Frozen Ground, takes on the grisly true story of Robert Hansen (played by John Cusack), a 1980s serial killer who would take his mostly young and female victims out to the Alaskan wilderness before murdering them. Hudgens plays the lucky girl who makes it out alive, and Cage is the Sheriff tasked with tracking him down.

The line of questioning was slightly more upbeat when EW stopped by the junket to subject Cage and Hudgens to our Pop Culture Personality Test, where they talk first concerts, moments that made them cry (Pacific Rim!
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The Frozen Ground: Film Review

The Frozen Ground: Film Review
John Cusack and Nicolas Cage shed their familiar screen personae in The Frozen Ground, portraying real-world serial killer Robert Hansen and a detective on his trail in performances whose lack of affectation surely results from the sobering nature of the story: Hansen is thought to have killed nearly two dozen young women during the late '70s and early '80s. Unfortunately, writer-director Scott Walker's film is a muddled and strangely inert one, generating little of the suspense or anguish its subject requires; despite its high-profile cast, the long-delayed film won't last long in theatrical bookings. Focusing only

read more
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The Frozen Ground

A sort-of anti-Zodiac, first-time writer-director Scott Walker’s The Frozen Ground is based on real events in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1983, when after a dozen years of systematically kidnapping, raping and killing young women, serial killer Robert Hansen (John Cusack) lets one get away. It takes awhile for State Trooper Sgt. Jack Halcombe (Nicolas Cage) to pin the crimes on his suspect, however, despite the testimony of teenage prostitute Cindy Paulson (Vanessa Hudgens)....
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‘The Frozen Ground’ Review: Watch As So Much Potential Melts Into Mediocrity

Director Scott Walker‘s The Frozen Ground is the kind of thriller your conservative grandmother loves. It’s all around safe and plain, simple and to the point, and all very, very by-the-numbers. It’s like an episode of Law & Order expanded to two hours with an occasional polish or two. That idea may entice some older viewers, but after two hours of a “been there done that” on television, it’s not exactly attention grabbing. And this is a movie that conceptually should work. Alaskan State Trooper Jack Halcombe, played by a determined Nicolas Cage, attempting to bring killer Robert Hansen, played by a finicky John Cusack, should be a joy to watch. Not because of its violent content, but because we’re seeing two notable actors facing off. It’s a cat and mouse game approached with smarts, not guns. There’s no scene of Halcombe confronting Hansen at his job or physically accosting him
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