Google Earth Tracks Global Deforestation

Leave it to Google to launch one of the most impressive innovations at this week's International Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico. The search engine giant announced the birth of Google Earth Engine, a technology platform that leverages 25 years of satellite images from Landsat (the longest continuously orbiting satellite around Earth) to track and measure the planet's environment.

The platform, which debuted as a prototype last year, does everything from mapping water resources to tracking deforestation--a practice that accounts for 12 to 18 percent of worldwide yearly greenhouse gas emissions. It comes with some impressive features, including tools that remove clouds and haze from images and the ability to run complicated analyses using Google's massive computing infrastructure.

Google Earth Engine has already proven its mettle with the finest-scale forest cover and water map of Mexico generated to date. Produced in collaboration with scientist Matt Hansen and Mexico’s National Forestry Commission, the
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IndieGoGo: A Great Resource

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July 20, 2009

The Beginner's Guide to Viral Marketing (Episode 5 of 5)

I am printing the web address here because you can see to change episode-2 to episode-1, etc.:

By Saskia Wilson-Brown, originally for Current TV

Congratulations! You have succeeded in making a video, and have successfully uploaded it to one of many fine online video hosting sites. That, for some of us, may feel like an achievement in itself. But let’s get real for a second: So what? It only counts if people see it. Be it a short documentary, an indie animation, a video blog or even a slide show of your niece’s 3rd birthday party (and we sincerely hope it’s not the latter), there are tons of ways that you can maximize your audience and help turn your video into a viral hit. This is a 5-part weekly
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