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  • (1916 - 1935) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1916) Stage Play: Robinson Crusoe, Jr. Musical.
  • (1916) Stage Play: Yvette. Musical. Music by Frederik Herendeen. Book by Benjamin Thorne Gilbert. Lyrics by Frederick Herendeen. Interpolations by James F. Hanley and Arthur Jackson. Musical Director: Arthur Gutman. Music orchestrated by Arthur Gutman. Directed by M. Ring. 39th Street Theatre: 10 Aug 1916- 12 Aug 1916 (4 performances). Cast: Roshanara, Effie Allan, Louise Astor, Adah Baker Lewis (as "Ensemble"), Frances Bradford, Violet Bristow, H.R. Butler, Peggy Cameron, D.J. Carew, Cyril Chadwick (as "Lord Silverhampton"), Chapine (as "Yvette"), L. Clarke, Chris Dahl, E. Marie Day, Ward DeWolfe, Harold Goulden, Welch C. Homer, Dorothy Hunt, Crawford Kent, Rose La Harte, Rose La Place, Ainsley Lambert, Corine Lincoln, Edwin McEnery, Constance Melvin, Gertie Merrod, Rena Parker, A. Phillips, John Ransone, Eugene Redding, Jack Roberts, Elsie Ross, Adele Rudolph, B.G. Shean, Lawrence Shean, Queenie Stair, Clara Stanton, F. Stanton, Dorothy Stevens, Vivian Webb, Grace Williams. Produced by Paul Benedek.
  • (1917) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1917. Musical revue. Music by Raymond Hubbell and Dave Stamper. Patriotic finale by Victor Herbert. Book by Gene Buck and George V. Hobart. Lyrics by Gene Buck and George V. Hobart. Musical Direction by Frank Darling. Featuring songs by James F. Hanley, Jack Egan, Jerome Kern, Ring Lardner, J. Turner Layton, Les Copeland and Leo Edwards. Featuring songs with lyrics by Ballard MacDonald, Alfred Harriman, Ring Lardner, Henry Creamer, Rennold Wolf and Blanche Merrill. Directed by Ned Wayburn. New Amsterdam Theatre: 12 Jun 1917- 4 Sep 1917 (111 performances). Cast: Miss Alexander, Miss Allen, Mary Arthur, Don Barclay, Helen Barnes, Miss Barnett, Miss Bowman, Fanny Brice, Betty Browne, Miss Calais, Eddie Cantor, May Carmen, Miss Carr, Claremont Carroll, Walter Catlett, Ethel Delmar, Bernice Dewey, Dorothy Dickson, Rose Dolores, Emily Drange, Marcelle Earle, Miss Eberts, Helen Ellsworth, Madeleine Fairbanks, Marion Fairbanks, Miss Falconer, W.C. Fields, Irving Fisher, Edith Hallor, Fred Heider, Malcolm Hicks, Clay Hill, Freda Hirsch, Hilda Hirsch, Peggy Hopkins, Carl Hyson, Florence Kern, Allyn King, Eleanor Lang, Dorothy Leeds, Doris Lloyd, Gladys Loftus, Cecile Markle, Bruce McKay, Gus Minton, Bessie Nelligan, Peter Ostrander, Miss Palfer, Kathryn Perry, Tom Richards, Will Rogers, Charles Scribner, Margaret St. Clair, Lilyan Tashman, Russell Vokes, Marie Wallace, Miss Walsh, Edythe Whitney, Bert Williams, Miss Worth. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1920) Stage Play: The Greenwich Village Follies of 1920. Musical revue. Music by A. Baldwin Sloane. Book by Thomas J. Gray. Lyrics by John Murray Anderson and Arthur Swanstrom. Musical Director: Charles Previn. Music orchestrated by A.C. Columbo and Mornay D. Helm. Featuring songs by Louis Silvers, James F. Hanley, Albert von Tilzer and Johnny Black. Featuring songs with lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva, Joe Goodwin, Lew Brown, Murray Roth, Howard Johnson and Cliff Hess. Scenic Design by Robert Locher and James Reynolds. Choreographed by Jack Manning. Directed by John Murray Anderson. Greenwich Village Theatre (moved to The Shubert Theatre from 20 Sep 1920- close): 30 Aug 1920- 5 Mar 1921 (217 performances). Cast: Dorothy Arnold, Ivan Bankoff, Mary Bay, Agnes Brady, Jay Brennan, Olive Brower, Florence Browne, Mona Celeste, James Clemons, Anna Mae Clift, Collins & Hart, Frank Crumit, Cyrena Dahl, Margaret Davies, Florence Elmore, Constance Farber, Irene Farber, Eugene Fosdick, Alden Gay, Harriet Gimbel, Lou Gorey, Edward Graham, Doris Green, Hap Hadley, Ford Hanford, Helen Jesmer, Allyn Joslyn, Mary Lewis, Betty Linn, Frances Mann, Mildred Mann, Howard Marsh, Peggy Matthews, Pee Wee Meyers, Florence Normand, Elizabeth North, Mlle. Phebe, Maurice Quinlivan, Bert Savoy, Margaret Severn, Sybil Stokes, Janet Stone, Martha Throop, Marie Tudar, Marie Voorhees, Helen Lee Worthing, Olga Ziceva. Produced by The Bohemians, Inc. and John Murray Anderson.
  • (1921) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1921. Musical revue. Dialogue by Channing Pollock, Willard Mack and Ralph Spence. Lyrics by Gene Buck and Buddy G. DeSylva. Music by Victor Herbert, Rudolf Friml and Dave Stamper. Musical Direction by Frank Tours. Music orchestrated by Maurice De Packh and Stephen Jones. Featuring songs with lyrics by Henry Creamer, Turner Layton, Grant Clarke, James F. Hanley, Channing Pollock, Blanche Merrill, Leo Edwards, Ballard MacDonald, Harry Carroll, Albert Willemetz, Jacques Charles, Buddy G. DeSylva, Gus Mueller, Buster Johnson, Andrew Sterling, 'Harry Von Tilzer' and Edward P Moran. Featuring songs by Elsie White and Henry Busse. Directed by Edward Royce. Globe Theatre: 21 Jun 1921- 1 Oct 1921 (119 performances). Cast: Marie Astrova, Miss Barnett, Emma Beresbach, Ethel Blaire, Eva Brady, Fanny Brice (as "Principal"), Evelyn Campbell, Betty Carsdale, Margery Chapin, Hazel Chappel, Miss Chase, John Clarke, Darling Twins, Peggy Davis, Ray Dooley, Phil Dwyer, Charles Eaton, Mary Eaton (as "Principal"), Marguerite Falconer, W.C. Fields (as "Principal," and "M. Le Duc de Chateau Briand"), Consuelo Flowerton, Edna French, Pearl Germonde, Diana Gordon, Raymond Hitchcock, Herbert Hoey, Miss Hughes, Helen Hunt, Albert Innis, Frank Innis, Keene Twins, Miss Leigh, Mary Lewis, Doris Lloyd, Gladys Loftus, Madelyn Lombard, Miss Lomp, Mandal Brothers, Irene Marcellus, Albertine Marlowe, Vera Michelena, Mary Milburn, Beatrice Milner, Geneva Mitchell, Mlle. Mitti, Madilyn Morrissey, Florence O'Denishawn, Charles O'Donnell, Jessie Reed, Anastasia Reilly, Frances Reveaux, Miss Rolph, Gertrude Seldon, Peggy Stohl, Janet Stone, Avonne Taylor, M. Tillio, Van and Schenck, Edna Wheaton, Helen Lee Worthing. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1922) Stage Play: Pins and Needles. Musical revue.
  • (1922) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1922. Musical revue. Music by Victor Herbert, Louis A. Hirsch and Dave Stamper. Lyrics by Ring Lardner, Gene Buck and Ralph Spence. Based on material by Ring Lardner, Gene Buck and Ralph Spence. Musical Director: Oscar Radin. Additional music by Herbert Reynolds, James F. Hanley, Jimmie Duffy, Henry Creamer and Turner Layton. Scenic Design by Joseph Urban. Costume Design by Charles Le Maire, Evelyn Law, Ada Fields, James Reynolds and Cora MacGeachy. Directed by Ned Wayburn. New Amsterdam Theatre: 5 Jun 1922- 23 Jun 1923 (424 performances). Cast: Babs Aitlen, Jean Arundel, Leonora Baron, Michel Barroy, Clara Beresbach, Eva Brady, Margery Chapin, Marjorie Chapin, Thelma Connor, Velma Connor, Dorothy Conroy, Dolly Daggars, Marie Dahm, Peggy Dana, Audrey Darrell, Nellie Davage, Ellen de Lerches, Hazel Donnelly, Alma Drange, Betty Dudley, Marcelle Earle, Mary Eaton, Pearl Eaton, Dolly Evans, Victoria Gale, Ed Gallagher, Helen Gates, Alexander Gray, Gilda Gray, Ivy Halstead, Netta Hill, May Howard, Frances Howden, Virginia Howell, Ada Hughes, Sonia Ivanoff, Beatrice Jackson, Brooke Johns, Naomi Johnson, Virginia King, Teddy Knox, Frank Lambert, Evelyn Law, Helen Lee, Phoebe Lee, Mary Lewis, Doris Lloyd, Jean Lloyd, Martha Lorber, Alma Mamay, Pansy Maness, Hallie Manning, Irene Marcellus, Pauline Mason, Lulu McConnell, Mary McDonald, Beulah McFarland, Blanche Mehaffey, Kathryn Mehaffey, Madge Merritt, Hilda Moreno, Madelyn Morrissey, Polly Nally, Cora Neary, Jimmy Nervo, Al Ochs, Olive Osborne, Rita Owin, Annie Patron, Serge Pernikoff, Miss Ray, Jessie Reed, Betsy Rees, Betty Rees, Anastasia Reilly, Frances Reveaux, Marion Rich, Will Rogers (as "Performer"), Addie Rolfe, Rita Royce, Nellie Savage, John Scott, Gertrude Selden, Sonia Shand, J.J. Shannon, Al Shean (as "Performer"), Marie Shelton, Grant Simpson, Beatrice Singleton, Nellie Smith, Miss Starhill, Kathryn Stoneburn, Muriel Stryker, Avonne Taylor, The Follies Four, Frank Tierney, The Tiller Girls, Irene Todd, Andrew Tombes (as "Performer"), George Truscott, Brandon Tynan, Vangie Valentine, Albertina Vitak, Irene Wales, Madeline Wales, Marie Wallace, Betty Webb, Hazel Webb, Fay West, Edna Wheaton, Miss Whittington, Elsie Woodall, Lillian Woods, Helen Lee Worthing. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1922) Stage Play: Spice of 1922. Musical revue.
  • (1923) Stage Play: George White's Scandals. Musical revue. Book by George White and William K. Wells. Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva. Additional lyrics by E. Ray Goetz, Ballard MacDonald and Lew Brown. Music by George Gershwin. Musical Director: Charles Drury. Additional music by Jack Green, Carl Schraubstader, James F. Hanley, Abner Silver, Sidney D Mitchell and Lew Pollack. Directed by George White. Globe Theatre (moved to The Fulton Theatre from 5 Nov 1923- close): 18 Jun 1923- 10 Nov 1923 (168 performances). Cast: Delyle Alda, Newton Alexander, Lester Allen, Beulah Berson, Richard Bold, Margaret Breen, The Breens, Anna Buckley, Alice Burton, Norma Cloos, Vera Colburn, Marion Courtney, Patricia Cross, Evelyn Crowell, Myra Cullen, Hazel Donnelly, Johnny Dooley, Charles Dornberger, Dorothy Fenron, Margaret Gollis, Lloyd Halicey, Helen Hudson, Peggy Jones, Mildred Klaw, Harry Lang, Georgia Lerch, Thea Lightner, Winnie Lightner, Vera Marsh, Constance Meredith, James Miller, Marie Nerval, "Olivette", Tom Patricola, Edna May Reed, Catherine Ringquist, Bee Savage, Dorothy Smith, Cleone Stamm, Tip Top Four, Olive Vaughn, Mischa Vol Janin, Marga Waldron, Frank Webster, Alice White. Produced by George White.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Innocent Eyes. Musical revue. Music by Sigmund Romberg and Jean Schwartz. Book by Harold Atteridge. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge and Tot Seymour. Musical Director: Alfred Goodman. Music orchestrated by Alfred Goodman. Additional music by J. Fred Coots and James F. Hanley. Additional lyrics by Henry Creamer and McElbert Moore. Choreographed by Jack Mason and Francis Weldon. Production Supervised by J.J. Shubert. Directed by Frank Smithson. Winter Garden Theatre: 20 May 1924- 30 Aug 1924 (126 performances). Cast: Maud Allen, Devera Anguillar, Arthur Appel, Pepita Armadilla, Violet Bache, Edythe Baker, Gordon Baker, Suzanne Bennett, Gaile Beverly, Alice Boulden, Grace Bowman, William Brainerd, Babette Brigon, Frank Byron, Mae Cairns, Mabel Carruthers, Betty Castle, Bebe Cliquot, Florence Courtney, Helene Dahlia, Frank Dobson, Ann Dolores, Ted Doner, Lillian Dunning, Ninon Elysees, Jack de Fay, Jeanette Fleury, Nadjy Gallier, Peggy Gillespie, Norma Gould, Ruth Hamilton, Violet Hayes, Lew Hearn, Leonra Hellekson, Bella Heyman, Katherine Hill, Marjory Himes, Charles Howard, Joseph Hughes, Ruby La Croix, Vera Lavrova, Joan Crawford (credited as Lucille Le Sueur) [Broadway debut], Marjorie Leach, Cecil Lean, Earl Leslie, Peggy Lockwood, Gaby Lorette, Ruby Lorraine, Charles Mac, Mildred Manley, Dorothy Mantell, Martin Mason, Cleo Mayfield, Peggy Mermont, Carol Miller, Mistinguett, Peggy Neil, Jack Oakie [Broadway debut], Pauline Pettibois, James E. Phillips, Zuzu Raymonne, Ralph Reader, Victoria Reigel, Carmen Rosella, Irene Sharpe, Loretta Sharpe, Flo Sheppard, Gladys Smith, Lillian Stone, Flo Summerville, Tamara, Myrtle Thompson, Olga Treskoff, Clinton Tustin, Vanessi, Frank Wallace, Marie Warner, Viola Watson, Harry A. White, Billie Williams, Frances Williams [Broadway debut]. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Big Boy. Musical comedy. Music by James F. Hanley and Joseph Meyer. Book by Harold Atteridge. Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva. Mr. Jolson's Orchestrations by Alfred Goodman. Music orchestrated by Emil Gerstenberger. Dances and Ensembles Arranged by Seymour Felix and Larry Ceballos. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Dialogue Directed by Alexander Leftwich. Winter Garden Theatre: 7 Jan 1925- 14 Mar 1925 (56 performances). Cast: Al Jolson (as "Gus"), George Andre(as "Dancer"), Marion Andre (as "Show Girls"), Wyn Ayres (as "Show Girls"), Edythe Baker (as "Phyllis Carter"), Hugh Banks (as "Joe Warren"), Franklyn Batie (as "Jim Redding/Tucker"), Frank Beaston (as "Jack Bedford"), Adolphe Beck (as "Men"), Peggy Bernier (as "Dancer"), May Birt (as "Show Girls"), Freddie Bond (as "Show Girls"), William Bonelli (as "Legrande"), Bobbie Brandeis (as "Men"), Colin Campbell (as "Steve Leslie"), Elsie Carroll (as "Dancer"), Nancy Carroll (as "Show Girls"), Terry Carroll (as "Show Girls"), Irving Carter (as "Danny/Men"), Al Clair (as "Men"), Lee Cutler (as "Dancer"), Jewel Dalores (as "Dancer"), Clifford Daly (as "Men"), Leo Donnelly (as "Doc Wilbur"), Helen Doyle (as "Dancer"), Minnie Dupree (as "Dancer"), William C. Elkins (as "Jubilee Singer"), Flo Evers (as "Show Girls"), Albert Ford (as "Men"), Ethel Fuller (as "Dancer"), Rose Gallagher (as "Show Girls"), George Gilday (as "Judkins"), Peggy Gillespie (as "Dancer"), Janice Glenn (as "Dancer"), Maude Turner Gordon (as "Mrs. Bedford"), Walter A. Gray (as "Jubilee Singer"), Mabel Grete (as "Dancer"), Patti Harrold (as "Annabelle Bedford"), Louise Hersey (as "Show Girls"), Alma Hookey (as "Dancer"), Wilbert B. Howard (as "Jubilee Singer"), George E. Jackson (as "Jubilee Singer"), Frankie James (as "Dolly Graham"), Naoe Kondo (as "Dancer"), Harry Lake (as "Men"), Lewis Laub (as "Men"), Flo Lewis (as "Tessie Forbes"), Madge Lorraine (as "Show Girls"), Walter Lowery (as "Men"), Dotty Mae (as "Dancer"), Charles Moran (as "Mr. Gray/Tout"), Dinky Ozmont (as "Dancer"), Arthur H. Payne (as "Jubilee Singer"), Mary Phillips (as "Show Girls"), Jack Ray (as "Men"), Ralph Reader (as "Men"), Thelma Robinson (as "Dancer"), Mose R. Ross (as "Jubilee Singer"), Dorothy Rudac (as "Dancer"), Ruth Savoy (as "Dancer"), Edith Scott (as "Caroline Purdy"), Arthur S. Shaw (as "Jubilee Singer"), L.C. Sherman (as "Manager"), Madeline Smith (as "Show Girls"), George Spelvin [actor who wished to remain anonymous] (as "Silent Ransom"), Rose Stone (as "Dancer"), Esther Tanney (as "Dancer"), Kelly Thompson (as "Jubilee Singer"), William L. Thorne (as "Bully John Bagby/Wainwright"), Helen Wallace (as "Dancer"), Walter Wandell (as "Men"), Dorothy Wegman (as "Show Girls"), Carl D. White (as "Jubilee Singer"), Minnie White (as "Dancer"), Ralph Whitehead (as "Coley Reid"), Casco Williams (as "Jubilee Singer"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Note: Filmed as Big Boy (1930).
  • (1926) Stage Play: No Foolin'. Musical revue.
  • (1926) Stage Play: Queen High. Musical comedy.
  • (1926) Stage Play: Honeymoon Lane. Musical comedy.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Sidewalks of New York. Musical comedy. Music by Eddie Dowling and James F. Hanley. Book by Eddie Dowling and James F. Hanley. Lyrics by Eddie Dowling and James F. Hanley. Musical Director: Arthur Lange. Featuring songs by C.B. Lawlor. Featuring songs with lyrics by J.W. Blake. Musical Staging by Earl Lindsay. Directed by Edgar J. MacGregor. Knickerbocker Theatre: 3 Oct 1927- 7 Jan 1928 (112 performances). Cast included: Gladys Ahern, Will Ahern, John Alexander, Irving Beaman, Dick Bennett, Pearl Bradley, Sybil Bursk, George Byrne, Alex Calm, Walter Carson, Virginia Clark, Hal Clovis, Ray Dooley, Emil Cote, Charles Dale, Charles Davis, Ray Dooley, Henry Dowling, Jeanne Edwards, Vance Elliott, Barney Fagan, Evelyn Farrell, Adeline Foley, Carl Francis, Charles Gale, Jack Gargin, Dolly Gilbet, Marjorie Gilbet, Melvin Halpern, Winifred Harris, Hal Hennessey, Kathryn Hereford, Lester Hope, Ruby Keeler, Dick Keene, Frank Kingdon, Donald Lee, Helen MacDonald, Edward Marshall, Edward Maurelli, Bob Maxwell, Stanley McClelland, Sam Morton, Elizabeth Murray, George Murray, Carolyn Nolte, Peter Nugent, Fiske O'Hara, Billy O'Rorke, Cecil Owen, Elva Pomfret, George Rand, Anna Rex, Phyllis Reynolds, Josephine Sabel, Edward Shanault, Billy Shepperd, Bobby Shields, Harry Short, Francis X. Sinnott, Joe Smith, Louise Stark, Ward Tallman, T.F. Thomas, Jim Thornton, Peggy Timmons, Lorraine Webb, Virginia Webb, Paul A. Weber, Gene West, Fred Wilson, Joe Wilson, Woodey Lee Wilson, Wanda Woods, Betty Wright, Ross Wright. Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Take the Air. Musical comedy. Music by Dave Stamper. Book by Anne Caldwell and Gene Buck. Lyrics by Anne Caldwell and Gene Buck. Musical Director: Charles Drury. Additional numbers by James F. Hanley [credited as James Hanley], Russell J. Robinson, Willard Robison, Al Dubin, Con Conrad and Abner Silver. Directed by Alexander Leftwich, under the supervision of producer Gene Buck). Waldorf Theatre (moved to the Earl Carroll Theatre on 16 Apr 1928 to close): 22 Nov 1927- 19 May 1928 (206 performances). Cast: Charlotte Ayres, Hugh Bennett, Audrey Berry, Bobby Bliss, Muriel Buck, Andrew Burgoyne, Violet Casey, Edward Conant, Vincent Curran, Diana Day, Edris Diamond, Dorothy Dilley, William F. Donahue, Norman Donald, Greek Evans (as "Captain Halliday"), Helga Farringmore, Frederica Finley, Gene Fontaine, Beryl Golden, Joseph Gorrien, Irene Griffith, Francis Guinan, Ethel Handler, Helen Herms, Eleanor Hunt, Loretta Jefferson, Paul Jones, Starr West Jones (as "Ensemble"), Simeon Karavaeff, Rosabelle Kay, Gladys Keck, Nellie King, Rose King, Carol Kingsbury, Florence Kinney, Walter Scott Kolk, Maurice Lupue, Carol Lynne, Will Mahoney, Herman Maier, Lee Manners, Muriel Manners, Julio Martel, Loretta McCarver, Marcelle Miller, Geneva Mitchell (as "Gloria"), Helen Murray, Marie Musselle, Hazzard Newberry, Al Ochs (as "Mink"), Kitty O'Connor, Bud Pearson, Jack Pearson, Adelaide Permin, Herbert Pickett, Charles Rainsford, Basil Rallis, John Roach, Marjorie Spahn, Trini, Blanche Victoria, Dorothy Waller, Bobbe Weeks, Donald Wells, Agnes White, Leo Williams, Mabel Williams, Chick York. Produced by Gene Buck.

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